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Considered racist

kkk_membership was a fake journal, the brain child of uniquely common previously known as the permabanned brainlesswonder, one of the first people to bring serial adding to the mainstream. While several serial adders have been documented by LJ Drama before, kkk_membership brought the issue into the LJ spotlight with constant complaints and whining to brad and essentially forced LJ to rework their friends list code, having the special honor of being the first subject of the GoatVote system.

For future use, here is the award winning serial adder recipe.

  1. Make offensive journal name about the lynching of blacks
  2. Make the journal about non-offensive material such as Krispy Kreme Donuts
  3. Start adding people to your friends list that will be offended by the name and the harmless content.
  4. Google journal name and proceed to add everyone on the friends list of those who complain about being added.
  5. Create off-site web page to list links to the journals of all that complain.
  6. Allow people to get off the friends list by signing a waiver saying that they actually do not like Krispy Kreme Donuts, and submitting their request in poem form.
  7. Allow people to vote on the winning poetry.
  8. Steal icon for journal from member of anti icon theft community. Very Important

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