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Screamerreaction.jpg Kiznaiver looks like it was written by pseudo-intellectual 13-year-old boys.
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Kiznaiver is a TRIGGER anime about human networks that make you autistic. This has all the makings of a Mari Okada show, what with dealing with the same shit as her other shows she had a hand on such as social issues, relationships that when taken out of hand after an misunderstanding get severly dissolved into nothing by the end which prompts one to start over as "friends", calling out someone over "not doing anything" or "not telling the truth", forbidden love, inconsistent use of the Kizna system, shoehorning one irrelevant thing and passing it off as "symbolism", and tackling the characters' psychology with ridiculous results. Also, shipping. It came around the same time as Space Patrol Luluco.


Seems that "backstory" is a thing of the past, which only damages the show more since it deals with the theme of "empathy".

  • Katsuhira Agata - The protag. He has no personality because his pain was taken as a kid by a masochist bitch called Noriko. Because of his aspergers, two other students beat him up for money. His character is a copy of Alpha Omega Nova.
  • Chidori Takashiro - Katsuhira's best friend. Before Kacchon (That's what Chidori calls Katsuhira for some reason.) was made into a Nothingling, she loved him. Despite that being past tense, she gets cucked for Nori-chan regardless. She's a copy of Yoko Littner.
  • Hajime Tenga - The reincarnation of Kamina. Used to be the "bully hunter" until after Episode 09 in which the audience realized he's not very different from those bullies he "hunts", and begins to soften up as a result. Also Katsuhira's friend.
  • Nico Niiyama - Rich bitch who pretended to believe in fairies to get attention, but later on she makes an effort to bring the band back together after being convinced that the Kizna system was meant to incite friendship, which wasn't always the case, but she sticks to that thesis anyway. She mirrors Mako Mankanshoku.
  • Tsuguhito Yuta - Ladies' man who used to be fat.
  • Honoka Maki - Killed a man. She actually used that convenient excuse to cover up from her "tragic past" in which her friend died, but before that they used "Charles Macking" as their identity for their yaoi manga which gathered a popular reception.
  • Yoshiharu Hisomu - The seventh kiznaiver, opted in get off on everyone else's pain - 'cos that's his fetish. The third character whose relevance is ignored because just like Tenga and Yuta, he has no backstory.
  • Noriko Sonozaki - Makes people autistic by taking their pain and takes drugs to not go into shock from it. She was initially cheerful as a child.
  • Kazunao Yamada - Some lazy teacher who is involved in the experiment, and also a sick fuck in that he wants to exploit whatever there is out of the Kizna system.
  • Mutsumi Urushibara - A nurse teacher who is also involved in the experiment, having kidnapped some random bullies who wanted to kill Tenga so that they can use them and all. Later on, she gets fed up with Yamada's antics and helps Katsuhira regain his sense of humanity through infodumping after being freed from the Kizna system. She seems to be fond of Sonozaki.
  • Gomorin - The mascot of Sugumori City, in which most of the conclift regarding the whole experiment takes place. They mostly add nothing to the plot other than to reflect the city's current state.


By no prompting of any of them, seven high schools students are forced into the "Kizna system" for the summer, where any pain they feel gets evenly split between them. These students were specifically chosen because they displaced each of the seven deadly sins Noriko's version of the seven deadly sins, which are as such.

  • Imbecile
  • Annoying self-righteous
  • Musclehead thug
  • Cunning Normal
  • High-and-mighty
  • Eccentric headcase
  • Immoral

Regarding the Kizna system itself, its purpose was to promote world piece. Or so Sonozaki says, because the system itself can reveal more intriguing powers as someone suffers through a lot of shit no mater how physical or emotional it is, and they share the piece of that suffering too, giving in to the term of "sychronization". Yet despite all that, it has its share of contrivances too. One such example is Episode 03, in which Katsuhira jumps off a ledge so that Hisomu can fall off the stairs and laugh as he feels "pain". Only Katsuhira suffered from blood loss and not everyone else, therefore showcasing that Mari Okada can't into consistency.

From there on, it gets worse. After dealing with insane situations(including an vacation of all things) and attempting to be friends with each other, they get kidnapped. Yamada spurrs some vague information much to their shock while in a clasroom, and then departs off to the control room to see their emotions unfold upon each other. After that, a plethora of revelations have created an even more damaging scar to the group as a whole, so much to the point of emotionally malfunctioning within the Kizna system. Seems like their operating systems crashed.

After their Kizna bullshit wears off, Katsuhira learns that the reason he doesn't feel pain and that he's autistic is because he and nineteen others got connected to Noriko via another Kizna system. This lead to one 19th of Noriko's pain being felt by each of them and Noriko feeling 19 people's pain. The ultimate outcome of the experiments was Noriko going on meds to survive the pain and the 19 others becoming either autistic or unresponsive entirely, as well as albino; because if you don't have pain, that happens to you apparently.

It turns out that Noriko could literally just let go of everyone else's pain and stop taking the meds, but she feared dying alone so she held on to it regardless. Katsuhira manages to get Noriko to give back his and the other 18 children's pain and eventually rid them of their stupors. In the end, they are now friends despite the lack of impact in their lives coming from their experiment, casting aside the fact that Katsuhira and Sonozaki are now together.

Also this is the dimension where Trigger-tan finds Nova-kun.

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