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The People's Republic of Kekistan
Official Flag
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National Motto "Cuck!"
National Words "Semper Veritas Rana!" ("The truth is always the frog!")
National Anthem YouTube Favicon.png Shadilay
Capital Kék, Hungary
Demonym Kekistani
Currency Keks (ƙ)
Chief export Alt-right politics
Country code KEK
Official site

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Ancient Kekistani art.

The Chronicles of Kekistan: The Frog, the Snek and the Water Filter

Kekistan, officially The People's Republic of Kekistan, or keki-keki-keki-keki-stan-stan, is a fictitious country that known Alt-Lite E-Celebrity Sargon of Cuckad and his league of 12 year old fart sniffing minions tried to form. They adopted 8chan's successful cult of Kek into their own deformed cripple version of IQ 80 humor and try-hard 2004 memes. The same losers that brought you Gamergate (only to hilariously get btfo'd by SJW's at it) are now back trying to retroactively ride the coattails of 8chan's movement. These social outcasts were spending their lunch periods stuffed inside of their own lockers. When they finally got out into the safe embrace of their parents basement they went to their favorite containment board, to ARP (like larping but without being outside) themselves into this magical place, free from mean bullies and facts. So now these useless second grade shitposters have a place to dream about, where they (like now) are free to sit in their underpants all day, doing nothing but shitting out hollow shells of OC that was turned so harmless and mass appealing that the mere joke lies only in the absurdity of its existence. The people behind this make-believe country are so delusional, that they think they defeated Jeb Bush and helped take down Hillary Clinton by sitting on /r/The_Donald and talking about how fucking based and woke jews, niggers, and faggots are. They even named it The Great Meme War of 2016. They literally think their inane postings of de-clawed politically correct low energy memes had any influences on the elections, when we all know the man behind the curtain.

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In AD 420, the Kekistani people were heavily persecuted by Shapur I of the Sassanid Empire, who crushed a Kekistani liberation movement, exterminating 7/11ths of the population in what is known to historians as the Kekistani Genocide. The Kekistani fled to Kekstantinople, where Justinian I gave them sanctuary and allowed them to practice their religion of peace. The Kekistanis became humble, yet prosperous, farmers, often producing a bountiful yield of memes out of barren soil. Other Kekistani people fled to (((Our Greatest Ally))) where they stayed for years till the Romans exiled the Kekistani people from (((Our Greatest Ally))), these Kekistani people fled across Africa and the Middle East.

In The Late 1980s After The Great kek fraud The USSR Invaded the great Land Of Kekistan.They Seized our Memes and Introduced The Soviet Kekistani.This only lasted until the fantastic autistic Screeching of 1993.

In 2016, the prophet Alex Jones uncovered the plot to further oppress the Kekistani people by the global elites. He dubbed it the "Gay Bomb", tasked with turning the Kekistani citizens homosexual; as such, if the Kekistani are all homosexuals they can no longer reproduce, thus, ensuring the termination of the Kekistani people. Fortunately, Alex Jones has broken the conditioning and the Kekistani people were able to escape such ill-willed fate.

What kekfags actually believe

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Where all Kekistanis belong

What really happened is that shortly after Trump cheated his way to the throne, 4chan rejects and reddit leftovers, started to put on their big boy pants and going into the big world to spread outdated memes, so they could pull a fast one on the normies, their mortal enemies. Imagine not caring about a green frog. What fags, amirite? Bet they even get laid and have a girlfriend. In January of Current Year+ 2 these obese shitposters went on to spread memes on ((((((((((((Shia Labeouf))))))))))))'s He Will Not Divide Us ridiculous art-project, and making a mockery out of methed-out washed-up actor was somehow a big enough accomplishment for them to start their own country. They have spent so much time inside that they conjured up insane coincidences that are more than likely to happen.
They think it is a sign of so-called meme magick that Alex Jones has been outraged about drugs turning frogs gay. It has nothing to do with Alex Jones being a complete crackpot. And the drug having an effect on a lot of species:

We found little evidence that atrazine consistently caused direct mortality of fish or amphibians, but we found evidence that it can have indirect and sublethal effects. The relationship between atrazine concentration and timing of amphibian metamorphosis was regularly nonmonotonic, indicating that atrazine can both accelerate and delay metamorphosis. Atrazine reduced size at or near metamorphosis in 15 of 17 studies and 14 of 14 species. Atrazine elevated amphibian and fish activity in 12 of 13 studies, reduced antipredator behaviors in 6 of 7 studies, and reduced olfactory abilities for fish but not for amphibians. Atrazine was associated with a reduction in 33 of 43 immune function end points and with an increase in 13 of 16 infection end points. Atrazine altered at least one aspect of gonadal morphology in 7 of 10 studies and consistently affected gonadal function, altering spermatogenesis in 2 of 2 studies and sex hormone concentrations in 6 of 7 studies. Atrazine did not affect vitellogenin in 5 studies and increased aromatase in only 1 of 6 studies. Effects of atrazine on fish and amphibian reproductive success, sex ratios, gene frequencies, populations, and communities remain uncertain.


