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Jonathan Gaskins and his creepy behaviour on the internet around children

Hurr durr I troll 11 year-olds

Jonathan Gaskins is a probably pedophile who, on November 25th 2010, thought it would be a great idea to attempt to enlist the help of /b/ in trolling 11 year old Alex Papiro. He placed all of Alex's information including phone numbers, address and other sorts of Dox in order to raise up the army known as Anon.

Asking For /b/ To Help You Stalk An 11-Year Old Is A Great Idea

Papiro had met Gaskins online through the game Garry's Mod. Gaskins took it upon himself to ridicule and be an overall douchebag to young Alex For the Lulz. This abuse took the form of several videos on youtube that Gaskins posted under the account jonbobizal. The videos were titled with names like "Alex is a piggy" and showed him (Gaskins) and several other players calling Alex names and ridiculing him for being young.

Long story short, said videos basically showed Gaskins up to be a giant creepy man-child, so it surprised the shit out of absolutely nobody when he imagined that /b/ would unquestioningly jump in on another one of his daily sessions of bullying Papiro.

Gaskins posted all of Alex's available information into /b/ hoping that he would get a nibble. After a post of NYPA, somebody sensed the potential for Alex Wuori 2: Electric Boogaloo and decided to check out the Facebook of the intended victim.

Gaskins Fucks Up

Anon returned from Facebook with the verdict that young Alex was a /b/tard in the making and deemed him worthy of being defended. This did not bode well for Gaskins as a counter troll was quickly setup and his personal information was sought out. Prior to all of this, Gaskins had been samefagging the thread up trying to inspire /b/ to attack this poor kid. One of his posts was of Alex's facebook profile, which ironically was his undoing. After seeing that he was about to be fucked in the ass Gaskins first posted the profile of Justin Lemon; Making an elaborate story of how Justin was a pedo who had gotten in trouble after attempting to seduce Alex.

This almost worked, almost being the key word. One observant anon that had been watching Alex's profile, probably some pedophile, had noticed that Alex's Friends list had gone from 15 to 14. That same Pedo anon noticed that from the first picture of Alex's profile one person was missing in his current 14. No other that Jonathan Fucking Gaskins. Gaskins had slipped up and had posted a picture of Alex's profile while he was in the top six on the front page. Fearing the mighty power that is /b/ he quickly tried to cover his tracks by removing himself from Alex's profile. This proved to be his undoing as anon quickly caught on and began to find every and all dox of Jonathan Gaskins.

The Fall of Gaskins

As more and more dox of Gaskins showed up, such as his Youtube account, his Steam ID, and his Email; It was discovered that his dad is currently a Pastor at a Church in NC. This spawned the sending of mass Koran's in Jonathan's name to the church, as well as several calls and emails saying that Jonathan was soliciting Alex online. Meanwhile the thread was bustling with activity and Jonathan started having a panic attack, causing him to samefag and Sage the entire thread in an attempt to convince /b/ that it was all an elaborate ruse. Several posts by him would say,"It's actually Justin Lemon! He's making you guys think it's not him!" or "This thread is gay, why are we going after Jonathan again?". Posts like these would be followed by more samefaggery agreeing with him.

When /b/ started getting more and more info, as well as spamming his email/facebook/youtube accounts, Jonathan changed his story from "It was Justin Lemon" to "LOL I'M ALEX, JONATHAN AND I TROLLED U ALL LOL YOU CAN STOP NOW". He had begun to go into freakout mode and was spamming the same lines over and over, either attempting to sage the thread or to convince anon that this was nothing but an elaborate hoax that was planned by Alex for "2 weeks". This could have made sense except for the fact that Jonathan's facebook profile had all but disappeared and all of his youtube video's showing him abusing Alex were being deleted one by one.

Gaskins then made the final mistake which became his last nail in the coffin; It both confirmed that he was in fact the OP and that he was scared. Jonathan posted a comment on his Failbook saying, "LOL I just Trolled /b/", then SS'd the photo and placed it on the thread, trying to pass off the incident as /b/ getting owned. Instead of making anon rage and stop trolling him as Gaskins thought would happen, instead it merely gave any anon who were on the fence about the incident a reason to ruin his life.


Anon retaliated against Gaskins by using oldfag tricks. Pizza, condoms, sex toys, magazine subscriptions and free Korans were ordered and sent to his house under his name. When phone numbers were obtained calls were made to Gaskins parents and his fathers church, claiming that he(Johnathan) was harassing and sending sexually provocative messages to Alex over the internet. One cumdumpster talked to both of gaskins parents pretending to be Alex's sister and managed to not only anger both parents but convince them that their son was doing unspeakable things. Another anon sent a message to the Church's main office that Gaskins father worked at in order to spread the word that Jonathan is a raging homo.

It's assumed that Jonathan Gaskins an hero'd shortly after his parents were called as all activity and samefaggery disappeared. Currently /b/ is waiting for him to rear his Ugly face so they can smash it back into the pavement.


About last Thursday on December 3rd, Gaskins, under the username Jonizal attempted several times to delete this page. Nice try bud.

March 24th, 2013:
This page has been removed due to violation of the cyber bullying act and the United States defamation of character law.


—That's nice, dear.

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