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Kindrift searches for his glowstix.

Kindrift (aka Raix Digital Epic, Raiya Daimonion, Railfoxen. Icevixen, Downspin) is a mentally ill furry from Buttcrack, Nevada; who believes coyotes talk to him and who has a keen interest in the babyfur scene. But of course, calling a furry mentally ill is redundant.

Formerly a mod at CrushYiffDestroy, Kindrift was eventually banned by fat old pedo Mitch the Bitch for aggravated faggotry. He then set off in a hissy fit to set up his own site, the astoundingly limp-dicked Vivisector where he could freely indulge his perverse obsession with Xydexx and other far less savory topics.

Drifty is currently setting up a business to sell animal shaped dildos, all personally inspected and verified to work.

Notable quotables

One local fur tagged along with me, following me around like a puppy, until I took him up to a friends room and spent about an hour mounting him. I was trying to pee inside him, but found it was awfully difficult to relax enough for that when you're inside someone. He was a little disappointed, but we showered afterwards and I could pee in his mouth then, so everything turned out ok.


CYD is made of users who are somehow dumber than I am, plus a few good personalities (hi Donny). And it's run by Mitch who is best buddies with uh Xydexx and likes to edit my posts whenever I say that name. So six months ago CYD's co-founder, a couple then-current moderators, and I decided to throw a site together that was like CYD without the pedophiles and 4channers. Once we made it, it turned out that I was like the only motherfucker who cared enough to post, and I've just about abandoned it since January. Half a year after starting it, Mitch finally manages the balls to ban me.


Actually I've just been pissing Mitch off right nicely for the last year or so. It was a ban for calling his site Xydexx's poorly managed forum for numb fucktards with no one but furries to look down on.

And a ban for making my own poorly managed forum. Passive aggressive old man. He deserves furry. <3


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