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JiZZy, looking as dumb as he acts.

In this episode JiZZy trolls the American Online India signup line.

JiZZy: Hello?

AOL: Hallo?

AOL: (Clears throat)

JiZZy: Hello?

AOL: Yes sir, how can I help you?

J: I can hear you.

A: Yes?

J: Yes.

(Simultaneously) J: Are you American? A: How can I help you?

(J Slight First Simultaneous) J: Are you American A: Pardon Me?

(Simultaneously) J: Are you American? A: I am an Indian.

A: I am an Indian.

J: You are WHAT?

A: I am an Indian.

J: Well my name is

A: Yes?

J: My name is

J: My name is Enid Pakistan, and I come from Pakistan, and I want to know, um, if the America Online, and why it is being handled to the, um, dirty mud people of India. I am from Pakistan...

A:(Clears throat)

J: ...I am a Pakistani.

A: Well,

J: (not clear)

A: You definitely show your akhat, excuse me, you definitey show your uh akhat by calling us uh here, you definitey show your akhat.

JiZZy: I dip my balls in the Ganges river.

A: Ok, dude, you want to speak now, you better be careful, if you do want to speak, just keep the phone down and get lost. Do you undertstand what I am saying dude? You are showing exactly who you are, from where you are. That's what you are showing. That's-That's in your blood, so there is no suprise there, right?

J: You are threating me! We will launch nuclear missles at the Punjabi southern India! You are dirty mud person, I took a big shit in the river Ganges!

A: Okay, DUDE!, Just get lost. You take care. You have a nice day. Next time you just call it- Next time you just call us, you're going to be in big trouble, okay? You better be careful.

J: I violate the corpses floating in the river Ganges.

A: And uh, just do one more thing, do one more thing, tell your mother all these things, she will definitely like it. Okay?

(Hiroshima-sized LOLity that JiZZy could not possibly hold back)

J: (Explodes in utter lolity for the next approximately 25 seconds)

Grog: What did he say?

JiZZy: Did you record that?

TehDely: YES!

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