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Did you know the former president of North Korea is a furry lizard with wanker anatomy and stained red by menstrual blood? Who else could come up with the idea of mixing communism faggotry with furfaggotry?]] Kimilsung (KIM JONG-IL'S COCK MASTER, AMIRITE??) is a racist, sexist, communist pig and closet furfag. He lives in a black person, sewage-ladden ex-communist peasant state called Czech Republic, which is now China's unconditional cock tease. His ONE TWU LUV emo bitch is none other than the little-known furfag: Venator-Somniorum | Kimilsung enjoys the murrypurry from his cock tease. He should hook up with

Kimilsung is an Otherkin. But unlike other otherkins who simply believe they are elves, unicorns, dragons, etc - Kimilsung takes Otherkin Faggotry to a whole new level: He believes he's the reptilian reincarnation of the long-deceased North Korean president: Kim Il-sung

This gives a whole new meaning to FUCK YOU, I AM A DRAGON COMMIE!!

It is rumored that after Venator-Somniorum moved from Romania to Czech Republic to be his cock tease, they tried to start a revolution to convert the planet back to Communism. This rumor is was under investigation by the Men in Black until, in 2009, both of them fell off The Edge of the World and were never heard from again...


Kimilsung garnered a small amount of attention when he trolled an artist on FurFaggonity: Bagheera. The reason he did this is because his faithful girl friend - Venator-Somniorum - wanted Bagheera's CAWK.

He waited and waited for the perfect opportunity to troll... When Bagheera wrote a journal entry about being unhappy with certain commissioners he was working for, Kimilsung decided this was the perfect time to make his brilliant move. He trolled Bagheera's journal with the following comment:

I hate rich kids who get nothing from his parents and complaint about job. If your job is so hard, why don't you come to my country may be I can give you a job at my company. Or you can go back to Taiwan and work in Nike sweatshop, and get nuked by the PRC.


Kimilsung's FAIL TROLOLOLOL generated much lulz because it showed the entire internets what a faggot communist fucktard he is:

  • Fail at Engrish.
  • Fail at logic. Proof: If someone is a "rich kid" who got nothing from his parents, then he's no longer a rich kid.
  • Why would anyone want to go to a black person ex-communist shit of a country to work for him? That's over 9000 times worse than working on furfag commissions.
  • Nike does not have any sweat shops in Taiwan, because Taiwanese economy is on-par with developed countries and its workers actually demand more than $0.01/hour.
  • Nike does not have any sweat shops in black person, because it is not interested in its unskilled ex-communist peasant labor force.
  • China does not want to nuke Taiwan, because all communists have vagoo. Even male ones. A good example of this would be Kimilsung.
  • Unbeknown to Kimilsung, Taiwan made the computer he was using to troll Bagheera's page. Proof: Taiwan manufactured 99.99% of the world's computers in the 1980's. Czech Republic only has computers from the 1980's.

Bagheera responded to the TROLOLOLOL by sending a note to Venator-Somniorum pointing out what a big asshole her fiance is. Venator-Somniorum replied with a tl;dr essay on how:

Venator-Somniorum's long-winded essay can be easily translated into:

After wanting your CAWK for all this time, my fiance's finally catching onto my true nature: An attention-loving whore. I must deny ever wanting your CAWK and play the role of his submissive cock tease I always was...



What it's like to be banned from the internets

In 2009, Kimilsung disappeared into the obscurity of the internets along with his emo bitch after she delete fucking everything from her journal and most of her gallery. According to reliable sources, they were most likely murdered by Russian mafia while driving to work in a beige Lada - on second thought, that's impossible. There are no cars in Czech Republic.

It is most likely they were banned from the internets because browsing for furry porn was simply too much for Czech Republic's 56K connection.


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