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Deviantart-favicon.png Johan-N is a 24-year-old artist who is obsessed with Show Line German Shepherds and stacking his cat and dog. He's most noted for his comic artwork on the cancerous site DeviantArt, where he takes extensive time to draw dog sheaths in the finest detail no matter what angle the dog is in (no matter what, seriously always - panel 3), throw bitchfits when people don’t give asspats to his dog OCs, and block out any comment that isn't hero worshiping his substandard artwork. Spending up to 24 hours a day drawing doggie dicks, Johaan-N has recently opened his own Patreon, where you can spend $15 of your parents’ hard earned cash to see exclusive comic pages of dogs having seizures while fucking, instead of the art and comics of better artists who charge for less.

An immature manchild, Johaan-N has the attitude of a 12-year-old kiddo and handles critique the way children handle ass whoopings. Having decided his comic is his end all goal in life and ‘will continue forever’, Johaan-N will throw hissy fits at anyone who critiques or questions the comic. From 2015 to January 2017, Johaan-N has refused to accept any critique. Instead, when he's not hiding such comments or disabling the comment section for people agreeing, he's telling the commenter that they are wrong and they don't know how to read his flawless comic.

While having a dozen main characters in which villains are rapists and females are damsel and rape victims, all the while refusing any critiques, Johaan shows no signs of improving any day.


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If you were unfortunate enough to come across this comic on DeviantArt, you'd notice that it is a cesspool of terrible anatomy (and look at that pup's reaction to her father being mauled before her eyes!), obvious tracing, multiple dropped plot-lines (the mystery meat's effects and Ghost Wolf's visit = never explained), inconsistencies, shitty panels lacking any dynamic perspectives or angles, complete refusal to grasp the 180 rule (he even says so right here), clear copying of realistic dog breeds and then pasting his own breed name on them to copyright them ("Northern Rifle"? That's obviously a black German Shepherd), a lack of a clean or original style (though he magically had one away from the shit comic and its pages (pay attention to the dates) , lack of any logic (i.e though the comic is about wild fictional canines, everyone is a purebred dog), awful attempts at sexy dog romance with an embarrassing obsession with dogs making 'fuck me now' eyes at each other, a disgraceful fetish for rape and all villains being rapists (seriously, all of them), an unrealistic use of realistic dogs using Paleolithic human weapons for no reason other than to look cool (it's never explained how these realistic dogs tie knots, use tools that require thumbs, or why they even bother), and sexist male superiority "writing" with every female character being a breeder, exposition girl, or damsel. For this, Johaan-N might claim he "can't connect with females" despite connecting to fucking dogs just fine, and this excuse just shows his sexist mentality since according to that statement, and his comic, he can only see females as damsels, love trophies, breeders, and exposition diarrhea.

To top it all off, the comic ends with lazy and never explained sci-fi copouts and random alien antagonist forces that are shown once or twice and never seen, explained or mentioned again. The list goes on and on, but to save you the precious time that would be wasted on reading this book of polished shit: Asmundr is an inconsistent, tasteless, dull, insulting bowl of porridge oats that can only be enjoyed if you've never read good comics, share Johaan-N's obsession with DARPGs and German Shepherds, enjoy fapping to dogs seducing each other, or you like the magical Norse concepts. Sadly, the concepts that look exciting are turned into insulting shit when they're no longer immediately convenient to the shitty excuse for a plot, and they're never actually developed.

Sounds awful, but it gets worse. While Asmundr was finally ending, Johaan-N announced he was expecting a sequel and was taking a break to work on it. Turns out he went into labor early, because he was popping out the next comic's pages in less than a few days. The everyman would expect the sequel comic to be better than the first, but no one was prepared for how much farther down the waste pits it turned out to be.

Tracing and Breed Ripoffs

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If you think it's fishy that this, which actually looks good, is the same age if not older than this shit, then congratulations! Unlike the majority of Johaan-N's brainwashed cult following, you have critical thinking skills and can see that Asmundr was Johaan-N getting used to tracing photos of wolves and dogs. His tracing skills get cleaner into the comic, but that's the only thing that improves. Everything else is still shit. To this very day, Johaan-N can't draw dogs without referencing or tracing every single fucking pose and therefore, he can't make dog breeds that aren't recolors of real dogs. That's right folks, this asshole thinks he can copyright recolored nature.


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While comic creators normally improve through time, Johaan-N proves to DeviantArt that you don't have to improve to be successful. Just always pander to your rabid shipping fans and you're in the clear.

When Asmundr ended, Johaan-N decided to use the same rapid shitposting method Nickelodeon uses to keep Spongebob alive to get his sequel comic Home up and running. Home somehow managed to be worse than the comic before it and shows that Johaan-N decided he was too good for writing, proofreading or editing any form of a script. If you thought that Home would provide for the lack of world building, relationship development, gender equality, consistency, and dynamic panels in Asmundr's "story", you thought wrong.

