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卐 Kevin Alfred Strom 卐 is the bespectacled neo-Nazi leader and paedophile known for single-handedly destroying the National Alliance. He is currently preparing for his induction into the Aryan Brotherhood, where he's sure to fit right in.


Kevin Alfred Strom was a very miserable child. At the tender age of 11, he strangled his first Jew. It is said the Jew was a bank loan officer that was dropping by to discuss refinancing the mortgage on the family's "Cleansing Compound", located (at the time) in northern Virginia.

Today, Kevin Alfred Strom is still angsty, even for a 50 year old man. While "illegal alien Jew Mexican homosexual liberal Muslim invaders threaten the survival of the White race and White civilization", most White Power groups hide behind cowardly platitudes like "overcrowding", "assimilation," and "the failure of new immigrants to learn English."

Strom forged an alliance (in titanium) with both Alex Linder of VNN and Don Black of Stormfront, and new recruits were soon joining his mailing list en masse. Things have not been going as smoothly as Strom would like them to however. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, stock video from an Ocala, FL firm called Digital Juice which was used in a recent promotion for an Alabama television station ended up being a part of an online advertisement for Strom's political group. Additionally, certain social issues pertaining to his leadership have come to light in the last 12 months...


Prussian Blue
Kevin Strom sort of looks like Ricky Gervais, if Ricky Gervais jerked off to child porn.

Strom was arrested in January, 2007 for child pornography and witness intimidation. He was later charged with stalking and enticement of a minor. He pleaded guilty to possession of ten images of child pornography and was sentenced to 23 months in prison, while evading the charges of coercing sex from a 10 year old.

In court, Strom's adorable wife Elisha testified about finding her husband naked and aroused, looking at photos of two girls whose heads had been transposed onto naked bodies. “They didn’t look right,” said Elisha of the girls, who had been promoted by Strom in the White Power scene for several years. “Their bodies didn’t match what they look like.”

Later, it is not clear when, Elisha placed cameras around the house to spy on Kevin and recorded him doing the same thing with other girls' pictures. During this time, Elisha had done nothing even though she had a young daughter from a previous marriage in the home.

At some point, her young daughter introduced them to a nine-year-old friend, who Kevin became obsessed with. On an outing, at which it began to rain, Kevin opened an umbrella, placed his arm around this little friend and walked off, leaving his family behind to get wet. Elisha did gain some rep when she beat him up with a telephone prior to calling the police on it and sending him to jail.

All this ties in with Strom's image as a noble defender of sacred White girls.

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