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June Maxam is serious business

June Maxam (b. 1948) is a troll in the classical sense that she's a miserable old hag who lives under a bridge. As co-publisher of the failed Empire Journal, publisher of the failed "Twisted Web" book, publisher of the failed free community newspaper (est. 1981), and now the always failing pay-per-click infested blog North Country Gazette, her expertise in Internet Lawl has resulted in her issuing several baseless cease and desist orders to anyone who dares give her blog free publicity, claiming her site is exempt from all Fair Use laws.

Maxam swipes news from legitimate sources, rewords them, posts them on her blog, and claims each as her own. She expects people to pay to visit her blog, recently stating that she will sue non-paying website visitors who read more than one post.

Maxam previously filed a string of failed state and federal lawsuits, and was labeled a "frequent filer" by a Warren County court employee.

Maxam resides in Chesterbrook, New York, has no friends, is hated and despised by her neighbors, and is known locally as the "Queen Of Foster Flats Road." Maxam feels the need to surround her home in the tiny village with "No Trespassing" signs.

A Warren County New York law enforcement officer described Maxam to Bad Cop News:

Look, that woman says a lot of things, yeah she’s a real talker, but it comes down to a lonely old lady with something screwy upstairs sitting in front of a computer, with few friends, making enemies.


Get Sued For Reading Her Blog

Crazed "publisher" June Maxam has big plans, an attorney, and intends to sue web visitors for "theft of services" if they don't pre-pay before reading her blog.

A subscription is required at North Country Gazette. We allow only one free read per visitor. We are currently gathering IPs and computer info on persistent intruders who refuse to buy subscription and are engaging in a theft of services. We have engaged an attorney who will be doing a bulk subpoena demand on each ISP involved, particularly Verizon Droids, Frontier and Road Runner, and will then pursue individual legal actions.



We allow you to read one article for free—this one that you’re on. Thereafter, to read more or to return later, a subscription is needed. Please don’t abuse the privilege. To subscribe, see the ad to the right. We provide a service to you, we deserve to be paid for it.


Fair Use exempt?

Most of Maxam's shenanigans revolve around the copyright notices on her failblog:

This article is copyright protected and Fair Use is not applicable


In accordance with Fair Use of Copyright: WE FORBID ANY REPRODUCTION in part or in whole of The North Country Gazette


This seemed amusing to the know-nothings at Harvard Law School, who in turn compiled a list of legal resources for the North Country harpy. After accusing the author of the email, a retired member of NY and DC bars, of practicing law without a licence and claiming she forwarded the offending literature to the Attorney General and her crack legal team, she complied. The obviously clueless and mean-spirited author of the email, noting the change, sent Maxam an email:

From: David Giacalone at SHLEP
To: jmaxam
Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2006 12:48 PM
Subject: thanks

Dear Ms. Maxam,

Thank you for making that small but important change concerning Fair Use. I’m sorry this all got so aggravating.

best wishes,

David Giacalone


To which Maxam responded:

From: June Maxam
To: shlep
Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2006 1:09 PM

Due to the threats, intimidation and profanity which you caused, directed and encouraged, you were reported to law enforcement. My attorney is currently monitoring the defamation which has resulted by your acts and we will be proceeding. The harassment caused us to disable the email accounts for the news site. Do not send any further mail as your IP and email address has been blocked.


Terri Schiavo and LifeNews.com

In 2006, pro-life site LifeNews.com reposted a "well-written editorial" about Terri Schaivo by Maxam to their site, with attribution. Like any reasonable up-and-coming journalist who found her work so honoured, she wrote a "scathing letter" demanding her column be removed, a demand which LifeNews.com (being the good Christians that they are) complied with.

Rather than just be a miserable clueless twit once and then move on, Maxam attacked LifeNews.com on her site whining (as if anyone cared) that she was "not affiliated with any pro-life [or] right to life group".

Rather than just be a miserable clueless twit twice and then move on, Maxam claimed that sites such as LifeNews, WorldNetDaily, Newsmax and all the other various knuckle-dragging God-gave-us-guns-to-save-America-from-Atheists-and-Uppity-Niggers blogs were actively stealing readers from her failblog, and profiting off of this outright theft by displaying ads.

LifeNews.com: Round Two

Rather than just being a miserable clueless twit thrice and then move on, Maxam got sand in her box once again with LifeNews. In 2007 Pamela Hennessy, the media rep for the Schindler's (Schiavo's mediawhoring parents), wrote an op-ed on Terri, which LifeNews.com legitimately obtained permission to reprint. Maxam's site reprinted the article WITHOUT permission before LifeNews.com, so Maxam assumed LifeNews.com stole it from her. Maxam send LifeNews.com a threatening email stating "We are definitely going to clash... publicly," which prompted a member of the Schindler family to contact Maxam and tell her to GTFO.

Maxam's efforts to promote her "expert" legal and medical opinions (and her failed book) on the Schiavo case have all crashed and burned under peer review.

Defending Scientologists

In July 2008, a poster on the long-running anti-Scientologist Operation Clambake Message Board (OCMB), unaware of Maxam's degree in Internet Lawl, copypasta'd a mention Scientology victim Lisa McPherson in a long article on Pinellas County corruption. This sent Maxam into a frenzy so surreal many thought her ham-fisted editorial calling OCMB an "anti-Scientologist cult" was the work of Tommy Davis.

In order to piss off Maxam, here are fair use quotes from her article.

The investigative work of The North Country Gazette entails many hours and often times, much uncompensated expense. Not only do we morally expect to retain control of our work but we have a legal right to do so. We do not want it published at Operation Clambake or any site relating to scientology.

