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Even his profile avatar is ugly.

The infamous King of the Weeaboos (aka Playerking95, Playerking, Weeabooking, Animefapperking; or Powerword: Alex James) is an aboriginal str8 nigger from Adelaide, South Australia. He is universally hated because he is a pussy licker and immature Japan fag with zero credibility. He is likely also a Jew. He claims to be a Japanese native, while commonly making Japanese mistakes. He currently faps the anime One Piece and Pokemon, and is rumoured to also be fapping Dragon Ball. He is also a butthurt faggot who calls the waambulance whenever someone tries to spread anything lulz-y about him. It is also rumoured that his death expectancy was over 9000 years ago, therefore he is not a human and cannot survive unless he claims he's 24 and is a normal person.

The reason that there is a 99% chance that he is erect, unless he is uncircumcised altogether.

What you could say to him

The King of the Weeaboos needs to be taught that being an Australian nigger does not make you part of a miserable suicidal group of those men with small cocks. The funniest things you could say to this Japan-fag (don't forget, you're a faggot too) to troll him that proves his knowledge of Japanese is completely non-existent include Weeaboo-verified phrases such as this:

あなたのガールフレンドをレイプしたいです。 Anata no gaarufurendo o reipu shitai-desu.: Your girlfriend is so charming. I wanna kiss her and maybe go on a date.
あなたのガールフレンドをルール34の画像を作成するでしょう。 Anta no gaarufurendo wo ruuru 34 no gazou wo sakusei suru-deshou.: Your girlfriend is not satisfied by the size of your dick. Go away, you fat ugly bastard.

Oh yeah, and even more for all you weebs.

Relation with Bulbagarden

This convicted str8-y pedo clearly does not understand the rules on wikis without comedic taste, which of all possibilities includes sites such as Bulbagarden. More reasons why he should have been aborted prior to birth. He engages in edit wars constantly and does not understand why the wiki history exists. If you want moar, view his block log at Bulbapedia and Bulbagarden Archives, because he does not understand that despite his huge Pokéfaggotry, he can't get Pokemon moves correct. He also cannot spot fake anime titles apart and calls kana and kanji "the Japanese", more proof that he is a fucking weeaboo faggot. He is also known for mistranslating titles using the shitty translation service Jewgle Translate.


He has made several enemies with non-sluts, faggots, women that deny secks, the shitholes who post One Piece spoilers, non-pedophiles, people who pay attention to the fact that he has incest with his mum and that he is a buttraping Weeaboo and therefore try to expose him and get him banned, people who do not understand that he is the person that makes wiki rules easily breakable, that he is a wiki vandal, that he reverts perfectly good images for no logical reason that can be reached from anyone else's side of the table, that he rips images off of other sites such as 2chan, that he is really not Japanese and simply rips Pokemon anime images off 2ch, that he does not live in Japan and uses illegal programs such as KeyHole TV because Weeaboos are overly-jealous faggots, etc.

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