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Kara logo.png
FoundationJune 3, 2010
Major Boards/b/
Epic WinsTurned probably the most respected person in Poland into a meme

Karachan is the most active Polish clone of 4chan. It was founded in 3 June 2010 after the death of Tapchan and the old Vichan and, unlike these two which didn't survive a year, remains the main Polish imageboard since that day.


The most notable trait of Karachan is its sekrit klub mentality, you can't get in without adding its IP to your hosts file, then you have to change a localStorage value, add some annoying videos and audio to your adblock's filter list and then you have to block a seizure inducing CSS. If you got in then you can go fuck yourself as non-Polish IPs, except for the British, German and Swedish ones, are blocked from posting. That mentality is also seen in how anons on Karachan treat their memes, when they gain popularity outside then they are usually completely abandoned and in special cases they may even be bannable.

Other than that, the rules on Karachan are pretty Wizardchan-like, if you ever say you had sex that wasn't paid for or wasn't a rape you are really asking for a ban. The same goes for having a pretty much successful social life.

Zalgo, Polish moot


There are 37 boards on Kara, including 3 hidden ones. As of today everyone posts mostly on /b/, but in the past a few other boards were pretty active as well.

  • /fa/ - Den of the infamous Rajzer, full of faggots.
  • /kib/ - Board for sports fans, it was removed after being one was deemed to be too normalfaggy.
  • /og/ - Board for playing online games together, it was made after /vg/anons got butthurt about their board being swarmed with these threads without any actual vidya discussions.
  • /thc/ - Board about drugs, full of guides about buying shit and using it.

Others include the classic shit like /a/ or /vg/ but nothing interesting ever came out of there.


  • John Paul II raped little children - The largest meme that came out of any Polish imageboard, in fact it was made on the old Vichan, not Karachan, but the latter one is definitely more responsible for its success. It used to cause massive butthurt in Poland, as John Paul II is a very respected figure. After a few years, though, it was accepted by the entire Polish internet and now the Pope is more a meme than an important historical figure for many young Poles.
  • Trolling retards - Almost every year there's a new retard on Kara that gets trolled hard by anons. Dawid Rolewski was given some juice with cum, his friend Maciej Prządło✝ asked very politely to stop annoying them, Łukasz Wiśniewski drank an energy drink with 25I-NBOMe etc. etc.
  • Seba - A drawing of a typical Polish teenager that became a mascot of Karachan. Seba likes to play soccer and loves decorating the Christmas tree in December. Over 9000 types of Sebas were drawn.
  • [cool] and [czesc] - Two emotes that are remnants of the f23 board on o2 forums that was the ancestor of the modern Polish chan culture. It was active since around 2000, which makes it older than 4chan.
  • xD - In Poland xD evolved in a different way than it did in other parts of the internet. While XD and xd are used mostly by normalfags and are banned, xD is used in around 60% of the posts made on Karachan and isn't seen negatively.
  • Christmas tree - Every year in December anons are making pixel art baubles that are then used by Seba to decorate Karachan's christmas tree floating above the threads. Sometimes, the tree is destroyed by the evil Chuj.

and many more, but they are all either unrelevant or dead at this point.


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