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Koreaboos, likened to Weeaboos, are asshats on the Internets who are obsessed with South Korea and Korean music, often shortened to ‘K-Pop’.


Koreaboos fall in to two main catagories: creepy old men and 12 year old girls. As such, all Koreaboos are fucking insane, without exception. Fandom has nothing to do with musical quality or talent and everything to do with idiot K-boos creaming over their favorite gook. A typical Koreaboo will attach themselves to a specific band or group, and leave lovehearts with fucking Korean names everywhere. 99% of Koreaboos are not Korean by nationality, but listening to K-Pop is the only fucking unique thing they have in their personality so they must rub it in our faces.

The average age of a K-Pop fan.

As much of a Koreaboo’s focus is on K-Pop and oddly enough there is more than one K-Pop group out there, huge divides between fandoms occur and epic lulz can be taken from any K-Pop Youtube video at any time. Members of each fandom are given a name, so that they can separate themselves from others, because it’s just not fucking gay enough to be a K-Pop fan, apparently.

Types of Koreaboo

Female Koreaboos are obsessive, whiny, incredibly vapid and stupid just like every other female on the internet. Any comment on a Youtube video by a female Koreaboo will contain lovehearts, some random gook name that sounds more like #14 from the Chinese takeout menu and retarded gushing about something their fave, homo, ladyboy-looking asshat did in said video. There’s also a good chance they’ll use some Google translated Korean words and a thousand tildes to give it tone. Or some shit.

Mostly virgins they are all terrified of the notion of sex with a real human male so they hunt for squeaky-voiced 20 year old, hairless, little-boy-manlets who cynically affect an androgyny that contrives to make immature girls squirt with glee, because 'men' are less scary when they're 4ft tall and packing a meagre 3 spindly inches of meat.

Male Koreaboos are chronic masturbators with a dose of Yellow Fever usually found lurking around videos waiting for the moment that some gook whore accidentally shows her panties. Or, purposefully, because they are fucking famewhores.

Characteristics/Warning Signs

All Koreaboos, despite gender, are incredibly retarded. They will even go so far as to source gook meals from half a planet away so they can feel more *connected* to their favourite disappointingly gentialed, musical midgets of choice. They'll mention nonsense like Lunar New Year in an effort to appear deeply invested in a shitty culture they know virtually nothing about. They will never EVER even *begin* to seriously attempt to learn the language despite constantly saying it's a goal of theirs.

99.9% of them are utterly clueless as to what life in Yanky Korea is actually like and would assimilate perfectly if they were expected to behave like the locals. Uprooted and replaced there; a male Koreaboo would suicide after being subjected to AZN working conditions and being assraped daily by gangs of jealous mini-dicked Jackie Chans.

A K-boo female would be expected to be meek and servile and somehow manage to delude herself that a satisfying sex life with a dick that's smaller than two of her fingers is possible. The only options for them then are downtrodden misery (until the gravity of their mistake finally sinks in) or else, go Tumblrfat SJW 'I AM WYMYN HEAR ME ROAR!' upon being exposed to what a greasy gook male would do to them if they got their little filthy yellow hands on that precious white tit meat.

Things that Koreaboos do

Koreaboos spend their time foaming over videos, arguing about which group is better, and watching terrible Korean television. Most Korean television shows are variety shows featuring musicians talking about stupid shit, advertising products or generally acting like dumbasses.

Examples of Korean television

  • Invincible Youth, known as either IY or IY2
  • We Got Married
  • Fashion King, featuring some dumb whore from Girls’ Generation called Yuri.
  • Hello Baby: 9 idiots care for a child.
  • Dangerous Boys: 9 idiots care for teenagers.

When something important happens with K-Pop, Twitter lights up like the fourth of fucking July, and Tumblr is drowning in a thousand gifs of whatever shit happened within minutes. Not that anyone but fucking hipsters uses Tumblr anyway, so nothing of importance was lost. Reasons for this include a new music video being released, some kind of wardrobe malfunction (see: ‘Ryu Hwayoung exposed’) or repackage albums being released. Yes, Koreaboos make a big fuss over unsold albums getting a shiny new sticker placed on the case. This proves that Koreaboos are completely retarded.

The ‘Appeal’ of K-Pop

This is a male. WTF.

The ‘appeal’ of K-Pop can be determined, typically, by gender: female Koreaboos will foam over male gooks, and male Koreaboos will foam over female gooks. However, this can change depending on a female’s feminism level, or a male’s interest in fashion.

Notable appealing Koreans:

Hyuna. Approve.
  • Hyuna, young whore with a tendency to pretend to masturbate in videos.
  • Girls’ Generation, 9 sluts that can’t sing but look fantastic in hotpants.
  • T-ara, dumb whores that don’t even sing words most of the time. Potentially appealing to furfags.
  • Rania, group of sluts that want you to rape them. (Are you starting to see the pattern here?)
I’m pretty sure Park Bom has a cock bigger than yours.
  • 2NE1, slightly less slutty in comparison to the other K-Pop girl groups, but the old one looks like a tranny.
  • Super Junior, group of faggots that make teenage girls tingle between the legs.
  • SHINee, another group of faggots, but one of them has girly hair.
  • EXO, an infinite number of ladyboy faggots who all look like 14 year old dykes.

What Japs think of K-pop

Fandom Divides

Koreaboos are fiercely competitive in the ‘which gook is better’ competition. As such, they categorise themselves so that they can be Hwaiting~~

A good example of Sones
  • Sones – Girls’ Generation fans. Pronounced ‘sowon’.
  • Blackjacks – 2NE1 fans.
  • ELFs – Super Junior fans. Stands for ‘Ever Lasting Friends’. Gay.
  • SHINee World or Shawol – SHINee fans
  • 4Nia – 4Minute & Hyuna fans
  • VIP – Big Bang fans
  • Hottest – 2PM fans
  • I Am – 2AM fans
  • Kamilia – Kara fans
  • Kiss Me – U-Kiss fans. Really fucking gay.
  • Aff(x)tion – F(x) fans. I wish it was math, but it’s just 3 whores and a dyke.
  • Everlasting – Brown Eyed Girls fans

The above list details the most popular fan groups. There are more, but it’s all fucking stupid anyway.

Notable Koreans

There’s a reason for a fandom, and although it may be retarded to normal people on the internet, the Koreaboos have their reasons.

  • Kim Taeyeon – Girls’ Generation leader. Vapid, skinny, attention seeking. Good fap material.
Kim Hyo-yeon… One of her nicknames is Princess Fiona, from Shrek. Srsly.

Within fandoms, there are more fandoms. Example: within Girls’ Generation, each of the 9 members has their own fandom ‘name’; Hyohunnies, Sunshiners, etc. To make it even more complex, groups often have homosexual imaginary pairings, which also have names, ie, Girls’ Generation ‘TaeNy’ (Taeyeon and Tiffany grinding their hairy Korean cunts between lipsync performances). Since there are so few co-ed K-Pop groups, these sort of things are almost always fucking gay.

Notable Koreaboos

There are none. They’re all equally pathetic. However, for massive groups of them, see these sites;

  • [1] Girls’ Generation fanbase
  • [2] 2NE1 fansite
  • [3] F(x) fanbase
  • [4] Super Junior fanbase
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