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Justine: the Awakening

Nice uh, hat?

Justine Jacobs, aka Dawson Miller, aka Justine Tullier is an attention whore, camwhore, and regular old whore. Justine first came to the internets attention when she screwed her teacher her senior year in high school and made it on to LJ Drama. The vapid bitch obviously couldn't pass through methods such as studying and learning, so blowing her way through was the only way to go. This would help to solidify her future career goals once she figured out that men were easily led by their erect cocks.

On Livejournal she was known as debonair_one and her late 20s married teacher, Damien Tullier, was known as dl2yea. The affair broke after photos of the pair enjoying drinks and looking not at all like they were fucking were leaked all around Justine's school. Since they're both Christians, she was his babysitter and the Tulliers were in a Christian rock band the internet lulzed as one. Thanks to crack squads of Christfags we now know that Christian rock is evil which is obviously the reason He struck down their wicked marriage and shitty band.

Goons ran to Leanna's journal instead of Justine's and shit hit the fan.

I was the owner of a digital media business, and now I share that expertise with my students, helping each one to create an electronic portfolio of their work.


—Damien Tullier, Digital Media teacher. Just expertise Damien? A Brave New World indeed

AC, Your post brought tears to my eyes because it was so true....none of you really know the hurt and pain of that kind of betrayl unless you've experienced it. However, you've pretty much hit the nail on the head...To have shared such intimacy with someone as to bring children into the world with them by your side and then have them throw it all away...makes you wonder...hmmmm. they will know we are Christians by our love....show me the love...you can't because it's not in you...you don't know how...true love only comes from HIM which is how I can sit here and tell you that I will be fine. I have found love...real love and it only comes from my real HUSBAND...that is Jesus! I know that sounds weard to those of you who don't understand what a personal relationship with God is all about but it is so true!!! He is my strength! I don't need Damien's or any other man's love to be o.k. all I need is HIM. Thank you all for your encouraging messages to my family and I. Let me leave you all with one....If you seek HIM with all your heart you will find HIM. You may not understand what I'm talking about right now, but if you want TRUE LOVE, ask Jesus for it...ASK(for HIS love)and it will be given unto you...SEEK(HIS love)and you will find it....Much Love to All!'PS. AC, I'd really like to know where you know Damien and I from, because it sounds like you know us and the situation well.


—Laura Tullier - This is TL;DR even for God.

After seeing this recent article. I have decided not to talk to this newspaper anymore. I know they are trying to do their job, but it is clear things have been misconstrued and is causing family members and dear friends to be more upset. I am truely sorry if this has caused anyone who used to be close to me some grief. Attention family members: If you have any questions to why I'm not commenting anymore, feel free to contact ME. The only public response I have made is to the newspaper, as I now admit was a mistake. I would appreciate it if you can recognize that commenting in a public forum is also a mistake. Please keep this a family issue and not with the public.


—August 11, 2005 - Damien Tullier, Being a Whiny Cunt

Justine Turns Into Dawson Miller

Not loli? Fuck off.
All shot by your husband?.

Not content with whoring herself to just one man, Justine decided the time was to fully embrace her demonic alter ego known as Dawson Miller. The succubus wove her tendrils into the beloved intertubes and sought to separate more men from both their hard earn cash and wives. What the whore failed to realize is that anyone can find teenage tits for free on the intertubes unless you're completely and utterly retarded. If you are that retarded, then you do not deserve teenage tits.

In true Christfag fashion, she repented once she found out that she was too fucking ugly and imperfect for anyone to want to pay money to see save for a sick fuck pedophile like her soon-to-be-husband. It takes a true Christian dipshit to think anyone in their right mind that would be looking at porn would ever pay for softcore. The miserable cunt and her sick fuck broke sugar daddy moved to Orlando to blend in better. No one thinks twice about a sixty year old man with an eighteen year old slut on his arm in Florida.

The cunt heard the voice of God and decided that she was on the path to fire and brimstone so opted to repent and attempt to do good. It is certain that her illustrious failed porn career will serve as an excellent example to girls younger than her trying to walk into her hoof-prints. If she was intelligent, she would have sinned right up to the last moments of her life and recanted with her dying breath. But no, living a good schizophrenic life of hearing disembodied voices and not blowing strangers in the back of a chapel is apparently a better lifestyle.

