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Oh god what is going on
Joe fucks our beloved Sheneequa.

Discovered by the denizens of #sysop, Joe (more like John amirite) is a fat guy that goes around fucking chicks and uploading his shit to YouPorn. First clicked because it looks like CWC fucking a nine year old, Joe Fucks Tiffany may be one of the most arousing videos of all time. Joe has uploaded at least 20 videos, unfortunately all under the name anonymous. The most popular Joe video has 5.3 million views, suggesting Joe may be the first YouPorn celebrity. Perhaps the best part of Joe Fucks Tiffany is when he starts to pull his trademark shirt halfway up, but then gives up and just keeps at what he's doing.

Internet experts are completely stumped by Joe's popularity. Is it because fat greaseball porn watchers can better relate to this ball of a man? We are not sure, but this disgusting thing has more video views than anyone you know.

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