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Atomic.gif Warning!
Kara Timtam will fucking eat babies in one monstrous, slimy bite. Watch your children at all times.
Susan Fox-Davis roleplays as Kara Timtam. Her virtual self is a slim super hero. This 60-year old woman enjoys stalking teenagers in a video game. Ugh! Her group was involved in driving a transgendered teenager to suicide.

The JLU is bunch of fifty-year old (or even sixty-year old!), morbidly obese, creepy obsessive losers who spend all their free time stalking teenagers in Second Life. They even went to the trouble of making a wiki with several thousand entries on other players in the game (mostly on teenagers). However, their stalking is not limited to video games. Their real life stalking includes contacting people's colleges and employers in attempts to get them kicked out or fired, stalking the family of a dying AIDS patient, and literally driving a transgendered teenager to suicide, then gloating over her suicide.

The group is led by middle aged loser, psychopath and stalker Gene Turnbow, who uses the alias "Kalel Venkman" and actually believes himself to be Superman.


The JLU loves to flit around Second Life dressed as super heroes, attempting to "help" landowners who are in trouble and in the end actually aggravating the situation. They frequently wear shielding and use push weaponry, and have these annoying little bots with them called Brainiacs, which they use to access griefer data in a central database, even though its mostly all wrong and fucked up. In their spare time, they hold midnight orgies with the furfags at FurNation.

As noted above, they spend most of their time jacking off to the activities of the PN. They have at least one member infiltrating the trolling group, but they usually concentrate on planning their next furfag yiff orgy and acquiring new dongs (like other SL residents). When the JLU DOES gather intel, though, it is a shoddy, disorganized lolfest to behold. Unfortunately to the JLU, their network security powers failed them miserably, allowing a random nigra to visit their old wiki with IE7 and be logged in automatically as the last user who logged in without any prompting whatsoever. This allowed the PN to gather an enormous archive of their secret wiki of griefer knowledge, scripts, SL tech, JLUfag names, and other shit. They eventually moved the wiki elsewhere and improved the security. Slightly.

Stalking dying AIDS patient

In 2011, the group resorted to stalking the family of a dying AIDS patient.

Driving a transgendered teenager to suicide

The JLU drove a transgendered girl to suicide on her 22nd birthday in 2009. She had joined their group some years earlier, still a teenager, but left and criticized them of threatening privacy and acting like griefers. However, this bunch of 60-year old losers continued stalking her for years, and after her death, they gloated over her suicide.

Notable Fags

Carigorp Matzerath


One of the brains of the JLU's spy operations, he infiltrates troll groups in Second Life and gathers shoddy intel for the JLU and pukes it onto their wiki for them (URL is below). He seems to spend more concentration on the nightly orgies, though, and perhaps gaining Maldavius' old spot.

And nothing is lulzer then finding out RL information about Mr. Batman Fag. Thanks to Nigras like Bevanz and nigra tech. We were able to lurk and lulz up Carigorps MySpace and emails in late April when we found out he was a spy.

Lead Singer of a gay christian rock band called "Ice on Fire"

Wasting his life in Schertz, TX

Adress, Phone Number ...

Cary I Farrow IV ......... 638 E Nottingham Dr......... San Antonio, TX 78209-3438......... (210) 824-0725......... Household: Sandra L Farrow......... Girlfriend : Lilly Canaria, good for raep,Highlands High School, San Antonio TX.........

Facebook Account http://www.facebook.com/hyperhaus?v=info&ref=search#!/hyperhaus

Myspace (with several funny photos) http://www.myspace.com/hyperhaus

Sean Petit

Uptight little green asshole dressed up like a Green Lantern. Probably due to the wedgie the suit gives him, or (more likely) the fact that he has no life and spends most of his time fucking around in a shittily made virtual world failing to save said virtual world from griefers. Lulzworthy Sean hissyfits coming soon!

Susan L. Fox-Davis aka Kara Timtam

Susan Fox-Davis aka Kara Timtam

Fat, aging woman who dresses up as the slim Supergirl to escape her horrid reality. In real life, she has a large basket of babies next to her computer desk on which she dines while harassing poor nigras, supplied by an adoption center in town and her trips to the mall.

She is one of the creepier stalkers in the group, together with Kalel Venkman.

