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Jin Saotome, a.k.a. John Mallamas, 5004 English Village Dr Nashville, TN 37211-6262, is a 30 year-old white guy who creates custom toys and sells his ass them online. With his large Jew nose and sycophantic smile, he bears a strong resemblance to Paul Lassiter from Michael J. Fox's 1996 comedy series, Spin City. His name is a direct rip-off from Jin Saotome, a character in Capcom's videogame Marvel vs. Capcom. One may think he is a raging Wapanese because of this but it turns out the nickname was given to him after winning multiple MvC tournaments at his local arcade using said character. This proves Jin a stupid fuck for listening to a bunch of gamers and not beating the shit out of them immediately afterwords (not really impressive, since Jews rarely resort to physical agression). He posts under the tripcode Jin Saotome !!hpFg8+NdKMb on 4chan's /toy/,, effectively targeting himself for h8. It seems that as of now, he's also contaminating lurking /b/ too. The new tripcode was verified by a timestamped pic of Jin dressed as Tony Stark or Matt Parkman.


Jin runs a website called Jin Saotome's Dangerous Toys where he produces various customized figures. Basically, he cannibalizes parts from existing figures to create new ones and gives them new paintjobs, since he's a faggot who doesn't have a clue at how to actually make a toy, which makes him the new Chris chan. He then sells many of said figures online via his JewBay account. Jin now makes enough money from this trade to do it as a fulltime job, despite rumors that he now has a position at Hasbro. Jin's customizing business is one of the biggest out there, with his toys selling for as much as hundreds of dollars, and being featured in magazines such as PSM. In the past he's been commissioned by ToyFare magazine to produce several custom figures such as the Kingdom Come Bat Sentry and the Black Knight. No, not the Martin Lawrence movie, the Avengers' member one you dumb fuck. But pat yourself on the back for not being a basement dweller if you didn't already know that. In addition to action figures, Jin has also produced several props for cosplay and/or display, including Deadpool's belt and a Virindi mask.


While a proficient painter, Jin's customs have often fallen under fire for overuse of the scuffed, weathered look, and the disproportionately high prices they fetch on The Bay (though the latter technically isn't his fault). This reached its peak in 2007 when the live-action Transformers movie debuted. Jin flooded eBay with enough Transformers customs to choke a well trained whore and literally made a fortune overnight by slapping silver and black paint on every character. The final slap in the face came when his Blackout custom, a gray transforming Pave Low helicopter, sold for a sickening $3,400.00 while his equally no-skill-required 'flashing lights' Barricade sold for $2,200.00. BOTH TO THE SAME BUYER. It is reported that Jin immediately went out and bought a new widescreen monitor after his old one shorted out from the sheer amount of cum blown while he was watching the ending totals.

Heavy usage of the GI Joe Sigma 6 line in his customs combined with bright color schemes has lent them an overly cartoony look, which makes it difficult to take many of his figures seriously. Unfortunately this was the style PSM had requested making Jin a complete sellout, when he created his 'own line' of customs called Video Game AllStars to appease the magazine giant.

A number of people remember him from his days at the Fwoosh.com forums, from which he was banned. Jin openly admits that he was "constantly pissy" there, and thought of himself as some sort of toy messiah that could change things for the better. However he now recognizes his folly, which makes anger over this issue a bit pointless.

Recently at the beginning of 2009 Jin has come under fire for being a musim-hating nigger-bashing, racial-fucktard because of a very lulzy deviantArt post made in reference to Obama's campaign win. The most famous line of the post was, "You didn't get an african american for a president, YOU GOT A MUSLIM!" which spurred thousands of butthurt and pro-muslim replies culminating in many a thousand pageviews for him. The mods at dA deleted his entry after pro/anti racial faggotry ensued within the replies and broadcasted that 'no negative remarks were to be made about the new president' which sparked an epic OMFG CENSORED war on dA. The /toy board of 4chan was under siege shortly afterwards with many shoops of Jin making racial remarks and pages full of hate threads about their once somewhat helpful member.

Anonymous Figure

In early 2008, Jin was commissioned to create a figure of the "Anonymous" persona currently being employed by Scientology raidfags after making a Xenu figure that made scifags cringe. This caused a violent uproar on /toy/, because of what a horrible idea it was, and because all non-/b/tard 4channers hate raidfaggots. The figure has a number of picket sign accessories adorned with surprisingly terrible handwriting for an artist. It also sports a removable V mask, which Jin apparently carved off one of the figures of the same name, and a removable head to match that one stupid motivational poster that's always going around.

While it IS a terrible idea, this is actually the fault of the insufferable faggots who make up the "Anon" persona, as Jin doesn't seem to have been aware of 4chan prior to this project. Nevertheless, he takes much of the brunt of the RAGE over this figure.

Jin's Wacky /toy/ Rampage

After supposedly hearing about /toy/ through his fans, and the uproar his figure was causing there, Jin decided to grace /toy/ with his presence. He made several threads and proceeded to annoy everyone present. During this period, he was namefagging, but it didn't take long for people to start posting under said name with various slanderous statments. Thus, Jin went to figure out how to tripfag, thereby completing the circle of hatred. He posted with a tripcode briefly, then went back to Anon, then back to the trip again, stating "he couldn't do it." This, of course, led to many accusations of attention-whoring. After a few long, RAGE-filled threads, Jin seemingly departed from the midst of /toy/.

On August 12, 2008, Jin showed up back on /toy/ and made several explanation-style posts (see picture) about himself in response to a thread about his RE5 Chris Redfield custom figure. Most of the posts in said thread were actually positive, though possibly by newfags due to the general oblivious nature of them (e.g., "I don't know who this Jin guy is but...").

Nevertheless, Jin has become something of a symbol to many /toy/ residents, who automatically sage using one of his very own pictures when they see that familiar grey background. To date Jin has never actually been seen pimping one of his customs and just comments along with the rest of /toy/, forced to endure the neverending shitstorms that occur following one of his posts. So far he has yet to become butthurt about this and the continuing study of trolling and/or flaming him is recommended.

On November 10, 2008, Jin was b& from /toy/ for being the epic shitstorm starting faggot that he is, and all of his tripfag / anon posts have been deleted. On December 06, 2008, his tripcode was cracked and half the posts in /toy/ became Jin. On December 06, 2008, Jin created a new tripcode for himself and all of /toy/ let loose a collective cry of baaaaaaaaaaaaaaw.

In /b/loom

White Knight Jin Saotome, saving the lives 16 year olds everywhere, while expecting nothing in return.

Since who knows when, Jin appears to be also lurking /b/. Who knows what disgrace brought this vile man to THE BEST imageboard of all...


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