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The kike in the flesh

Joshua Ryne Goldberg, much like you, is a 20-something year old basement dwelling internet troll. What sets him apart is that he took his trolling to such an extreme, that he managed to get v& for it. After pretending to be a Feminazi, Neo Nazi, and ISIS jihadist, he finally crossed the line when he gave bomb instructions to a JIDF FBI agent who was posing as a muslim extremist.

Online activities

Shilling intensifies.
Joshua Goldberg was the first person who altered the Ben Garrison drawings into Zyklon Ben images and started that meme.
Ben Garrison connects a conspiracy of three trolls: Andrew Anglin, Joshua Goldberg (a jew who posts stuff against jews online), and Butt-nut (a black who draws stuff mocking blacks online).

He was the first person who altered the Ben Garrison drawings into Zyklon Ben images and started that meme. On Reddit, he used the name European88 and posted them around constantly with the help of his friend Butt-nut.

He was active on The Daily Stormer under alias Michael Slay, where he managed to weasel his way through some skinheads into being an contributor, until his Jew-antics kicked in and he got found out for what he really was.

Josh trolled twitter pretending to be Caitlin Roper, and trolled the fuck out of her because she tried to get GTA 5 banned. He also used the acc to troll the fuck out of some tranny degenerates. He also tricked James Taranto into believing one of his jew-hoaxes, using the pseudonym "Tanya Cohen", he posed as a leftist feminazi and wrote a satirical article. Much like the onion, it fooled a lot of gullible idiots like James. Then again, feminists are dumb enough that everything they posts seems like it could be an attempt to mindrape you with idiocy.

Like most jews, he called for genocide of Palestinians. He tricked his fellow kikes and made them think it was done by neonazis, but his trolldust left a trail and he was discovered for what he is. He had another Twitter called MoonMetropolis, where he attacked his other aliases to stir up lulz.

Australi Witness

He got detected on the radar of the Old Media after his alias "Australi Witness", was discovered to be responsible for calling an attack on the Curtis Culwell Center in Texas. 2 Mudslime degenerates, Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, went through with his calls for murder in the name of allah, but got pwn'd. That plan didn't go well for the terrorists, as they couldn't manage a single kill or serious injury, due to being quickly gunned downed by the armed citizens patrolling the area. This event serves as direct evidence you can use to refute any bullshit liberal Gun control arguments. Under his Australi alias, he contributed a lot of lulz, and even made a 50 page guide on how to join ISIS. He put out a list of Synagogues in Australia and encouraged his mudslime followers to go Postal on them. He posted fake pics of his bombs, sent them to the BBC and threatened that he'd nuke the fuck out of a "midwestern US city" on 9/11, 2015. It should be mentioned that similar terrorist threats set to occur on September 11th have also been made, but are almost always full of shit.

Rise and Fall of a Troll

All of these concurrent trolling ops were impossible to keep safe. It was only a matter of time until his actions bit him on the ass, and that day occurred shortly before 9/11, when the FBI rat that he sent bomb instructions to sent the Partyvan to the nose nigger. He admitted to his crime and underwent a 30-day mental health evaluation. Thanks to the efforts of his psychiatrist Lisa Feldman and lawyer Paul Shorstein, Joshua will most likely be sent to the Looney Bin instead of jail, where his pudgy ass would be routinely violated by big bubba.

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