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Jim Groat grabs fursuited tit- what a miserable freakshow...
Sorry, ladies, he's taken!

Jim Groat is unique in the rabid cesspit that is "furry", as he was able to find a woman who would let him ejaculate inside of her birth canal, thus producing furry spawn. Thus, he must be considered doubly damned, as he has propagated furfaggotry into a new generation. This has caused him to take a great deal of flak from butt-humping Jailhouse gay furries jealous of his astounding success with women a woman.

When "furry" dragged its slimy collective carcass out of the primordial ooze, Jim Groat wandered through its early, primitive conventions, making snide comments about smurfs. Apparently, he believed that an adult who heaped scorn upon a decade-old, universally disliked children's TV show was the ultimate in "Cool" and "Edgy." Considering the fucked-up and socially retarded crowd he hung with, this was sometimes relatively true.

Jim Groat has had a lifelong obsession with the acquisition and overuse of firearms- which is typical among aspiring sodomites who are lacking the genitals to get the job done.

He is also a dedicated republican, and frequently masturbates over catalogs of replicated Nazi swag. One would not expect this, considering that he is a Jew, but at least he admits that he deserves to be exterminated.


Currently, he makes his living by selling third-rate furry pr0n and sifting through garbage cans, while living in a house encrusted with lizard feces. This is fact as evidenced by the following video: Deleted.

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