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Thug Life

Ah, DeviantART. You never cease to amaze us at the faggotry that is spewed out from your bowels. Does anyone remember the movie Wreck-It Ralph? If not kindly let Koolkakashi123 remind you.


If that looks like the crazy rantings of a fantard, then you'd be very, very right.

KKK123 (A.K.A. Bryce Rogers) hails from the snowy barren lands of Canada, specifically Ladner in the Vancouver area. Though now he denies this and claims to be from far off Armenia, despite the fact that he still types English like a weeaboo and most likely knows no Armenian. He currently vandalizes ED under the name Armeniafag. Clever, Bryce...He spends his days on DeviantART and masturbating to cartoons, especially to his make believe husband Turbo. He was discovered by a random anon and posted to the /pt/ board of lolcow.farm, where he was met with much fanfare. Upon discovering that others were keen on to his faggotry, he bawleeted all of his accounts...well not quite, he still lurks.

The Fetish


KKK123's primary goal for existing, as he describes it, is Turbo from the Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph. Turbo is a fat, evil, cancer and AIDs ridden being that no possible human could ever be attracted to, but I digress. To the average jaded internet user he appears to be no more than another person living in make-believe land, but no, it goes much deeper than that. KKK123 actually wants to eat this character's shit. Yes, friends, you read that right. KKK123's homosexuality is overtly apparent (and rather freudian) in his fixation on the ass and all things that come out of it; though this also extends to all bodily fluids, and gasses.


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