Home starts with a page at the end of Asmundr that includes an ironic quote: "and the next generation will bring our species even farther". It's ironic because not only is our main protagonist an only child and gay at the same time (so his parents' legacy is doomed), but the next generation repeats every single mistake seen in Asmundr since characters are as smart or as stupid as the plot needs them to be, so they never actually develop. The story obsesses over nauseating dog romance so much that the story and world building are nonexistent, the only characters that matter to the "story" are male and in a romantic relationship (this youngster that was a pup in Asmundr barely has character or page time since she's neither of those), we have more dropped plot devices (that traced horse with a sable antelope head exists to shove a dog off a waterfall later and never appears again), more shit use of human weapons to the point these fucking dogs never use their teeth to fight, more obvious tracing (the last two panels are a dog jumping or lying and another dog rolling over), laughably inconsistent sage speech (Why not "Let's get some sleep" instead of "Let us fall to bed"? This character never talked like this consistently in the past btw), female characters again being rape victims, damsels, or exposition vomit, more lack of dynamic panels, and more obsession with villains being rapists and "good" male characters now being rape victims. As we speak, the comic has 270+ pages but no set plot or storyline.

Everything in Home is just scenes, dogs reacting and never being proactive, attempts at romance, lack of any development, insultingly obvious conveniences and random "plot" devices, offensive use of rape and mental disorders, and hideous character design choices like this lil shit's zombie cheekbones and jarring Disney eyes. He recently added alien bestiality into the theme. The list goes on (again) and the shit storm shows no sign of stopping.

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In any well made comics, panels are like movies: Unique. One may have similar poses, angles and perspectives but they are never the same. For Johan, laziness is the better option. Entire poses, angles and perspectives are copied. Real comic creators put actual effort into their characters' poses and panels. He thinks he can get away with this without people noticing because he believes his audience is too stupid or blind to notice (which is false). Johan uses it as a shortcut to make pages faster instead of better. It's all for the fame and money.

Comment Revelations

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An insulting move Johaan-N makes for his comic 'Home' is how he uses the comment section of every page as his fucking script, where he pulls ideas for dialogue, plots, and plot twists, and where he explains the story and character motives (because Johaan-N forbid the comic fill those voids). His butthurt godliness will upload some pages with the comments disabled after people dare to question him, but he'd never keep them that way since he needs the comments to continue his comic. When he's not using his fans' theories for the 'story' (without ever giving any of them credit) or touching himself to dog breeding videos on Youtube, he can be found in the comment section of his comic pages explaining things that would've been shown in any well written (or written at all) comic. He'll even use the comment section to explain what he's too shit a storyteller to show or hint in the comic.

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Gay Dog Sex

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As a fan of Johaan-N, you're expected to be sexually aroused by realistic dogs fucking each other

See the cringeworthy shit above? That's not NSFW according to Johan-N. No, these pages are on Patreon but a waste of $15 to buy it since it's just panels 4 and 6 repeated plus a panel of Oreo dog licking Sexy Brown Stud's stomach. Or dogs fucking in missionary pose. If the acid from your stomach just tried to choke you, that’s normal. It means you have some sanity left.

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Johaan-N loves to draw realistic dogs having sex or implying that they want to fuck each other's brains out. It's all over his comics, especially Home. If you read his comics and you have the balls to say this makes you uncomfortable then if you're not blocked, the god himself will tell you that the comic is for mature audiences. What he won't tell you is that when he says 'mature audiences' he actually means horny teenage furries that get turned on by dogs, but are too ashamed to admit they're into zoophilia. They're not as brave as their lord and savior, Johaan-N.

Johaan-N loves fapping to fanart like this when he's not shitting out comic pages.

Can't Take Criticism

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Johaan-N is completely unable to take any critique, assuming he is the greatest artist to ever grace Deviantart with his presence. Due to his entitled manbaby attitude, any comment even hinting at any critique is either ignored or replied with pathetic excuses like this to make up for his shit and pretend that the way you worded a critique is the perfect excuse to disregard anything you said. Remember, Johaan-N is an untouchable god. He can do no wrong, and if you dare question him and his flawless comic, you can bet your ass you’ll be set aflame and thrown out the back. On SmackJeeves where the |God of Dog Tracing is called Kique7, he's been caught deleting comments that dare to question him and proceeding to justify it, even if witnesses agree the comment wasn't as bad as he pretends it was, and all while lying that his manbaby ass accepts constructive criticism. Oops! Better delete faster, next time!

When faced with multiple persons critiquing the same comic panel/page in question or agreeing to said critique, Johaan-N will disable all comments or write a journal whining about how wrong they are and how they don't understand anything about his life - aka his comic. He’ll even go on a 'ban party' and proudly proclaim he doesn't give a shit about the most basic of things, like the 180 rule.] If he does not do any of these, you can consider yourself lucky that he just ignored you. Fortunately, the comment section has shown decent readers who are not yaoi fans and publicly question his comic.

In recent news, the co-writer J-Harper has shown a better attitude than Johaan in that he accept criticism while the god of dog sex has disabled comments yet again.

Let's study Deviantart's favorite dog zoophile some more for the lulz. Hover your mouse over the pictures for instant commentary and context.

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Johaan-N being a bitchy manchild as per the usual. The hidden comment is someone who agreed with the commenter since people agreeing to an opinion that's not Johaan-N's makes his boner for his pet dogs deflate.

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