Archive today-ico.png A Qualitative Meta-Analysis Reveals Consistent Effects of Atrazine on Freshwater Fish and Amphibians

While morphologic changes found in studies of atrazine-exposed vertebrates are of concern, functional impairments are likely of greatest importance. In fact, male salmon (Salmo salar) exposed to atrazine showed decreased androgen levels, decreased mating behavior, and decreased milt production. Nearly identical reproductive impairments were observed in amphibians (decreased androgens, decreased mating behavior and decreased fertility). Similarly, atrazine induced poor reproductive performance in rodents and resulted in as much as a 50% decrease in epididymal sperm number and decreased sperm motility. Low fertility, low sperm count, and poor semen quality were also associated with atrazine exposure (as measured by atrazine metabolites in the urine) in humans living in agricultural areas where atrazine was widely used. Furthermore, atrazine is also associated with follicular atresia in females of two species of fish, limiting the reproductive potential of females as well.


Archive today-ico.png Demasculinization and feminization of male gonads by atrazine: Consistent effects across vertebrate classes

So it is not just frogs, you idiotic shits.

They continue to draw wild coincidences from thin air, because an Italian band had the name of P.E.P.E. What are the odds? Thank fuck no other bands are named pepe, like for instance Wikipedia Favicon.png Pepe Deluxé or the leadsinger of Hatesphere called Peter 'Pepe' Lyse Hansen.
The band called P.E.P.E. would probably be enough to make their small dicks hard, but the Italian band made one song, called Shadilay, that happened to be released by Magic Sound, who had a frog as a logo. Too bad they used this frog on another band as well, making it less of a coincidence and more of an inevitability.

Magic Sound - Babababo.jpg

With all this evidence of PEPE the frog being a god-send, the Kekistan retards decided to make the Italian song their national theme, because they can't write a song on their own, as that would require talent.


Kekistan has a long history dating back to the founding of civilization in the Middle East as the first person to make an ironic joke in an ancient Mesopotamian city was the first of the Kekistani, he left with his frogs to found the great nation of Kekistan. Kekistanis have long revered the frog as they believe Pepe the frog is a prophet of their deity Kek. Kek is the deification of the concept of primordial darkness in the Ancient Egyptian Ogdoad cosmogony. Among it's achievement, Kekistan is the only country with a 100% autism among it's population, and the only countries that is entirely based indoors.

Kekistan's main religion is mental retardation and every single member of their country embraces it. Their religion a strong facet of their culture and was the main drive to form the country.

As their only connection to the outside world is 8chan and youtube, kekistaners are naturally inclined to seek out the most retarded persons in there and venerate them, as such Sargon of Akkad became their most venerated deity. Sargon of Akkad is the main deity of their religion, he is the supreme god of the alt-right. Sargon has reached his deity status by submitting 100s of youtube videos from his shitty little apartment and reaching an impressive level of autism. The only deity that matches Sargon in autism is Mr Metokur, a recently formed deity that only reached autism level after declaring himself a whore on youtube, reaching sargon's level of autism.

Each kekistanese engages in a daily prayer ritual every day. The prayer involves praying to a shrine, usually to a laptop, by sitting in the same spot for 8 hours straight, surrounded by a cheap alternative for cheetoes and mountain dew. These rituals have the purpose to venerate and please their deities, as well as isolate the kekistanese from the outside world and make their parents despise them even more each second.

The Free Kekistan Movement

The Free Kekistan movement is an international effort by the scattered Kekistani people to have their historic and contemporary struggles recognized by the world at large, especially by the UN and by the Kekistani Genocide denying Cenk Uygur.

Twitter-favicon.png #FreeKekistan

Utter failure at humor

Since we're talking youtube levels of unfunny there's not much to expect. Sargon being a British Atheist and ex-Gamergate sperg is about as funny as a mouldy, crusty cum sock with poisonous mushrooms growing on it. Being careful never to go after a target that isn't currently en-vouge to ridicule, he has been an eternal me-too hindsight gaslighter who tries to act like his often hour long self monologues actually achieve anything other than swelling his own ego. Considering that, his fans are as expected even worse and pride themselves on shoddy edits ripped from you know where.

Witness the irony About missing Pics
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