Real name: Susan L. Fox-Davis, often known as just Susan Fox (born 09/06/1957)

Fenix Harbinger

Also fat, presumed to be the grown-up record breaking piece of shit taken by Kara when she realized she was fat and ugly. Now a musician in Dublin, Ireland, by the name of Lynn Cunningham.

Kara Foley

Mini-Timtam, this self-professed dyke dresses as Power Girl and eats the pussy of Rainey Paderborn alias DianaPrince Carter. Her real name is Jean, and she lives in Hackettstown, New Jersey.

|Rainey Paderborn/DianaPrince Carter/MissyA Price

Wonder Woman of the Justice Fags, gay lover to Mini-Tam. She is from the Philippines. Loves the rape...

Gene Turnbow aka Kalel Venkman

This man thinks he is Superman.
Gene Turnbow and Susan Fox
Gene donates his brain to science.


Gene Turnbow.

1286 Ave Simi Valley, CA 93065



805-522-0578(Domain Lookup)

Email addresses: [email protected] and [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

Pic and MOAR INFO Here: http://kryptonians.com/turnbow_online_resume_files/onlineresume.htm?resume_id=225&key=26606b6af431120007c9d3131d31b8d8

GreenLantern Excelsior (GLE)

Presumably 60-year old slow-witted vigilante in video games and in real life. That's right, GLE is a minuteman/self-appointed roleplay cop and anti-immigration activist from the state of Arizona. When he's not policing Second Life and stalking teenagers, he's policing Arizona and stalking "illegals" (minuteman speak for hispanics). He really dreams of becoming a marxist hunter. His trademark is defending McCarthy.

Matthew W. Ritsko aka Maverick Grunfeld

Matthew W. Ritsko (born 14/01/1974) claims to work for NASA. He actually works as a janitor. He files literally hundreds of abuse reports against other Second Life players every day.


Bima Escape

Bima Escape fagging, spying, and typing all cool as he spies on the nigras as Earth Balliner in the last known major Fort LongCat.

JLU love spying on the PN, which is an understatement on the scale of "pedos like kids". They haunt their IRC channel, lurk their forums, follow them in-world, try to document real-life addresses (OMG STALKERS LOL) and hide in ventrilo. However, one night, the PN struck back.

Bima Escape was a long time PN member, who had participated in many raids and had been decorated with a few honors. However, one of the PN grew suspicious and decided to check his email address, an lo and behold, it contained the name of a known JLU member, "carigorp". Bima's PMs were sifted through and his password obtained, and eventually, his emails were read. In his inbox was the one piece of evidence that confirmed that he was a JLU spy:

Hello. My Second Life name is Bima Escape and Angel Fluffy told me that I should inform you that my account is undercover as a spy infiltrating the Patriotic Nigras group and the groups that stem off of it. He said that I needed to let you know so that my IP/MAC doesn't get banned. So, feel free to send me an email or IM if you have any questions or concerns for me. Thanks. -Bima


—Bima Escape, in his personal email inbox lulz.

He was B& and found to be Carigorp Matzerath, a high ranking JLU faggot. With a little password guessing, his Second Life account was pwned and his spacebux removed, and the JLU bases completely destroyed. PN partied hard for the next few days with the account before Linden Labs returned it.

Maldy Fagtree

Maldavius Figtree was also a high-ranking member of the JLU and a Aussie califag, making his way up the ranks by sucking off the head honcho every day and cleaning his personal toilet with his tongue. He also apparently spied on the PN, mostly lurking in IRC between playing his master's skin flute and fucking around in the Woodbury University sim. He soon gained build permissions in the sim and fuck permissions in the sim owner's (Tizzer Foxchase) bed.

However, one fine day, Figtree's built-up immunity to Superman's toilet could not save him. Superman had a bad case of diarrhea and Figtree had caught it from him. He went to Woodbury and completely trashed it, literally turning the sim upside down before being b&. He was then summoned to JLU HQ where he was whipped by Superman for compromising their operation. He then bit Superman's dick and was kicked out. He now works alone and cries himself to sleep.

He is also known to post to the Second Life Herald as Witness X, denying this, despite evidence to the contrary.

Pierce Kronos

Former high-ranking member of the JLU, kicked out for sucking all the right cocks at LL. Aree Lullibub is his beard but even the JLU are not dumb enough to fall for that. Secretly envies Kalel Venkman, dresses as Tizzers Foxchase.

