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John took off his helmet for this picture
This picture was titled "Me grabbing booty". Not only is he made of fail and aids, but he is made of epic unfunny.

Deviantart-favicon.png john-the-enforcer or John P. Fadeley is a 28 year old man who lives in his parents basement and wants to be the best voice actor evar. His voice acting skills can be seen here [1]. WARNING: PROLONGED EXPOSURE TO THIS ANIMATION MAY CAUSE VOMITTING AND BLEEDING EARS Since he currently resides with his parents, he suffers from sucking on Momma's titties for far too long. When John isn't sucking his mother's clit, he's turned to DisneyFan01 and tries defending her. This only leads to more lulz because he is riddled with contradictions and faggotry. He is particularly known for getting Deviantart-favicon.png kellywormtongue banned because she confronted him about stealing dialogue in his fanfictions. He proceeded to cry like a virgin and marked her comment as spam. Whenever people address him on this issue, he will tell you that it's "fanfiction", promptly mark your comment as spam and block you from his page because he's too much of a spineless cunt to hear solid truth.

Fics and Art

When John isn't getting cockslapped by his Daddy for a welfare cheque, John enjoys writing fanfiction. It is known that almost all of DisneyFan01's fanherd is comprised of tracers/copiers. John is no exception.

One of his fanfics is nothing but stolen dialogue from Disney's Aladdin. [2].

When confronted on the plagiarism, he is quick to say;

Look at the description! I credited it. It's okay because it's FANfiction.


—John, deluding himself.

Moar stolen dialogue from Aladdin [3]. Even moar stolen dialogue [4].

What he lacks in writing skill, he makes up for in visual art- oh wait.

Basically, what John likes to do, is steal entire plots, scenarios and dialogue and add DisneyFan01's Mary Sue.[5] His entire story is actually a fanfic of Disneyfan's fanfic, and is basically just a clusterfuck of every Disney movie, jammed into one horrible text.

Well, naturally, it takes place in the events of Aladdin, none of us would be able to recognize which parts it takes place in if there weren't dialogue from the movie. And it's not ALL dialogue from Aladdin, he had to put in dialogue from his characters too. And much of it he had to think up himself, and make it work, that takes some creativity you know.


—HanakoFairhall, leaping to John's defense...and FAILING.

But perhaps you missed the part where using script from a movie is called plagiarism? It's against dA's ToS, he's still directly using movie script.


—akaCRASH, lol pwn.

John actually believes himself to be a good writer, and constantly asks his fanherd what their favourite parts of his fanfic are. This ultimately results in awkwardness, as his fantards try to cobble some response together, and overall embarassment of everyone reading, except for John of course. Really, his awful writing, atrocious puns, blatant copying, and exclamation point abuse even makes his fantards eyes bleed, and some even admit to it.

The Not-So-Secret Life of the Internet Pedo

The soap opera unfolds...
This is seriously what he's chasing after. THIS!
He's not a pedo though. Really.

It should also be noted that JTE happens to be a pedo. That's right, John, like many /b/tards enjoys himself some delicious loli. His number one lover happens to be DisneyFan01's number one groupie, keblademasteress[6]. She's a ten sixteen year old self-proclaimed "Deviant of Many Talents" and has a crush on wants to fuck his fictional self-insert, which is essentially the same as liking the actual author.

It seems that John also lusts after Marina Seadrift, Disneyfan01's self insert that he writes fanfic about. However, because Marina is paired up with John Silver, he's had to be paired with one of Keblademasteress's OCs.

There's no better way to say "I love you" than by confessing to your crush's fictitious Gary Stu insert character.

Don't worry, John. Chris Hansen will set you straight.

DisneyFan01 is his newest crush. This sick motherfucker wants to move down to Florida, so he can bone DisneyFan01 right under Coppertopdragon's nose. How sweet.


Sometimes it is just too easy to pwn John the Enforcer. [7]

His reasoning behind hiding anything that has critique/calling him out on his plagiarism is "naysaying".

Be sure to screencap anything you say to him because he will hide it then block you.

John vs. ED?

Somewhere in hell, Groucho Marx is crying.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, people at Encyclopedia Dramatica may look like idiots and talk like idiots...but don't let that fool you. They REALLY ARE IDIOTS!"- paraphrasing Groucho Marx from "Duck Soup"


—John the enforcer, proving that he has zero originality whatsoever.

Recently, John's been suffering from a case of unwarranted self importance, and attempting to wage war with ED. Too bad Anonymous has better things to do, otherwise John would have had the cock of corrupted lol slammed in his pooper a long time ago.

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