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"Why is /jp/ so shitty?"

/jp/, or Otaku General, was made last Thursday by moot during his period. Unhappy with all the Touhoues, visual novels, and non-anime spergin' on /a/, moot brought down the b&hammer so hard that the board split in two. Devoted to Otaku Culture, popular topics on /jp/ include "Japan is master raec", "which touhou would you fuck", and "I am so lonely." All other threads will be saged and reported. Seeing as /jp/ is a board for video games, anime, figures, and cultural discussion along with miscellaneous discussion, /jp/ is really just a safe-work-work version of the random board, with more weeaboo shit. On the 10'th anniversary panel in 2013, moot declared that /jp/ was his favourite board on 4chan, along with the statement that "the more people use something, the crappier it gets". Populated by kawaii desu weeaboos and other befouled lowlifes, /jp/ cleaned up /a/ from all other otaku related crap that the board was flooded with, becoming the better board in the process.

Modern /jp/

/jp/'s resident mascot.

/jp/ has no real Japan-related content. This enrages Japanophiles who, after looking at the board's name and its rules, believe /jp/ should be about pinku bento boxes. When they realize it's filled with animu, ronery, Visual Novels, Touhou and TYPE-MOON, they proceed to collectively whine about how much the board sucks because no one wants to talk about the glorious country of Nippon. Ironically, anyone who makes a thread about Japan-related content will be flamed and directed to /trv/, /int/, or /lang/.

If you want to fit in, just put "sage" in the email field and type "Reported" in every thread, as often as needed. A fun game is to see how long it takes for others to reply! If you want to make people angry, mistype sage or put sage in the name field instead.

EVERY thread must include one of the following

Not posting one of the following as a thread will get you brutally saged to death by an angry horde of raging faggots.

/jp/'s Theme Song

Note it's a piece of shit. It's also very unlike /jp/. Seeing as they hate Crypton Vocaloids for being to known and liked.


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