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Jweiss11, also known as Jonathan M. Weiss (born May 28th, 1978), is a 34 year old cocksucker Wikipedia contributor, hater of the First Amendment, and WikiNazi. He has been known to spread lies throughout his contributions and when presented with factual evidence of his incorrect information, he references other Wikipedia pages to support his false claims. The New York native is college educated but does not use that education to help his cause. He is currently an account manager at Watermatic in New York City, commonly referred to as "Jew York". He studied quantitative economics at Tufts University, which is the equivalent of getting a degree in faggotry. Urban legend is that his father, Paul R. Weiss, disowned his son because of the large amounts of butt-sex he was having in college. His sister, Fredda Weiss Rosenthal, as her name implies, used to be jweiss11's brother, Fred. Through a sex change, he became she and was subsequently disowned by their abusive alcoholic father.

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