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Even though he has internet disease, John Skelton is still ugly as sin.

John Skelton (AKA Duckula, Duckula85, etc.) is a 22-year-old socialite that spends all his time on very MySpace endeavours.

John Skelton Wishes He could Rape You

John Skelton really wishes that he could rape you, but he spends all his time on social networking sites (internet stalking), making bad shoops for Something Awful and raping his HUGE action figure collection (and his penis is so small he can only satisfy the 3" figures).

Marvel Fetish

John loves Comic Book day in Aberdeen. He visits Forbidden Planet every 5 minutes to see if they've arrived yet.

He regularly spends all his mom's earnings on shit like: The Avengers, The New Avengers, The Avengers Vs Spiderman, The Avengers Vs Chin-chan and so on. He has to keep buying new copies of everything, because the pages keep getting stuck together from all the jizz he gets on them from masturbating to closeups of Spiderman's bulge.

Internet Stalking

If your name appears below, John Skelton has bookmarked and checks every hour, on the hour, your Bebo, MySpace and any other retarded piece of shit form of social networking site that you may belong to. Right now, he is masturbating to your profile by slowly rubbing a Captain America action figure up and down his cock.

  • Steven McDonald
  • Kyle Murray
  • Stephanie So
  • Danielle Reid

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