The Blue Lanterns

The Blue Lanterns are the same as the JLU except they are sorry knock-offs of the green lanterns.*UPDATE* The bitches have moved their base into the air above their previous location Greif the area 2x harder because of this.

Main targets

Nomad Parx- Leader

WriterOfPoetry Oceanlane- Leader's Bitch

Theprotector Waffle

Theprotector Waffle- Wears a fucking clown suit because he likes the little children.

  • All members are perfect targets to grief.

12/14/08 nvr frgt.

On this day members of the PN griefed the hell out of the BLC at the Aftermath region And Blc base at the Bellatrix region.

OH MY GOD THEY'VE GOT A WIKI!!!! JLU failing at trapping people

go to blcdatabase.wikia.com and spam the hell out of these faggots

Edit: LOLNO. This will log your IP with them. You'll probably want to keep your dox to yourself, kthx

Full Fag List v2.0 with Keys!

  • "c40457e2-6e89-4bca-ab4e-d781db63616a", // Amra Hosoi
  • "3743d294-c91a-4b87-a09c-e12ef2425499", // Angelica Nephilim
  • "b7ec2e8c-0439-4f98-b47d-e3d3f22d8d2c", // Arbre Trebuchet
  • "203d2193-042c-4917-9f57-4c6441ef9a3b", // Aree Lulibub
  • "26248f64-a1e2-431c-8ef7-9edd5462ae18", // Barbara Onomatopoeia
  • "bdb13893-aebf-4777-bb7b-eccd8ea178ef", // bartelby Pegler
  • "a4afb071-8a49-488d-93f2-5a6c314ad3a6", // Ben Lu
  • "1f810fa2-8f19-48a0-bd77-eaada823726c", // Brainiac Hax
  • "f469a4d4-96eb-429a-b630-f231daa48992", // Brutus Voss
  • "206c29af-14e2-4d32-a499-d11065aad491", // California Condor
  • "ad5a3d70-5d52-4e8e-a26f-d019066ee06b", // Carigorp Matzerath
  • "22c1e6cd-b900-4290-b16f-6006a91bf010", // Cebrix Hax
  • "7c47e659-d203-4f41-b364-7d85181978e7", // Clark Keats
  • "774693e0-1d02-4bfc-a620-913d368ec2d4", // Cole Chestnut
  • "5ee7afc2-524b-4d8e-8d7e-5800c749ae7d", // Connor Whitman
  • "ea30f567-c32e-4637-9a2c-717a83cb1760", // Damian Rigaud
  • "258d0caa-980b-4425-b530-9d383d18b4d9", // Dawg Shatzkin
  • "7ee735f6-66e4-48a2-98c3-f0cc54e64c42", // Dez Vega
  • "8086e84a-6f8b-468d-b68a-763b6cb4b42f", // DianaPrince Carter
  • "6b53af6b-c69e-4257-8919-56fe27d498b1", // Diovan Armistice
  • "01971e1a-327b-4ec0-b62f-e10835a3096f", // Dransen Hulka
  • "af29371f-e695-438f-9e73-ce765272a635", // Edav Nomad
  • "70bac4f3-3815-45ba-9c4a-50dc52b2a998", // Fenix Harbinger
  • "ad400a85-16f4-4c9a-bd89-f7786bee3171", // Flash Grelling
  • "064fa7e5-4f0b-4a49-b371-e9b111c73303", // Gawyn Philbin
  • "b0271f95-b0c6-468e-8e66-4e3dbb574bdc", // Ginrai Yamabushi
  • "6c9021c0-b70c-401d-ac4a-4a60af8dd3fd", // Glitch Braess
  • "ea8771d0-09b3-43fd-8aaf-a23b3ca4063d", // GreenLantern Excelsior
  • "9aabf90c-b572-4628-8a9a-8cbb1a0ed7f1", // GreyFox Book
  • "c1f06e87-f17c-4ed9-b471-0e7e5ae4b992", // Heidi Stiglitz
  • "292c12a3-7689-420c-ad29-f80f2972dead", // Hewee Zetkin
