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Good Karma [1]

Karma is an idea created by a bunch of chinks and towelheads to make themselves feel better about their pointless, random lives. In its most basic form it asserts that a big something or other is sitting up in nowhere land and keeping track of all the times you fap to cp. In this way Karma is a lot like Santa, except that if you're naughty you get your ass pounded by Vishnu's cosmic dick. The actual effects of karma vary depending on if you're talking to a towelhead or a hippie, from reincarnation as a steak on legs with the former to swallowing a burning joint with the later. Pretty much, you fuck around with people, the universe fucks with you. Karma is also a statistic in the old Marvel Superheroes RPG. It replaced the tedious rigamarole of "leveling up" or "experience points" with the tedious rigamarole of trying not to actully KILL your opponents in the game.

The Truth About Karma

Karma in its original true meaning from Hindu and Buddhism had nothing to do with morality. Karma was actually pretty much the Scientology idea of engrams. Seriously. Yes, very seriously. It was basically things like if you get born into a family where your dad rapes you up the ass all your childhood and that fucks you up mentally for the rest of your life, when you die the Lovecraftian wheels of reincarnation will put you into a similar childhood again thinking, "Well here's some thetan that's used to the experience so it's a good match." Or if you were the school bully as a child, you'll reincarnate into a very strong human body in your next life so you can continue doing what's familiar to you.

Places You Can Go To Spend Karma

Nowhere, as it is just a pathetic attempt to force morals on people who would much rather be raping children. By being on ED you already have a massively negative Karma score, meaning that if Karma does turn out to be real you're coming back as a crack baby.

Instant Karma's gonna get you

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