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Defining and analyzing humor is a pastime of humorless people.


Robert Benchley, former memesmith

KnowYourMeme corporate faggots.jpg
Did You Know: this article is about Jewish thieves? For a cellulite riddled imitation, go here:

Naturally KYM had to rip off Ae-tan too.
KYM = internet culture, edited for Jews

Know Your Meme (KYM) is essentially the end product of greedy corporate intervention into anything OTI. The site itself, which was for a short time a subsidiary of multi-national corporate giant Sony, was created entirely for the benefit of the newest of new and the odd over-the-hill, old media type. It is distinct from other sites (e.g. Lurkmoar wiki) in that Know Your Meme is clearly intended for mass commercialization of every "cute" meme that ever sprang forth from a *chan. It's also mostly safe for work, which is fucking lame. Sounding like someone yet?

Since its inception, KYM has had no shame corporatizing the internet culture they take no part in and, moreover, are exceedingly arrogant about this fact. You will often see this smarmy attitude first-hand from the odd mod or site rep attempting to justify the site's existence with such disingenuous statements like "nobody owns a meme, we all do", which is fine, except they are a fucking company that is making money off of them at the same time. If they could copyright every meme in existence, they would - a corporation's eternal mission is the divide and conquer mindset. It is basically I Can Has Cheezburger? raised to the tenth with 100 times the faggotry. The site survives largely off of retarded YouTube users, Gaiafags, Ponyfags, Furfags, Otherkin trannies, unsatisfied Oh Internet users and legions of other 12 year olds.



Some people started doing it and then others too and then more people and now there's a lot of it


—Every KYM article ever, as described by some guy on

We're in ur memes, fucking them up.
1. Kill Your Meme
You may ask "why don't my videos have ads on them?" Because they don't generate money like Rocketboom does!

Although the site has been up since December 18th, 2007, it's surprisingly small and lacks content. /b/ on its worst day will never be as raeped by newfaggotry and AIDS. They hired Youtube-favicon.png mememolly to anchor their "webshow" in July, 2009, who just happens to also be in the YouTube Partner Program.

What's worse is KYM signed a major distribution deal with Sony in 2008. Now you can learn about memes while you're browsing on your fucking iPhone in class or playing MW2 on your PS3! Soon enough, you'll see niggers, kikes, and guidos walking down the street wearing XXXXL shirts stating that their penis size is over 9000. Supposedly this deal fell through not long after, but it will not be long before they're sucking more corporate cock.

Typical search results for anything that matters.

The Videos

YouTube promoting KYM's faggotry on the front page.
KYM will deadpool any memes they can't profit from.

KYM/Rocketboom managed to multiply already unthinkable faggotry with their Jewtube "webshow". The show consists of some hostess walking pair of tits or similarly clueless "researchers" doing their best to read a fucking teleprompter or script to explain any given meme in the most WACKY way possible. Soon everything you used to hold sacred will be able to be downloaded to some retards PSP for the low price of just $19.95...the days of reading through endless lines of boring text are over! Just watch a short YouTube video, and you'll be an instant oldfag.


Typical Know Your Meme

Typical day at Know Your Meme
What KnowYourMeme thinks lulz are made of.

It actually got shittier!

Sometime around 2011 KYM was sold to the cheezburger network. Nothing really changed except for the fact that the web videos are now made by a completely different set of people which are actually worse than the first set of people. Currently anything pony related is dominating over every other article on KYM. As of late 2013, nothing has changed. There was a brief invasion of Doge as the top meme, but that quickly thinned out once Season 4 premiered.

The Fags Behind It

What? This article needs moar people behind the faggotry.
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Go nuts.

Behind the scenes are unfunny middle aged men shooting for humor. A female is often employed for the sole purpose of inciting rebellious boners and raking in the hits.

User Base

The virgin faggots of KYM.

You're probably thinking, "who the fuck enjoys this stuff?". Well guess what? People actually do! Here's a short list of people who frequent Force Your Meme.

