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Lj-favicon.png kewllimesrevenge (KLR) was a fake journal, brainchild of Quasidan.


Lj-favicon.png kewllime was a real LiveJournal user who went to high school with Quasidan. He made fun of her once by calling her fat on her journal, and the next post she made was about how he made her cry. Later that month, the journal was deleted.

Inspired, Quasidan created a journal called kewllimesrevenge, and used it to lurk in self injury communities. KLR was a 15-year-old female.


Quasidan would log in as KLR and post about cutting in various self-injury communities. Most would sympathize with the imaginary person. Quasidan did this for a couple of months to build credibility in the SI world (which is quite big on LJ). Then, when he felt he got everything he could out of the experience, it was time to terminate KLR... but how?

Curtains for Kewllime

The only appropriate way to get rid of a fake journal is with a fake suicide, so Quasidan set up an online counter to mark off the days before KLR would hang herself. Many people called KLR out for faking it, but most said "plz don't".

LJ Abuse finds out

Hours before the fake suicide was about to happen, quasidan received an e-mail from LJ Abuse saying that they know it was him, that he has to admit that the suicide is fake, and that he's in deep shit.

And so began the amazing love affair between Quasidan and LJ Abuse...

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