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FoundationMarch 22nd, 2018
Major Boards/b/, /int/
Epic Wins-

Kohlchan is a young German imageboard. It is generally considered to be the successor to Krautchan, which was killed by cancer and its lazy administration which decided to delete fucking everything because they couldn't even be bothered to contact their hoster. The name "Kohlchan" was used because Kohl and Kraut can both mean "cabbage", and it also pays homage to former German chancellor Helmut Kohl. At the beginning of the imageboard the default name was set to "Helmut", but since some users could not live with that, the name was changed back to Bernd.


After Krautchan's sudden death from cancer, Bernds roamed the Internet aimlessly. Some used Bernds Krautplausch as well as various other boards like Ernstchan, 4chan or 8chan—but it was not the same. The draconian moderation on some of these alternative boards annoyed many Bernds. Ernstchan mods, for example, took away Lolibernd's Loli threads, Rechtsbernd's AfD threads and Saufbernd's booze threads. As a result, a heroic Bernd formed resistance by advertising Kohlchan. More and more Bernds took part and were able to achieve an immense growth of their userbase. They spread the word that a new imageboard was born: Kohlchan. Ernst from Ernstchan, however, became very mett at Bernd advertising Kohlchan on their site and deleted every single post referencing it. Nevertheless, many Bernds got together to laugh at Ernst on their new board.

File:Ernstchan nigger.png
EC mods banning absolutely everyone

On June 2nd of 2018, Kohlchan emerged victorious from a quasi-board-war with Ernstchan after users on Ernstchan spontaneously started posting the word "nigger" without context and getting banned immediately by the mods. This angered some people who then began digging who is actually moderating the board. They found out that just about every one of them is a member of Antifa, and started spamming Ernstchan with twitter profiles and other information about the moderators. Very shortly after that, the admins took the site down (officially because they just didn't want to run the site anymore) - and nothing of value was lost.

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