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Waar je moeder een baard heeft


—Where your mother has a beard is a Dutch site for trolling, and discussion about any kind of social development.

Key Figures is organised by a tight group of friends. They are all Admin and owner of Kenker. Because of it's tight organisation it can get things done other boards can't.

  • Henk: is just.. Henk
  • Domestos: Domestos is a brand for Eastern-European cleaning products. Domestos is also sold in the Netherlands under the brand name Glorix. It is part of an Anglo-Dutch company called Unilever.
  • Mao: De grote roerganger and one of the founding fathers of Kenker. He used to be known as Spinoza, Spinozaa and Spinozatje. He had some problems with the Kenker authorities after trying to gain acces without the right authorisation and accusing the management of AIDS and nothing but AIDS. That is also the reason for the many accounts. After his humble apologies he was welcome again in the inner circles of Kenker. And with his renewed activity he is know a well respected member once more. Of course his name comes from the Chinese communist leader Mao Tse-Tung. Also know as Mao Zedong.
  • Winkelhaak: Kenker's Führer, fanatic nazi and nationalist..
  • Rick Astley: a very new guest of He likes to bump topics that are months old but still very neat. He is the only very active member that isn't part of the 'Gentlemen behind Kenker' group and wasn't there when Kenker was founded. No one within Kenker knows him personally. All we know is that he's from the internet...
  • Maxis: Some anom who posted a topic full of porn every day. He got banned by Spinoza after Spinoza discovered he was disgusted by naked females and only liked porn featuring horses and humans copulating together and young men having buttsex. Maxis is a active member on various porn sites.

  • Huppelepup: Kenker's first non-admin moderator,a milestone in our plan for a NWO.

Apart from these people kenker is visited by complete random strangers, people from, admirers and people that got trolled by us. Because of the retard Spinoza that considers himself elite, kenker was never really populated.

Charity is also a charity organisation bringing aid to everyone that fails on 4chan. A recent example is the Operation Northernlight, in which Sinterklaas (traditional Dutch celebration) gifts were sent to Schoolchan.

Furthermore Kenker used to take down various Dutch boards filled with cp, pedophiles, and AIDS to gain karma.

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