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Chris-chan presents an alternative

Jizztini (also known as Gokkun, Cum Cocktail or McDonalds Milkshake) is a shock image depicting a cum slut after a long bukkake session delicately sipping some of the fruits of her labor out of an ultra-sophisticated martini glass, hence the name jizztini. Despite being involved in bukkake and generally being a sick fuck, the jizztini woman is shockingly not azn. It is also suspected that her desire to drink such a refined cocktail while daintily placing her finger up on the glass shows that she is rich and beautiful.

Like goatse, there are also plenty of small details for those experienced in the horrors of internet shock photos to feast upon. For example, jizztini lady's rather tasteful choice in jewelry, as well as the pinball machine in the background.

Its usefulness for trolling is somewhat limited by the fact that it is powerless against furries and faggots, who will immediately begin fapping at the mere sight of so much jizz.

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