That Really Rustled My Jimmies

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That Really Rustled My Jimmies will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

Furfags have clearly been fondling this ape's balls. The sick fucks.

A phrase that slid out of the diseased vagina that is 4chan when one particularly asinine neckbeard /b/tard decided to create greentext thread in the style of a fifties kewl guy. Using the phrase That Really Rustled My Jimmies within the story made various other /b/tards jump and clap with joy, one of them even concentrated his tiny brain hard enough to put the text on an image of a gorilla. This counts as the one hundred and fifty five billionth image macro involving a hilarious anthropomorphic animal.

Testicular Cancer

The "meme" continued to evolve and moved out of 4chan. The words then also began to fall onto other images at the hands of various unintelligent cunts that inhabited such putrid places as Newgrounds, FunnyJunk, tumblr, and Facebook. Another image of a cartoon gorilla looking less angry with the caption My jimmies remain unrustled was created. It was really really funny, oh, how we laughed. 4chan's video game board also thought it would be smart to join in on all the fun. Proving once and for all that the mods at /v/ really are gigantic faggots, a sticky of the meme was placed at the top of the page and /v/'s title was changed to "Jimmies". The title has now been changed back to normal as the mod in question was probably fired and raped by m00t for the heinous crime of being mentally disabled.

As of 2015, That Really Rustled my Jimmies is confirmed dead.

Jimmies are srs bsns


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