The exclusive commentary entitled “Witness For The Prosecution” entailed hours and hours of research and several hundred dollars in unreimbursed fees to obtain copies of public records.


But that wasn’t enough for those sanctimonious people who obsessively oppose scientology. When “Smurf” over at the Google groups forum of alt.religion scientology stole the whole article in violation of Google’s Terms of Service, Clambake and Sponge applauded and stole more of the article.


Unbelievably, Clambake and Xenu obliviously marched on, not to be deterred by copyright and intellectual property laws although heaven forbid anyone should take any of their material as there is a “permission” slip which one must sign if one wishes to gain access to their site which states “You, the reader, must agree not to use these pages in any way that would infringe any legal rights. You must agree to these terms before progressing any further”.

They can infringe and violate your rights but heaven forbid you “infringe” upon their’s.

According to Wikipedia, Operation Clambake, also referred to by its web address, xenu.net, is a website and Norway-based organization that publishes (by stealing works from other people) mostly critical information about the Church of Scientology. It is owned and maintained by Andreas Heldal-Lund. Requests for the removal of the NCG copyrighted material from the website have been ignored.


Poster Kilia said she had the article saved to the desktop. Vled whined that he/she couldn’t access the article and wanted the whole thing posted on their forum, in total violation of the law, and of course, Kilia obliged.

These people are so ignorant they believe the NCG website doesn’t exist because they, and many of their xenu.net followers, have been banned from it. The website certainly does exist but due to improper conduct, certain individuals have been blocked from accessing it.

Because of the actions of this bunch of “scientology buffs”, it has now become necessary to restrict access to The North Country Gazette.

In the coming weeks, as the NCG continues its investigative reports into Pinellas County and the office of Bernie McCabe, access to those exclusive articles will be restricted to only pre-registered and approved readers. It is unfortunate that this has become necessary due to the actions of this xenu.net group. This may be reconsidered if all work of NCG is removed from the xenu site and there are no further copyright violations by them or other forums.


North Country Gazette Readers Banned

Hated by everyone, June Maxam's pathetic life revolves solely around her little blog. When she's not pulling conspiracy theories out of her butt, she's rewriting content from legitimate news sites and branding it as her own. Maxam also spends hours downloading and reading her log files, banning IP addresses from her site based on visitors browsing habits, search queries, referring sites, and origins that somehow offend her.

One reader who couldn't access Maxam's site emailed her from France:

I cannot access your site during the day from work, I am typing ww.northcountrygazette.org and it goes to a hate site at www.badcopnews.com every single time. I was able to get to your site on Friday afternoon, but cannot now unless I am at home.

I am limited to slow dialup at home, and would greatly appreciate your looking into this, as I can’t possibly be the only victim of whatever is taking place.

Thank you,



only to receive a reply that she had reported him to New York and federal law enforcement authorities.

As of this morning, complaints involving you and your message have been filed with the New York State Police Cyber Crimes unit, Ic3, FTC and the local office of the FBI. I am advised that the federal government is already investigating badcopnews and their operators and are monitoring them.


Immediately after receiving the above response from Maxam, he received her plea for help (that she obviously intended to send elsewhere) lying about the reply:

I got this message today—any ideas what can be done? I think this is an email sent out to try and evoke a response from me. I wrote back and told him it was the first such complaint had had, wasn’t experiencing any problems with northcountrygazette.org and suggested he filed a complaint with ic3.gov. I do know that some fucker registed the domain name of northcountrygazette.net and has that redirected to badcopnews. I don’t what I can do to stop that. I own northcountrygazette.com so they can’t get that one.


When Maxam's site was hacked (March, 2008) it was revealed that there were over 450 banned IP addresses, documented here. Tests with proxies since publication of the list indicate that Maxam keeps herself busy banning new IP addresses throughout the day.


In December 2000, "The Queen of Foster Flats Road" was convicted and sentenced to 9 1/2 months in jail for harassment of her neighbours. After serving 17 days in jail during a span covering Christmas 2000 and New Years Day, a judge with troller's remorse finally set bail on Jan 4 2001. Maxam appealed, of course, claiming jury and evidence tampering and that her conviction was a retaliation for her articles criticising Chestertown NY public officials. In her lawlsuit she named virtually every judge in her county as not having legal authority to jail her - forcing them to recuse themselves. She was later released on a stay, but was forced to serve another six months in 2003 after her appeal was denied. She was released early for good behaviour, and eventually won her trial in 2005 on a technicality.

Empty Threats

The internet is littered with individuals June Maxam has threatened to sue.

Despite Maxam's emailed nasty-grams referencing SWAT teams composed of lawyers, law enforcement agencies, internet officials, and "other domain agencies" standing by to defend her so-called "personal and professional character," nothing ever materializes. A typical email message from Maxam:

Subject: Pending Litigation

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: This date, my attorney has brought to my attention this link and the defamatory, libelous attacks on my personal and professional character. I have reported this to the proper law enforcement agencies which already have an investigation underway in that I have been the subject of repeated internet harassment which appears to have emanated from you. I have also reported your website to ICANN and the other domain agencies. If this material is not removed from your website and the Internet within the next five days, Ias well as your “Maxam Doctrine” notice which is rife with misinformation, I fully intend to instruct my attorney to proceed against you with a major defamation and libel claim.


A simple STFU and she usually goes away:

Dear Maxam,

Below please find your previous communication, virtually greased for ease of insertion into your rectum.