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Kitty006's lover
Proof that Kitty006 assumes every picture of Danny looking sad is about Anti-fans

Kitty006 is one of the moderators on the Butch Hartman forums at She labels herself as one of the 'true' fans of Danny Phantom because she doesn't draw the characters in the cartoon in explicit situations.

On her dA account, she goes around flaming anyone who draws or writes DP (Danny Phantom) slash/yaoi/yuri or 'porn'. These so called 'pornographic' pieces that she whines about are just pictures of Danny shirtless or in his underwear. She labels anyone that writes or draws porn and slash or anyone that draws themselves with Danny if they're over 18 'Anti' fans.

She treats Danny as if he is a human being, and not a bunch of frames of cartoon work. Yes. If he is canceled, he is dead. If he is drawn getting pussy or even reading porn, he is having his dignity desecrated and spat upon. She will often complain about how he is tortured and ridiculed by Anti-Fans, despite the fact that Danny doesn't even fucking exist. It is foreseen that she is attempting to get him his own civil rights, because children's cartoons are serious business.

She, along with Whitegryphon and some other 'true' fans, think of themselves as some holy crusade to protect an over rated cliché show. Not to mention, this girl gets pissed if you tell her that she’s taking this stuff too seriously or if she doesn’t like it, she doesn’t need to look. But after a while it gets really funny when she’s still whining over slash when everyone else has moved on from the Danny Phantom fandom or they just don't care about it anymore.

Absence and Return

Pussy006 left deviantART for a long while once before. So long, in fact, that many TARTlets wondered if she had gone An Hero. But alas, despite of everything and those mean, nasty, anti-fans, she came back. MySpace.

Upon arriving at her raped account from Anonymous and the so-called "Anti-Fans", she was PLEASED about that. She had a few Words of Wisdom to give out, so much wisdom, that we have to share it with you.

"Boy, I disappear for a few months and my poor little account becomes anti-fan spam central. Anybody else want to come out of the bushes and post here so I can block you? Cheese Louise, such complaining gnashing of teeth the likes of which I have never seen.

Listen, anti's, you made your choices, no one held you at gunpoint to pick 'em, so just buck up, take responsibility for the path your chose for yourself, and deal with the consequences like the rest of us, k? Bunch of hypocritical whiners...

Remember, kids, "if you don't like what you see (or read), don't look!" *snerk*

I'm in the middle of my rotations in med school now, so will be on even less, but I have a little break at the moment and will post a new art piece soon. THANK YOU's to all the nice deviants who have supported me and the DP series in my absence. I see a lot of new faces and gorgeous work, and can see that the fandom is in excellent hands these days.

I also seem to see a congealing of anti-fans (slashers and pedos and porn freaks all in the same camp now? Oh my!), so perhaps we can all get on with our lives, however pathetically-fetish-filled and detrimental to the series they might be? Doubt it, but we'll see who comes over the tracks again.

New Danny in June is the rumor? Neato burrito. Did Butch post anything on his forum or blog about that yet?

Shout-out to all the trues. You guys continue to shine on the DP world. :dance:"

Let's break this TL;DR section up into her hypocritical statements, shall we?

"...such complaining gnashing of teeth the likes of which I have never seen."

O RLY? Who's the one who bitches about Danny being OMG REAPED BY TEH PEDOS AND SLASH WRITERS for at least 100 years?

"Bunch of hypocritical whiners..."


Remember, kids, "if you don't like what you see (or read), don't look!" *snerk*


"So perhaps we can all get on with our lives..."

Yeah, until you kill yourself for being such a whiny emo bitch obsessing over some stupid ass cartoon watched by 16 year old girls and fanboys, then yes; we can all get on with our lives.

She also claims she has been busy with medical school and trying to earn her degree. As if anyone gives a shit. Let's just hope she doesn't kill her poor patients with her endless ranting and bitching about a fictional cartoon being cancled for not being shitty, but because it's OMG RUINED BY THE ANTI-FANS.


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