  • 12 year old: Constantly spamming forced memes in every comment such as "U MAD" or "ITS OVER 9000!". They are the bread and butter of this site.
  • Confirmers: If they see it once, they confirm it. If it's on youtube, they confirm it. If it's about their favorite game, they confirm it. If it's about anything they like, they will confirm it no matter how shitty or mind numbing it is.
  • Ponyfags: Rejects of pretty much everywhere, they are welcome here at brony central known as KYM. They viciously defend the Friendship is Magic article and always ensure it stays trending due to that they constantly loom over the article like neckbeard vultures with nothing better to do. Beware, don't try to troll them! They will bury your comment like they did their virginity.
  • Elitists (aka internet toughguys): The badass mother fuckers of KYM. They'll comment on your profiles and tell you to fuck off and tell you that your mad. Try and Deadpool a cool meme? They teach you otherwise with a thumbs down. You can tell who they are by their animu avatars.
  • Intellectuals: People who put logic and reason into everything and "secretly" make fun of the trolls with their "startling intellect". Their favorite sayings are "well played, sir!" or "good fellow, I have to disagree!" or "gee, I could fancy a nice ass drilling right now!". They usually like to reference politics or make secular references to mask their inferiority complex, however this usually fails tragically since their prominent Brony-themed names or avatars are a dead give away to their crappy and lonely lifestyles (a perfect example of a typical KYM Brony Intellectual Elitist is this fag).
  • Furries: Yet another exiled race to be welcomed into KYM and make up a large portion of the userbase. They pal around with the Bronies and the Elitists.
  • Faggots: Many of the more prominent and older members of KYM's user base are attention seeking fags (mostly trannies) who are easily butthurt when either offending a meme they enjoy, offending one of the mentioned members of the user base, or using the word "gay" or "fag" in any instance unless it's to say "OP is a faggot".
  • Social Justice Warriors: Many of the already mentioned types of users above belong to this bothersome category of whiny shits. Luckily there are just as many people who just don't give a fuck as there are Social Justice fags, which evens out the faggotry a bit (however even these supposedly Anti-SJ users will blow a gasket if a mild gay or tranny joke is made, basically making them closet-SJWs). Regardless, members of KYM will create shitstorms over just about anything, whether it is social issues or a fictional medium.
  • Hypocrites: These people get butthurt when other people (i.e. 9Gag, big companies, and anywhere that isn't the internet) use memes, despite the fact that KYM themselves are promoting and gushing over the memes. In other words, 75% of the community.
  • Don: KYM's based leader. The rest of the userbase is plotting to stage a coup against him for constantly forcing new Advice Animals, but you didn't hear that from us.


KYM's thoughts on ED.
Cancer IRL.
Even KYM knows that ED is better than Uncyc.
  • Know Your Meme constantly get their facts wrong. In their video on Weegee, they state that he simply originated as a creepy drawing that someone uploaded on the internet, completely glazing over the fact that Weegee is undeniably real, and will kill you. They also contend that Pedobear PROTECTS lolis and That Really Rustled My Jimmies originated from FunnyJunk.

We all know how wrong that is.

  • Unsurprisingly, was named Time Magazine's 50th best website of 2009, which is ironic because all of its content is derived from other websites.
  • It is also completely useless because you could just use ED to research any meme that's worth two shits, and many which aren't. Fortunately, every KYM page links to ED, so after reading their shit, you can just click on the link to know the truth.
  • The admins of Know Your Meme can easily be offended and ban you if you break the following rules:
    • No trolling.
    • No nudity. Not even a camel toe in sweatpants.
    • No porn, yet they allow cloppers to post My Little Pony porn.
    • No spamming.
    • No insults or threats.
    • No advertising.
    • No kids.

If you've ever been stung by the word newbie, then this is the vlog for you. Every other week or so, "researchers" from the thoroughly tongue-in-cheek Rocketboom Institute for Internet Studies explain what's funny on the Web and why — so you can be 1337 and have a life too.


—Time Magazine, completely disregarding other websites ("wink wink") that did what they do about a decade earlier and much, much better.

How to do research for a KYM article:

  • STEP 3: Go to KYM and open new article.
  • STEP 4: Google search the meme.
  • STEP 5: Copy all the information you find.
  • STEP 7: Copy the entire article bout the meme.
  • STEP 10: ????????

External Links

KYM Copypasta

I'm not sure if you're trolling or just have no idea who I am, but I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt.

In addition to almost 7 years as a confessed meme addict, I have moderated the largest meme forum on the Internet (at over 2 million subscribers) for over a year. You think I don't know memes? In that time I have removed over 400posts for not following subreddit guidelines. In addition to my moderation responsibilities I am one of the most active writers on You think I don't know memes? Then how do I write articles about them on a site called knowyourmeme? Several mainstream blogs have contacted me to ask about the recent meme phenomenon and each has been thankful and enlightened with what I had to tell them. It's not just limited to blogs though. Several companies have asked me to review their meme ads to avoid a failure like Toyota's meme commercial. Just last week a major food company contacted me with a paid offer to help them on a new ad campaign. I declined when I researched the company and saw that they had contributed money to socially conservative groups.

It's safe to say that I am one of the world's foremost experts on memes and in fact there is no one I can think of that has a meme resume as impressive as mine. So please tell me, what are your qualifications to say that I don't know what a meme is

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