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Dat ass.
This will never happen to him. Ever.
Note the fear in her eyes.

Professional artist

Kligzward, A.K.A food fetish guy (powerword: Kenneth Sepulveda) is a skilled MS Paint artist and creator of Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards. He's also a decent person, reminding fellow artist on deviantArt they shouldn't be swearing or complaining so much. Unfortunately some people take issue with him being a gentleman, his desire to draw fat people and quasis.

These are the types of quasis that he normally brings to life:

  • His fursona.
  • Women who are fluffy. 50% of them are shaped like laserdiscs.
  • Dragon Ball Z characters.
  • Star Wars OCs.
  • Combinations of Star Wars and Dragon Ball Z.

Some people have noticed that his artwork often includes ass shots of either his fursona or women, especially the fat ones. Not everyone is convinced that Kligzward is a top notch artist and more people are skeptical of his claims that Pixar would hire him.

Critics have accused Kligzward of not understanding what the term respect actually means. He's a very intelligent person and often the ignorant refuse to listen when he offers much needed insight about his standards and beliefs. Kligzward has broken down a couple times, frustrated at the stupidity on deviantArt. He's reported random users in an attempt to get them banned, in a vain effort to clean up the dA gene pool. Sadly, the moderators aren't very bright themselves which results in the inferiors experiencing much needed lulz.

In an effort to communicate with dA users in terms they understand, Kligzward will often play the victim card, complain on his journal and threaten to delete his account. Though he doesn't really mean it. Sometimes he will attempt to impress a lady by drawing a picture of her being fat and him groping her. Sadly, women on dA lack intelligence and reject his advances. Even so he cannot help but brag once in a while.

Aside from drawing quasis, Kligzward has other hobbies. He knows that you've always wondered what Lola Bunny would look like if she didn't exercise and gorged herself on wedding cakes all day. George Lucas is an extremely talented person, sadly many on dA fail to realize this, which may invoke the wrath of Kligzward. Someday he aspires to direct a film called "No More Horror" which will be about, wait for it, quasis and Lola Bunny!

Another thing about this fag is the fact that he likes a fictional pussy named Suzie (keep in mind, suzie is a guy). He would like to have sex with Suzie, which makes him a bigger faggot than he was, literally. Also keep in mind that raping suzie is the only chance he'll ever get some pussy.



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