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Pedos have train-wreck teeth.
The train-wreck teeth hypothesis has yet to be proven incorrect.

Kick the Freak is the name of a Livejournal community created March 23, 2005 for all the haters and trolls of zoophiliacs, furries, fursuiters, pedophiles, anonymous pussies, incest, and arborphiliacs, and their friends! It is created with a basic account type, for users interested in drama, lolz, and sick fucks. As of June 27, 2008 it has amassed 241 239 members. It is watched by 174 people.



Members of kick_the_freak will find your friends only journals, screenshot the hell out of it, mutilate your pictures, and repost in their community for everyone to see. It may seem as trolling, but anyone who has fantasies about raping 6 year old ponies while shitting in little girl underwear deserves to a good flaming. Membership is closed, but as of March 29, 2007 anonymous comments were permitted, non-community members were then also allowed to comment and post entries. Anyone wishing to join has to petition Dookiedragon personally.




KtF has encountered many a freak in it's time. The latest sick fuck someone posts about is pretty much GUARANTEED to bitch and moan about his/her featuring. One of the more annoying and persistent targets is Tyciol, who will almost always defend his interest in incest, pedophilia, bestiality, furfags, and Urkel. And of course, everyone must jump on the band wagon and fling their shitty opinions like monkeys, debating back and forth while fapping to Pokemon.

In the end, no one cares for anyone's crap-ass, dumpster-bred opinions. It's teh internet, and this debate will last way too long. When it all comes down to it, typing up a TL;DR comment that no one will read just proves what a douche can do with the internet at his hands.

Fuck Childlove

One of the maintainers, dookiedragon, created a spinoff community on October 19, 2006 called fuck_childlove in response to her involvement in the group childlove which later died from the Strikethrough.

It was later shut down and purged, the cause was unknown. Maybe she got married or something and couldn't take the drama.

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