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RCAN's loveliest G.A.Y. couple
Proof that Kevin is a GG troll.

Kaye Lazar (real name Kevin Kravitz, aka Dogfucker Jones) is the sad little man who accompanies Gorgeous George on every episode of this show. He has MySpace account showing off photos he has taken posing with D-list celebrities like Gallagher.

I got into this avocation years ago, when my meetings with remarkable

people drew blank expressions of cynicism and surprise from my friends. These people considered me an accomplished liar but a liar nevertheless.


It's not that no one believes you, it's that no one gives a shit that you posed for a photo with Gallagher. Given that posing with these washed-up morons is the highlight of this guy's life and that all his friends consider him a liar, Kevin's life must be pretty fucking sad.

When Kaye isn't taking pictures with "celebrities" (like anyone gives a shit) he trolls GG for teh lulz. He's given trolls the stations phone number as well as laughing behind GG's back when prank callers called GG fat. In one historical event in 2011 he made George explode by having his cell phone go off. In spite of this George considers Kaye a close friend and ally. :D

Response to Bantown BBQ and this article

Kevin's specialty is stealing focus from GG.

Kaye Lazar (who unlike GG can form somewhat of a coherent thought) sent the first email in response to the Bantown BBQ:

Thanks for the disturbing picture. Just your computer IP number was reported to the

authorites, so I hope you can do a lot of explaining to the police. If you care to make anymore e-mails to me go ahead, just know other people other than myself are viewing this and would be very interested in what other lovely things you have to say.


After further emails with the obligatory "OH NOEZ NOT THE POPO!!!!42!!!" responses and linking him to this article, Gorgeous George gave his take on the situation:

Subject: Eyes of the law our WATCHING.

So your grabbing the torch from zipshit raferty. A bunch of you vcu compulsive masterbators , obiviously do not have a fucking life. Keep wacking off to each other and to my show. If you keeping sending the disturbing pictures and the extra bullshit through my e-mail, you will have a problem. Ask one of those retards who started this shit , Graham from starbucks. Oh by the way tell that bitch leshii who post on that live journal site nobody wants to buy her piece of shit car. As for you dipshit Andrew or whatever your name is, why don't you challenge ziposhitoe in who can pull the most scabs of each other and who can eat most of each other shit the fastest. That should attract most of your dropout buddies at vcu. The only BBQ is coming out of your mother's ass for you to eat. Grab it fast , before your buddy ziposhitoe(amish guzler) sucks it down.


Kevin Leaves Both Gorgeous George and his Show

Kevin indirectly admits to dumping GG from his life on FB

During his August 6th 2014 radio show George admitted that Kevin has split from GG's life. Considering that George doesn't refer to Kevin by name one can only assume that had a huge fight (more than likely of the G.A.Y. variety). Kevin made a facebook post back on July 13 announcing the purging of all the toxic people from his life. One of Kevin's friends asked, "Hope you got rid of George. He is evil." Never has more true words been spoken by a human being. GG baws about Kevin at around the 24 minute mark GG rage baleeted the video.


Kaye's Facebook page

Kaye's Youtube Channel