  • "2f7c399d-c4ec-48ff-a8c8-9bcb378e92b5", // Hunter Talon
  • "1ca0e8a7-7333-48e7-bef2-5427ae015ff1", // Ilsa Stine
  • "d36261c9-22e0-448d-af7e-a648d40e49d9", // Jeffrey Essex
  • "d4130e83-4952-4783-a8a2-223230b39072", // Jewelsy Walsh
  • "13262ca6-b224-49ca-b4bd-d8b0607417d2", // JonnJonzz Green
  • "e0686d4f-caea-4e5b-9119-c6f1b55b6d75", // Kalel Venkman
  • "398d738a-6b70-4d47-ba27-7e3c6b3ceb04", // KallfuNahel Matador
  • "0c9b3193-7917-433f-ab39-68a68101d46e", // Kara Foley
  • "270067ef-ccfc-43a6-a7c7-2ed4ffef3ca2", // Kara Timtam
  • "254010d5-5b7f-44f9-8e4f-42b0605c493d", // Katar Superhcarge
  • "8800eed9-c5f3-46cc-ad90-a9ffeb6f7ca3", // Lobo Nagorski
  • "aec97cf9-c8b7-49bf-a46d-c97ee726d77b", // Magnus Peterman
  • "02d238fc-b5fd-499c-8a61-498c6cfc4c15", // Meggye McLaglen
  • "88d91b65-198c-45b6-ad61-f8d4e1d9dfa8", // Mike Calhoun
  • "661e1977-44ea-498e-b6ef-0308752e7ab2", // Micheru Mathys
  • "ef61bbe7-3af6-4066-95c7-c8495f22f333", // Neon Serge
  • "940bc687-875c-4fff-b220-595dbfe15727", // Netwonder Widget
  • "19d5108a-9735-4575-83b1-56a0734267c0", // Nomore Weeks
  • "7f2861b7-b165-4150-aa86-bc4f3a572e2e", // Padishar Frobozz
  • "70e7e775-6a9e-401b-b3eb-80615ddb858c", // Pierce Kronos
  • "72cbeabb-7cab-4cce-bc07-8f5847812eb4", // Piper Craven
  • "f7445cf8-fb2c-4f86-b534-cd83524845ca", // Pyxel Courier
  • "5bdf949d-1a35-4e7b-ade8-0528e21fbfc8", //Quinstar Gremlin
  • "437cfd4c-cc2c-404f-b006-4bcfb9596325", // Ren Austinmer
  • "dc697301-481d-469b-8b67-3d113a55da09", // Rainey Paderborn
  • "5bde5e9f-5629-4562-81eb-da1f0daa3a34", // Rodimal Axon
  • "02b25dfb-baae-4d93-b568-a823391c4576", // Rose Zobel
  • "165dfc55-fc29-4340-b462-bc3bb4834c64", // Ryozu Kojima
  • "c9c0c351-4591-4c3d-aba3-c8e9bb4daa34", // Samantha Lowell
  • "0db0dff4-ec34-4ca1-9532-67ca1dfa1ac6", // Sapphire Holden
  • "481587ad-6934-4631-9f98-0c79f4912e8d", // Scotty Piedpiper
  • "9a4532a9-ae9f-4de5-9468-c1028f2b80c8", // Sean Petit
  • "ec3ced8a-109a-4fe6-85cb-ba3fe646127c", // Selene Hudson
  • "b3873982-04ab-4eea-b0c4-4eb749bb9d5c", // Sen Pixie
  • "f2e59d34-c91a-4061-88dc-ebd8499f8546", // Solo Petion
  • "f4093348-bfff-4b6f-bd79-f2dda816e55d", // Ssaspriina Sismondi
  • "19872fe4-1494-4634-a58c-8dbb36fe9b0b", // Superman Magneto
  • "d651dde1-72a6-4e2f-88a5-744c3e0a2741", // Ta Moxie
  • "2c3bc9c7-6326-4f8b-92c0-32038d46d1e2", // The Spearmann
  • "8df2f7b3-4e69-4a62-b858-443f9a579440", // Tracy Laszlo
  • "80f51284-c485-4505-986d-dd42645ae501", // Vidya Narayan
  • "1c3c81d1-fa5b-4e2c-8253-a6098ac384cc", // Wingless Redgrave
  • "d125688e-e3f0-4fab-9bd8-ae2076ed88f3", // Zania Turner
  • "e24d84b7-9280-4c25-83e6-443c89342136", // ZATZAi Asturias
  • "3739ddae-97f4-48c8-ab41-eeaba21c3907" // Zooey Zeno

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