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The original Jissouseki

Jissouseki[実装石] (jiss-oo-SEK-kee), which means packaged retard, is a retarded Suiseiseki doll that was ordered by an Anonymous member of 2ch.

The Origins

Wild vs Domesticated Jissouseki

One day, one of 2ch's Anonymous ordered a doll. When he got the package meant to contain his precious doll, he opened it, and he was shocked to find that the doll he had got was retarded and ugly beyond imagination. Instead of throwing it away or BAWWWing like any normal person would, he decided to fuck it in the arse. Afterwards, he took pictures of it drenched in his cum and uploaded it onto 2chan. The Anonymous of 2ch rejoiced over this manifestation of evil, as it was the cutest thing that they had ever seen. Before long, 2channers started worshipping this retarded doll and desired that it be given a proper name. Lo an behold, the Anonymous responsible for the thread, being the retard that he is said, "私はろばのそれを取ることを常に愛したあることが円滑油を覚えている." Which when translated into humanspeak means, "I shall name this beast similarly to that of it's origin.", so the fucktard looked at the package that it came in and said that it shall be called Jissouseki because "Jissou" means package, and it looked an awful lot like Suiseiseki from Raspberry Gayden.

Soon 2channers, true to Japanese form, started drawing thousands upon thousand of pictures of Jissouseki guro, scat, and other fucked up fetishes.


Jissouseki is also known as:

The Trolling

As noted, Jissouseki has known wide use as a trolling tool, inside and outside of moonland.

Jissou AWESOME.png


Due to the violent nature of Jissouseki pictures it was not long before the sick fucks of Gurochan wanted to get in on the action. Jissouseki is a popular topic on gurochan and gurochanners will sometime even throw pics of their own, though they are much less exciting than those of the people in Moonland.

Gurochan fans of these little shit demons have now proven that Jissouseki are awesome.


Posting Jissouseki on Desuchan is a popular troll pastime, especially when Desuchan is actually alive. The fact that Desuchan has no flood margin makes it surprisingly easy to spam the /desu/ board with massive amounts of Jissou. Nowadays, Desuchan actually allows non-scat and non-guro Jissou on a separate board, /nij/.


Paheal had its share of Jissou woes when two Jissou fanatics decided to dump a buttload of their choicest scat/guro Jissou pics onto its boards over an entire weekend. Most Anons erupted into protest against the brutal eyerape, resulting in b&s; some sick fucks, however, took a liking to Jissou pics and began to create their very own versions of Jissou fanart.

The Facts

Grading Jissou for Sale

The top three things a Jissouseki likes are:

  1. Sex
  2. Eating
  3. Shitting out babies

Due to the general revulsion others feel towards them, Jissousekis often live neglected in cardboard boxes. Jissousekis are never happy and bitch constantly about their surrounds and want more shit from you than a jewish-american princess. If they complain or ask you for things simply smack them on the head, after repeating this a couple times the Jissou will shit itself and stfu. Jissousekis shoot out a guacamole-like green slime whenever they are: scared; in pain; giving birth; feeling pleasure; cumming; or any combination of the above. That shit stains, so if a Jissouseki ever slimes you, make sure you beat the living shit out of it.


Although they are all technically female, each Jissou may have either a penis or vagina. This makes any Jissouseki with a penis the equivalent of a trap. The reasoning behind this is that all Jissouseki reproduce asexually and only grow dicks for pleasure or to rape the shit out of something. Jissouseki dicks are usually black person.

  • Jissouseki with vaginas:
These Jissousekis will suck any cock that they can find and usually like to take it in the ass/vagina, but if you intimidate them before raping the shit out of them than the whole time they will be BAWWWWWWWWing their asses out and spewing green stuff.
  • Jissouseki with penises:
These Jissouseki will fuck the day lights out of anything that they can squeeze their over sized niggercocks inside of. If they themselves get fucked in the butt then they will scream and thrash about wildly like the deranged little retards that they are.


Jissousekis love eating everything they can get their hands on; in fact, they are one of the only things that will eat even more than your mom.

These things include:

Aaaaand basically any other thing that they can digest.


When ever a Jissouseki drinks a liquid, eats other Jissouseki, or eats weird spiky berries, they are filled with a vile green substance. This substance hardens into what looks like a rupee from the Legend of Zelda. After a few minutes these rupees turn into Jissouseki larvae and are shot out of the Jissouseki's vagina along with a copious amount of green shit. After licking all of the goo off of their offspring, the larvae are ready to go wreck havoc upon the world. Some larvae grow to much in the womb and come out as Mini Jissous. A Jissouseki can reproduce during all stages of its life.

Life Cycle

Stage One (Larvae)
When Jissousekis are first shat out of their mother's vagina they are the size of a pea and have no legs whatsoever. You could even say that they resemble a fucking ugly slug. The wiggle around and often shoot their guacamole-like jizz/piss into their mouth and pleasure themselves with their tale-like structures.
Stage Two (Mini Jissou)
After shedding their skin Jissousekis resemble miniature retards. They now set off to rape, eat, suck, lick, or die in a gruesome manner.
Stage Three (Jissouseki)
After consuming enough food Mini Jissous grow into a normal Jissouseki. When at the Jissouseki stage they can now take care of their children and go out to collect food. They can also whore themselves out to VERY desperate people for cash.
Stage Four (Mega Jissou or Fat Ass Jissou)
After eating many f00dz Jissousekis grow uncontrollably into even more hideous fat asses. They now set off to eat anything the possible can and rape anything they possibly can.
Stage Five (????)
It's still a mystery
Stage Six (Profit)

The Stages of Jes.jpg

The Gallery

The Gallery of Jissouseki About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

The Tribute

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