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The History Of Doopie

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KittenBellNSFW is a professional e-whore. If you're willing to spend $500 on a Dōjinshi of Sailor Moon fucking her cat, then spend away.

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KittenBell or KittenBellNSFW is the third identity Danielle Anita Pitts or Danny has created on the internets following Chi-Chan24, which came first, and was followed by Doopie DoOver, which was second in what will most likely be a long list of mistakes that feel the need to share with the internets their fetishes like child porn, coprophilia and being an all around degenerate piece of perverted shit bent on corrupting our youth.

KittenBell is not meant to be an alias or a way for Doopie DoOver to hide her identity but meant more as a way to distinguish herself into two differant brands. The Doopie DoOver name is her attempt to associate and brand herself as the PC, Parentally Correct, PG rated art that is expected from someone who claims to produce "Family Friendly Entertainment" for Super Planet Dolan while the KittenBell brand represents her all around Sick Fuckery like Child Porn, Bestiality, Furries, playing with shit or whatever sick shit You are more than willing to pay her for because You have a desperate need to Fap to an animated version of two 14-year-old girls eating each out that also includes your Original Creation of a fat, balding, neck beard of an adult male because you're paying extra for her to include your Mary Sue character.

What Doopie doesn't realize, or chooses to ignore is that people don't want their children's entertainment coming from the same people they buy porn from which is why you will never see Larry Flynt Publications producing children's shows or books.

Origin Of The Name KittenBell

KittenBell, or NekoBeru if you Celebrate 7 December 1941 as a Japanese victory and are a fuckwit of a weeaboo trying to sound authentic, is a necessity in the bottom layer of internet fetishes, trash or more properly the Furry sub-fetish of the Cat Girl or Nekojin - Nekomimi, and is used by the Furry artist figuratively to inform the viewer that what they are looking at is an underaged Cat Girl, as if the lack of secondary, sexual characteristics wasn't enough.

As the name suggests, a Kitten Bell is usually placed on a pet kitten so that the owner always knows where they are. Some people also suggest that a Kitten Bell placed somewhere on a Cat Girl is like a collar on a dog and suggests ownership. The Kitten Bell suggests that they have a master that takes care of them and answers their every need like food, bathing and dressing them.

Some people have suggested that as most people value Kittens and would want them returned as they are playful and desire attention where an adult cat is often better ignored and can be left to its own devices, can be expected to feed itself and are a nuisance. This is the reason, some say, adult or Cat Women aren't adorned with bells and are often portrayed as being outright evil cunts that desire material items over simply having fun. In other words, they'd rather invest their time acquiring diamonds and wealth over spending their days playing Cum catcher for some fat assed, basement dwelling Japanese Fanboy claiming Hikikomori as the reason why they can't grow up, leave home and get a job.

Much in the same fashion that the pedophile desires the child over the adult woman, Furries prefer the Cat Girl over the Cat Woman because they can be groomed, saying that they can be trained and are easier to approach because they desire an adult figure in their life that their life is currently devoid of.

By using the name KittenBell and adding the NSFW or not safe for work, Doopie has subtly announced that this is where you can request and buy animated Child Porn from her.

Aisha Clan Clan

There are some idiots looking to rationalize KittenBell or Doopie DoOver's choice of revenue and the secret furry language of his name by trying to argue that Aisha Clan Clan from Outlaw Star is a catgirl, 18 and wears a Kitten Bell.

Aisha has to be the worst character that anyone can use to make this argument or even suggest that she is an adult because even though she might be 18 she fits the mold of the Barely Legal Lolita or better yet, a child in that she is immature, childish, utterly incompetent, a complete airhead and incapable of taking care of herself on her own, nearly starving to death when she has no one like her subordinates around to take care of her.

As one can see from the above images above, when Aisha is on her own and has no one taking care of her, or isn't doing something in the service of her "Masters" in some way she doesn't wear a Kitten Bell. It is only when she is serving the Ctarl Ctarl as an officer in its military, fighting for its honor or playing Gene Starwind's bitch on board his ship and has someone like Jim Hawking to make sure that she is well fed, clothed etc does she wear a bell.

As Aisha is a barely functioning retard, she is the Furry's wet dream in that she can be manipulated, has a bitching body and desperately requires someone to take care of her. At least until they grow tired of her or she grows up enough to realize the she is being taken advantage of and kills the Furfag perv that was treating her like a toy.

