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The Joker Stairs are a flight of stairs, in that shit stained region of New York we like to call The Bronx, somewhere between muggings happening on Shakespeare Avenue and rapes on Anderson Avenue that has residents up in their flabby arms because of its use in the movie The Joker

What's pissing them off, more than usual, is that fans are flocking to the area to take selfies or cosplaying the Joker while having others shoot the video as they go down the stairs.

Currently asshole residents in the area such as Twitter-favicon.png _cvndy are tweeting Do Not Come Here to non residents and fans of the movie because where they might want immigrants coming enmasse into the United States, they refuse to have anyone coming into their neighborhoods.

Still, no one in Washington, D.C. makes angry Tweets about people coming to see the Exorcist stairs.

There is a new tourist attraction in the Bronx and it sucks. I'm outraged


—Desus on the Joker Stairs

Defending The Hood

Wanting to give tourists that REAL NEW YORK experience of rape robbery and death, a call has gone out to all darkies and spics, that can read, to attack tourists posing on the Joker Stairs.

Suggestions such as the childish ranging from throwing water balloons and eggs to the criminal of robbery and cutting faces have been suggested and some people are bragging on twatter about doing the more childish suggestions.

All this goes to show is that if a state were to be picked to be the Asshole of the U.S., New York would have it hands down.

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