Jimbo's Japan Tour, 2007

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The Big Tour

Jimbo Wales is visiting Japan from early March to early April of 2007, presumably on Wikifoundation cash. WTF is he doing there? No "meetups" have been announced, there are no press releases, there have been no area-specific announcements. Jimbo has made the following statement.

Living and working in Japan, trying to meet the Japanese wikipedia and wikia communities, etc.


—Jimbo Wales, on Japan

Jimbo has trouble with the public lavatories.

Living and working, LOL. He is obviously either using Foundation money to stay at an extremely expensive hotel or being put up by someone very wealthy, gratis, in the style to which he is accustomed.

Srs.Wikia Biz: Most Likely?

Hypothesis 1: He is there to whip up support, investment, and idiots who'll donate work or cash to his profit-making Wikia and Wikia search-engine businesses.

Srs Foundation Biz

Hypothesis 2: He is there to try to stop topical edit wars on the local wikipedia.

Hypothesis 3: He is there to try to whip up money for the foundation from the local wikipedia.

Hypothesis 4: The local wikipedia is trying to break away from the foundation and he is there to try and stop them.


Hypothesis 5: He has been on a permanent holiday ever since he made fortunes as a porn-king and Internet scraper, but you can't admit shit like that; this is just more of the same, in a different place.

Despite having a shitload of money, he is lounging around at someone else's expense; now he's also got the rotten breakup with Essjay to get over.

Who knows?