Ok, I know how bad the economy is. WE ALL know how bad the economy is- part of me thinks it’s bad because everyone is telling everyone the economy is bad. I refuse to think about how ‘awful’ things are. Things are the way they are and I might as well be positive about what I have! Even though it’s hard for everyone to find jobs right now…I’m having sort of a ‘different/difficult’ time finding one for myself.


Justine can't find a jerb :(

Dawson Miller Turns Into Justine Tullier

Fucking AIDs infested cunt.

Now the second Mrs. Tullier, after Damien Tullier divorced his wife and left his children behind, Justine decided to repent and help other women affected by her site and others like it. Her sick fuck husband still looks at porn, which freaks her the fuck out. Even though he left his wife for her no less than 5 years ago. Personally, I'd be more worried about him working on a college campus. She now has a blog and a YouShit channel where she babbles on about things she doesn't understand.

Damien, I mean Gabriel Tullier, is now creating crappy videos on Christian Men's sites and writing terrible songs about the whole sordid affair. It is believed he spends his additional time trolling college campuses for a replacement slut when this one's mileage gets too high for a comfortable ride.

So why do I think it's wrong now? Well....I've learned a lot. I've learned that my body is more precious than I thought it was. That was a new discovery because as little girls are being even more affected today, I was taught from a very young age by movies and such that a woman's body wasn't anything amazing or miraculous that should only be shared with one person. I learned that Jesus Christ meant more for my life. I cheated Him for a short time by not believing and trusting that He would take care of me and my problems.


I blame the movies too.

So...I did what any other fiance would do....I watched him like a hawk! I checked his bank accounts every day, e-mail, phone bills, cable bills, downloading sites, cookies, and at his request, I took the only computer we owned (laptop) out of the house every single time he was to be left home alone!!!! I was crazy fiance, woman trying to control her every fiance's move!!! So guess what happened when I found out he looked at porn? I was DEVASTATED! I cried and balled and screamed and gave him the silent treatment and wondering whhhhyyyyyy?????


Justine on Damien looking at porn

It is well known that Christ and God give a rat's ass about stupid shit like who's cock Justine's ass is on. Trusting in yon Lord and not doing a fucking thing to help oneself is apparently the way to salvation. The good Christian girl should be very familiar with affairs and cheating. What difference does it make if she swallows the glowing member of our Lord Jesus Christ or the scaly cock of our Dark Lord Satan?

Learning from one's mistakes is apparently over-rated. One would think that the slut would realize her Fiance was not trustable being that he betrayed and broke his word to God and his first wife. So why so serious when it comes to the fact that he's looking at porn and trolling for younger pussy at his new job? But instead of finding someone faithful and true to his word and his God, she married the retard.

Christfaggotry at its Finest

A quick visit to the whore's blog reveals some very interesting thoughts from a vapid twat without two brain cells to rub together.

Umm……….Question #1: Why did the caller call in? Well…obviously because she heard the topic being discussed and thought to herself, “hey- I’ve done that exact same thing! Let me call in and talk about it!” She was, of course, met with acceptance, laughter, and attention on the radio.


—Because not everyone gives a shit about your values.

Question #2: What got communicated by the caller calling in? Well…first off, if a topic is blatantly talked about on the radio- how bad could my situation be? Secondly, being late to pick up your child isn’t necessarily okay, but yet somehow glanced over at the scandalously gushy details of having an affair. Essentially, it was all in ‘good fun’ and we can all laugh about it….no harm done, right?


—I agree. Let's have less Christian broadcast.

Question #3: Since when does having an affair become such a light-hearted topic? This wasn’t a debate as to the possible destruction of an affair….whether it’s good or bad….different peoples’ opinions…….this was a celebration of infidelity and irresponsibility of being a parent.


—Pot. Kettle. Fucking. Black.

The whore's blog is full of such lulzy tidbits as this. It isn't as though she might have actually learned anything from her experiences or from the Bible. All that pesky; turn the other cheek, let the one who has committed no sin cast the first stone, love the sinner hate the sin, is all just a steaming pile of bullshit. But don't worry, the cock sucking home-wrecking whore is here to tell you how much of a dirty sinner you are and how watching porn hurts relationships.


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