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Kill The Faggot is a game developed by Randall Herman (a.k.a. iosgamer1), a Bible thumper who obsesses over men who lust for other men. This game made its short-lived debut on Steam before being drowned off the site by tears of homosexuals and social justice warriors.

I'M TTLY STR8! (straight to the next dick)


KTF 0905.png

To nobody's surprise, KTF was created in a couple days. The music, graphics and everything else about the game is crap. It brings the nostalgic feel of one of those edgy Newgrounds flash games created by some angsty teenager who didn't get enough attention at school and home.

Players have a minute to fulfill their moral obligation to society by mowing down anyone who isn't straight. Fag kills are worth 100pts and transvestite kills 150pts, however shooting a straight person results in a penalty. Crude but effective sexual cleansing.

The player is placed in a prime camping location that overlooks a busy street with lots of pedestrians. Shameless sodomites prance from one side of the screen to the other while shouting, "Can I put my wiener in your butt?" and "Whoops, I just dropped the soap," indicating they definitely deserve to be shot. Faggot-triggering phrases, such as the classic "fag down," and "AIDS carrier eliminated" are played whenever a flaming faggot is shut up with some hot lead.

Debut on Steam's Greenlight

KTF 0902.jpg

Greenlight is an unmonitored section on Steam which allows developers to showcase early versions of their games, provided they pay a $100 listing fee. Kill The Faggot was released on Greenlight under the banner Skaldic Games, Randall Herman's "game development" company.

Idiots on Steam failed to realize KTF was a pathetic attempt at trolling and flooded Steam with angry comments. A YouTube sodomite named Jim Sterling discovered Randall Herman's "masterpiece" and immediately raged about it, labeling KTF as hate speech and whining about Steam which allowed this bombshell to be dropped in the first place. Some faggots went the extra mile, fired up their parents' Outlook Express, and emailed Randall a bunch of empty threats. Within a few short hours, Steam focused its anti-lulz gaze upon KTF and the game was delisted and banned from Greenlight. This of course only drew more interest to KTF which resulted in even more people seeking it out elsewhere.

All Of The Content Warnings...
All Of Them

Randall Herman

The true face of Randall Herman
Safety First, and always remember to kickflip for the lord.

Afterwards Randall Herman said he created Kill The Faggot because he is sick of the game industry being overtly sensitive and easily offended. He has offered no apologies and promised there is more to come, which probably means absolutely nothing.

In 2014 he launched a Kickstarter campaign for Devotor Footwear where he planned to promote the words and teachings of Jesus Christ through quality footwear. Seriously. The campaign never came close to achieving its goal of $20,000 and was cancelled.

Elsewhere Randall brags that he worked on games like Disney Infinity and Call of Duty: Black Ops. A peek at his now deleted LinkedIn reveals that being a QA tester counts for working on a game.

So basically $100 bought Herman a lot of attention and threats of violence over the internet, as well as free advertising for his defunct line of religious shoes.

In Randall's spare time, He likes to dress up as a keebler cookie elf and pretend he's a hobbit roaming middle earth in front of a green screen. He is part of a shitty black metal band named Epicland (Epicfailure).

To make things even better, the dipshit has tried to delete these videos countless times with false copyright complaints. He has failed each time. He finally succeeded in DMCA'ing the videos, so the animated .gifs below are now all that remains of them.

Randall Herman and this article

Randall has discovered this article, and in typical fashion, has attempted to vandalize it. Oddly, Herman doesn't object to the rest of this article, as it sorta serves to promote his crappy videogame. No, Herman objects to the presence of the animated .gif files below, taken from his own YouTube videos, and which expose his shitty skating skills. Time after time, his socks attempted to remove the files only to find his edits reverted by our dedicated staff of autists on recent changes patrol.

Herman has now changed his Facebook profile pic, and now removes his photograph claiming it does not match the fake pic currently on his Facebook.

Wannabe Tony Hawk

Besides making games about his deepest desires Randall is a wannabe skater, except of pushing regular this mongoloid looks like he is closer to pushing 100 years old. In the below video for your viewing pleasure, you can see some of his poser skateboarding in action. The cringe is immense and intense, so prepare yourselves.

Hi I'm Randall Herman and Welcome To Jackass - The Lost Skate Tape


Hate gays? Want to unleash your frustration with the "LGBT" community? Well now is your chance.
Murder gays and transgenders while avoiding killing straight people. Get points before time runs out.



—Kill The Faggot, game description

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