As it was defined earlier, Aisha Clan Clan is a Cat Girl and not a Cat Woman. What's more, if her species is immortal or at least long lived like Aisha claims, wouldn't that make her being 18 extremely underaged in comparison?

To really compare apples with apples, aren't the Ctarl Ctarl descended from Big Cats like lions and tigers in comparrison to the house cat?

Doopie's History Of Child Porn

Earlier this year, an anonymous user going by the name of :/ challanged Doopie's morality in a now famous callout where they tore into Doopie for creating Child Pornographic images of Hatsune Miku whose official cannon has her at 16 years old and Pokemon characters like Misty and Mai who have official ages of 11 and 12.

Much like the Drug Dealer being challanged, Doopie didn't meet this threat head on but rather let loose his pet Bitches Jaltoid and Hellbent along with his private Army of Unwashed boys to Troll the Fuck out of this person rather than face the truth and meet this threat head on or even discuss, rationally, why they might be wrong.

Trying to use arguments that 16 is the age of consent (Correct if you're having sex with them, not if you're showing sexualized imagry), they're make believe characters, or their favorite pedophile, NAMBLA, Tracey Lords argument of it's legal to look at so long as you're unaware of the person's real age despite google searches and the law saying different such as can be found here, here or here and the Miller Test directly contradicting his and his Fanboy's claims. Doopie didn't realize that he had been beaten or was aware that her ass had been torn open and was bleeding all over the place until the arguably famous Bitches that Doopie claims to rub elbows with like Jeremy Chinshue, who makes claims to work for Butch Hartman and Nickelodean, started distancing themselves from her because to assosiate and defend a known Child Pornographer would instantly destroy their carreer in Children's Programming and make them unhirable if it were to go on and be noticed.

As expected, Doopie swore off Child Porn like an addict swears off Heroin and immediately started deleting his more obscene creations like Misty and Mai from Pokemon along with a comic using a 13-year-old Mina Tepes as a decoration for a Werewolf's dick.

Much like the addict Doopie started to fiend for the money she made from perverts buying her Child Porn the second she quit and quickly started the KittenBell accounts to recapture that lost income. Her rationalization being that there are now two official brands. The Doopie DoOver brand that does family friendly, PG rated art and the KittenBell brand that, like a Cambodian red-light district, will give you whatever you want - no matter how sick or degenerate it is so long as you meet the asking price.

Doopie still has yet to realize that it's either one or the other. You can not make a living doing Family Friendly Entertainment and Porn, especially Child Porn.

Doopie needs to sit down and ask herself how long Butch Hartman would have a job if he was ever found to be connected to Child Porn or any porn for that matter because every entertainer or creater who has niched themselves in the Family Friendly or Children's Entertainment genre has imploded and disappeared forever, like Pee-wee Herman, when porn gets attached to their name.

Doopie's Return To Child Porn As KittenBell

Some people like to believe or suggest that Doopie returned to Child Porn when Chris Chan, wanting to impress his Trailor Park Princess into loving him offered to pay Doopie a grotesque amount of money to animate a child porn fantasy of the Sonichu kids. The truth is, as it has been said time and time again, Doopie DoOver is a money hungry whore that would sell you her underaged niece for sexual favors if the price was right.

Despite all her claims that she finds child porn disgusting, sickening, and out right revolting because she has claimed to have been a victim of it herself, Doopie has made a quick return to Producing Child Porn despites all her protests that she is against such perversions.

Badly in need of money because of his recent Financhu Crisis where he may have spent close to $7,000 on Plastic Surgery because he felt that her eyes were making her face look too fat, Doopie quickly returned to what she knows best, where she knows the money is and what she knows the perverts will pay the most for. That is with Child Porn and the ruthless exploitation of kids.

More Child Porn From Doopie

Obsere the diverse Doopie style: You have two choices. You can have round eyes or you can have squinty eyes. Ford Motors had more diversity when they only offered their Model-T in black



This must be that comeback that Doopie promised would burn our retinas, leave us all "Shoketh" and pissing in our collective pants when we look at her art and see the quantum leap she has made in both style and skill. Despite her big words and promises, all she can give us is what looks exactly like his Puffy Ami Yumi Child Porn set that she did some 3 or 4 months ago, but this time, she has decided that she'll have two 14-year-old, underaged, female characters eating cum.

