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Jibba Foxcoon, aka Jason Bernard Smith, is a furry known throughout the fandom as a high profile comedian and spreader of AIDS. Unsurprisingly, many furries consider the former more notable.

The Legend himself.


Jibba Foxcoon, being hilarious.

Jibba is primarily known throughout furrydom as a top notch comedian. He got his big break after opening for 2 gryphon at Anthrocon. Most of his set revolves around being gay, furries, being a homosexual, furfaggotry, likes anal sex, fursuits, spreading STD's and the furry fandom. While many would see that as incredibly repetitive and not anything worth watching, furries look at this and see genius, and as such Jibba has become a VIP at every subsequent Anthrocon, being given his own set and treated as a celebrity amongst the denizens of the conventions.

Like many comedians, Jibba uses his stand up to regal the audience with tales of his unique childhood with such stories as being institutionalized for being gay by his Baptist mother, being afraid of and repulsed by vaginas, and the everyday struggles of obesity.

See the hilarity firsthand!

Adventures in Transmission

One of the few surviving warnings.
An indirect example of Jibba's internet lawyer skills.
A furfag in denial tries to place the blame on trolls.

Somewhere between spreading antilulz, Jibba made a point to start spreading HIV. Being the big fat party animal he advertises himself as during his routines, he takes great joy in his demented orgies and deviant behavior. After one such orgy, a fellow homofur was diagnosed with the AIDS. When this individual made the story public, he was raped even further by Jibbas PR squad. Jibba had his goons go on a massive cover-up operation and pull offensive material pertaining to the incident. Because of such secret policing, information regarding Jibba is scarce, a rarity due not only to a furry's natural lust for attention, but also given his notoriety among the subculture. In stark contrast to every other furry in existence, every profile of Jibba's has been wiped clean, keeping only a LiveJournal and a barebones WikiFur article, which is often vandalized by people wishing to spread the truth to the masses, though the warnings are quickly erased by WikiFur Admins content with towing with party line.

According to rumor, Jibba deliberately fails to mention his affliction to those on the receiving end of his flabby lust and sends his friends to go after those who speak against him so he can continue to spread the disease as much as he can before keeling over. The current count for his adventures in transmission puts him at 9 people. All of which as the rumor states he got them drunk and raped them. This puts many non-furries at a crossroads; while Jibba is doing his hardest to spread the furry AIDS to the rest of the population, he seems to be trying even harder to spread actual AIDS amongst the furries. For that, some speculate Jibba is among the greatest trolls ever.

Everything Else

2 gryphon, part of Jibba's Super Defensive Squad, speaking up here.

Because of Jibba and Co. policy of removing everything negative of him on the internet, there is literally nothing on him anywhere on the internet save a LiveJournal. There, Jibba often cracks rib tickling jokes and features videos of him dancing, in addition to general observations about everyday life. Jibba is also a well known dance instructor and several of his dance lessons may be viewed on his YouTube channel. Jibba has also began taking up funds for creating his very own furry studio, and while he never explicitly states what he intends to produce, it's assumed it's either furry comedy, erotica, or some mix between the two.

Oh, and punching in his powerword immediately brings up several gay services where he advertises his desire for one night stands and groups dedicated to fistfucking and anal he belongs to. This very same powerword also brings up his MySpace and Friendster profiles; however, as Jibba actually advertises his depravity and has build such sick fuckery into a considerable career in comedy for himself, it's unlikely revealing these groups and clubs to anyone will result in any good drama. Challengers are always welcome to try, however.


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