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Lots in here about Joe
Joe denies wrongdoing, lol
A serious Scilon

Joe Feshbach is a Scientologist who became a millionaire through talking shit about various stocks and shares in the New York Stock Exchange (Bourse, for the Eurofags). His goal was to drive the prices down until perhaps they crashed. He would do this because he practiced a vicious kind of investing in which, unlike most investors, he bet that the stocks would go down, a practice called "short-selling." Joe was one of the most successful "shorts" on Wall Street. Everybody hates shorts because they never have anything good to say and are always whining about some nonsense.


As a Scientologist, it was predictable that Joe would soon come under suspicion of wrongdoing. In the famous Time Magazine article of May 1991, Joe and his brothers were discussed at length.

In the stock market the practice of "shorting" involves borrowing shares of publicly traded companies in the hope that the price will go down before the stocks must be bought on the market and returned to the lender. The Feshbach brothers of Palo Alto, Calif. -- Kurt, Joseph and Matthew -- have become the leading short sellers in the U.S., with more than $500 million under management. The Feshbachs command a staff of about 60 employees and claim to have earned better returns than the Dow Jones industrial average for most of the 1980s. And, they say, they owe it all to the teachings of Scientology, whose "war chest" has received more than $1 million from the family.

The Feshbachs also embrace the church's tactics; the brothers are the terrors of the stock exchanges. In congressional hearings in 1989, the heads of several companies claimed that Feshbach operatives have spread false information to government agencies and posed in various guises -- such as a Securities and Exchange Commission official -- in an effort to discredit their companies and drive the stocks down. Michael Russell, who ran a chain of business journals, testified that a Feshbach employee called his bankers and interfered with his loans. Sometimes the Feshbachs send private detectives to dig up dirt on firms, which is then shared with business reporters, brokers and fund managers.

The Feshbachs, who wear jackets bearing the slogan "stock busters," insist they run a clean shop. But as part of a current probe into possible insider stock trading, federal officials are reportedly investigating whether the Feshbachs received confidential information from FDA employees. The brothers seem aligned with Scientology's war on psychiatry and medicine: many of their targets are health and biotechnology firms. "Legitimate short selling performs a public service by deflating hyped stocks," says Robert Flaherty, the editor of Equities magazine and a harsh critic of the brothers. "But the Feshbachs have damaged scores of good start-ups."

It is not quite understood how Joe escaped prosecution; possibly due to Scilon infiltration into the US Justice Department and other entities.


Joe's condo in Clearwater

Joe's daughter Jessica Feshbach (AKA Jessica Paolo, AKA Jessica Rodriguez) is also a highly brainwashed Scilon. She is in the Scientology Sea Org, a sort of "fantasy Navy" that most young Scilons dream someday to join. Instead of going to college or going on surf trips to Costa Rica, they do menial work at the "org" for $50/week, taking free classes, making sure everything is ship-shape, and other tasks as assigned. By coincidence, she is close to the same age as Katie Holmes. As soon as Tom started balling Katie, Joe put in a call to David Miscarriage asking if Jessica could be assigned to Katie's indoctrination team. His request was granted, and since that day Jessica has latched onto Katie like white on Condoleezza Rice.

These days

These days Joe continues "investing" from his home-office on the San Francisco Peninsula. He and his wife Cindy and their trillions of remaining body thetans also manage the Scientology Soma "Mission" in the decrepit, junkie-infested South of Market/SOMA district of San Francisco. Sometimes on Saturday afternoons you can stop by the SOMA Mission to hear Joe give an introductory talk on Scientology. That's what kind of guy he is: Always trying to destroy things that are good, and preying on people who may be at a vulnerable point in their lives as they wander SOMA.

LOL! SOMA "Mission" closes down

In October 2008, an Anonymous tip led to the discovery that the SOMA "Mission" had closed down. Actually, because of the economic meltdown, they had moved out to the western fringe of the City, a mostly-Chinese residential area called the Sunset District. Their new joint is much, much smaller than the old one.

Now wait a second: Joe should have PROFITED from the meltdown, right, as he bets against the market? Yes, if he had been intelligent. Unfortunately for Joe, he recently decided to be "bullish" in his investments! Joe lost millions in the meltdown! Can no longer afford the downtown high prices!

The new "Mission" location will be a very amusing place to protest. Not only is the local AZN community highly skeptical of the Scilons, but the new place is right on a main streetcar line, so many spectators will be amused when the Scilons are raided. Especially in nice weather -- this is one of the two streetcar lines that everyone rides to the beach.

Other places where you can find Joe

Opening of the SOMA "Mission," Joe in the center. Nowadays they don't dare to show their sign.
Nevar again
Teeny-tiny storefront location of new Scilon "Mission" (replacing previous big fancy location)
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