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Katefan0 was an administrator of Wikipedia who was pwned by Daniel Brandt after he discovered that she was actually working as a reporter for the Congressional Quarterly, and asked for her to state her real name in her user page, for the sake of professional integrity, so that others would know who she was. In response, she quit Wikipedia on 25 May 2006, wiping her userpage and resigning as an administrator. After engendering sufficient support, she wrote one final statement, saying amongst other things "To Daniel Brandt, I'm not sure what I did to offend you, but I wish you'd at least tried to speak with me about whatever it is. So, I'm hanging up my hat, and I'm asking Daniel et al to please, sincerely, just leave me be." Daniel Brandt was not remotely happy with being accused of being a stalker over this, and suggested that all that he wanted was to make Katefan0 responsible and accountable.

At the time, a number of other administrators followed suit, including Musical Linguist and SlimVirgin, although both later returned.

After leaving, Flonight wrote a message to Wikipedia Review staff members on behalf of Katefan0 regarding Amorrow, the result of which was that Amorrow was banned as a stalker.

The message read as follows:

Hello and a special request:

Could you remove Amorrow's posts. Most of them contain unreliable information in addition to the :disturbing misogyny.

Start with the Julie Andrews thread!

Amorrow was misinformed; I never was an anonymous editor at Wikipedia. My email account was always :activated and I signed my emails with real name including my post to WikiEn-l.

Thanks for letting me clarify and please remove the posts

Take care,

Since this time, Wikipediots continue to falsely claim that Wikipedia Review supported Amorrow, with dumbass posts to the Wikipedia mailing list like this one.