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Kemonomimi is a Weeaboo term used for an animu character that has animal ears and possibly a tail, paws, and bestial eyes. Basically, it's a catgirl made from various other faggy animals, and possibly male, too.

Other expressions include Kemono or Furry light or simply adding "mimi" to the name of various Japanese names for animals (I.E. nekomimi, inumimi, kitsunemimi, usagimimi etc.)

OMG Kawaii!!

See? Cat ears don't help!

In Japan, Kemono characters typically are used when the artists either...

  • Want to make a creature look more alien without making it look like goatse.

Weeaboos do not get this and think that is just is so KAWAII!!! It has become a habit for fans of anime to add Cat Ears to their characters, and even to themselves in an attempt to make everything look UBER OMG KAWAII. Other reasons why Weeaboos misuse Kemono characters include:

  • Any possible combination of the above, or...
  • all of the above!

Most of these people inhabit typical otaku hangouts such as Gaia, DeviantART and Smackjeeves where they sit in an eternal circle-jerk over each other's shitty artwork while occasionally squealing "KAWAII!!! =^.^= "

Kemonomimi such as Catgirls are popular in both Anime and Hentai.

Some characters, such as Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura as often dressed with fake animal ears, making them "fake" Kemonos, though retarded fanbois don't know the difference. In fact, some retarded fanbois even think that strapping on fake ears and paw gloves makes them a for-reals furry because of these misconceptions (see fursuit for more information).

Other characters like Ritsuka from Loveless and over half the cast of Inuyasha, were born with animal parts, making them real Kemonomimi. These are the aliens and cursed fuckers we mentioned earlier. Sick Fucks love masturbating to these and creating lovingly-made artwork such as the art to the right.

Video games are also not exempt from the Kemono tide of ears and tails. Final Fantasy games have been known for having at least one token furry in each of their games, often a kemonomimi such as Fran or the ever-popular Mithras. Felicia, a famous Crapcom character and a fan-favorite of most 13-year-old-boys and the cosplay of every fat fangirl evar.


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