Does she even try? Is Doopie that untalented kid everyone knew in High School, with dreams of being a famous tattoo artist that all the celebrities would be seeking out for ink despite their only being able to draw the Harley Davidson logo, the Playboy Bunny and the ever popular Heavy metal, Big titted Valkyrie holding a sword while riding a flaming dragon because she has been tracing these same exact 3 things since she was six?

Doopie, or KittenBell's Reason For Producing CP

For the same reason "That Little Boy Blew". She needs that money.

Possible Reasons Why People Like Doopie DoOver/KittenBellNSFW Produce Child Porn

Remember to add another pleat in her skirt when you trace her and you'll have your own OC
Sailor Moon Character sheet for facial expressions
This might explain why so many of Doopie's characters look like Sailor Mercury

One of the possible reasons why so many people like Doopie DoOver produce and sell child porn over the internets is that there is a make-believe idea, that comes with all criminal activity, that the internets is a "Free Zone" with no laws or prosecution and that they are "flying under the radar". They like to argue that since their favored "art" style can only be found by using specific search words like, "Kids fucking, 10-year-old girl giving adult male a blow job or I'm a sick mother fucker that wants to fuck a kid, that only people who actively want to view their favored smut are looking at it.

All this so called niching does is create an environment where they can continually rationalize their behaviours through group think justifications that only serves to push these perverts further into their contemptuous debauchery as they find themselves progressing into more licentious depictions of their favored media.

Although the Psychology of such sick fucks is usually complicated and buried in duality and contradiction as these pedos try to excuse their behaviour, when they get caught, by trying for the sympathy card by arguing that someone once touched them, emotionally damaged them and the reason they keep repeating this behaviour is because they don't know any better, while within their group, they'll argue that it's a natural for them to sexually desire children and, how historically, people like Muhammad have fucked little girls as young as 9.

Some of the reasons for Producing online Child Pornography include:

  • Profit: Many people believe that the reason Dirty Child Fuckers sell their animated images online is for the money but money is usually secondary or third in their list of reasons. As you can't go online, say on Twitter, and say, "'Who here likes pics of Little Girls sucking off their grandfathers', 'Who wants to talk about fucking kids' or 'Who wants to watch my dog lick Peanut Butter off my daughter's crotch'," animated child porn serves the purpose of advertising their perversions while protecting them as they can easily protect themselves and attack their detractors by overusing their favored, cliche arguments that they have no clue of ever understanding such as The Freedom Of Speech and "It's Only Make Believe"
  • They Are Sexually Interested In Children: The FBI has a saying, "If you want to really know what someone's thinking about, you can look in two places - Their hard drive and their garbage." People study medicine because they're interested in it. People photograph flowers because they're interested in them. People create images of Children getting raped by adults or children fucking each other for the sole pleasure of an adult because this is what is on their mind, they are thinking about and actively fantasizing about. They produce child porn because it is what interests them and they derive sexual gratification, (They bust a nut) from these pervy thoughts of their's.
  • They Struggle With Adult Intimacy: Usually being Basement-dwelling, hairy palmed, sweaty virgin types that are incapable of talking to girls, Child molesters see children as being less agressive, hostile or threatening to their self esteem because they view children as less likely to reject their advances. As compromise is a foreign concept to these people, many producers of child porn, animated and otherwise, fantasize about children because the sex is all about them. As the child has no idea of sex, the artist gets to live their sick-fuck fantasy where they get to teach the child or the kid only does what the adult wants because the kid is more like a pet and their only goal is to please the grown up.
  • Grooming: Many Child Pornography producers have the fantasy that if they inundate the internets with images of children having sex that they will create a world where children are more inclined and open to the sexual advances of adults. Since a child's world consists mostly of cartoons, stuffed animals and video game characters - this is the reason why animated child porn producers focus so heavily on these subjects rather then animate sex acts including the children from live action shows such as Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn. The fact that they don't have the talent to convince their readers that the slop they're trying to pass off as "Art" is characters from that same show or put in more creativity than a 5th grade class clown by coming up with a more original title than Nicky And Ricky Put Their Dickies In Dawn is why they stick to pre-rendered, animated characters where all they have to do is find the character sheets online and just trace the face and body position they want. What they fail to see is, if they actually acomplish what they want and create this world, as children become more and more educated in sex all the perverts will be doing is driving the age down of what they feel they can safely approach.

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