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Krensada will smite you with the power of Christ.
His fursona.

Krensada is a self-righteous bigot who enjoys insulting Atheists on the Interwebz. He is also a sword-wielding Fox/Dog/Wolf/??? with flaming orange hair and a gigantic sword.

Rewards of the Atheist

Krensada is most notorious for his artwork Reward of the Atheist. The piece features a black person sitting on a chair, in the middle of a room with no windows. Below the picture, Krensada talks about his feelings towards these godless, misery-ridden heathens:

I am expressing my feeling towards the very Idea of Atheism. I almost pity those who have such beliefs. I'm not saying they are wrong or right. I'm just saying that what they believe in is more depressing than any other possibility. So I made this simple picture to express my feelings for somebody who believes in nothing.
Most Atheists are black, and live in one-bedroom homes with a single chair and no windows.

Here we see a person sitting in a blank room without any doors or windows. What is most troubling is the fact that this person wants to be here, and is unwilling to move from his chair. Alone, neglected, and lost to the ravages of time, without anything to grab onto and hold as a symbol of his own identity. Those who seek nothing as a reward shall ultimately receive it.

I don't think Atheists can even believe in love, which is the saddest part.

If this picture offends you, remember that it is not directed at you. Even if you are an atheist.


—Krensada, a humble follower of Christ

Someguy gets an "A" in Sarcasm

However, a great number of people WERE offended by Kren's work. Upon viewing his masterpiece, several Atheists voiced their concerns that Krensada was posting artwork based solely on stereotypes and fundamentalist bigotry. Most of them just trolled the hell out of his DeviantART account, because that's what Atheists do the best. Unfortunately, most lulz-worthy comments have been blocked by the artist due to an overwhelming amount of butthurt.

I'm laughing at everyone who says something about that picture. Seriously all I'm missing is popcorn, candy and soda. It's like I popped in a movie and now all I have to do is sit back and watch.

Put me on fundamentalist-bashing sites a million more times. Display me, laugh at me. Get mad at me, gawk at me like little bratty children, I find it highly amusing.

I think my work here is finished.



Well, it's a good suggestion...

Despite attempts to purge his comment box of Atheist scum, Krensada was unable to fool others into believing that he is a tolerant, open-minded individual. As word got out, Atheists from all over the Interwebs flocked to Krensada's DeviantArt account to witness this faggotry for themselves. One by one their comments were flamed and deleted. However, an Atheist/Agnostic devision of was able to capture the lulz in action. One member is quoted as saying:

His dream job.
I'm not offended by the picture — I'm just sickened by the smug ignorance of its creator. There are a lot of comments over there, too, all of which are getting hidden away by the host, which tells us who has got his eyes firmly closed in this debate. I think he needs to retitle his picture to "Self Portrait."


—PZ Myers, delivering the verbal pwnage

Because Krensada NEVER makes random assumptions! Oh wait...

As a result of all the unwanted attention, Krensada pulled Reward of the Atheist from his gallery. In its place, he posted a devious journal entry which further boosted his pageviews and the girth of his ego:

I'm not worried about the atheists. Like I said they haven't won. My speech is still truth, and thanks to the way they treated me about my picture, I believe even more that Atheists are the largest group of close-minded people on earth. But I don't care what they believe so long as they are willing to share their opinion without bashing me. But right now I don't even want to hear their opinion cause they lost that privilege by being a bunch of bickering little children. I just goes to prove that a lot of people who represent them just keep showing me more and more how flawed a religion without any convictions, inspiration, or morality can truly be.

My picture opened the doors to a lot of fact: they really did prove what they are really about: Christian hating mostly but anybody who believes in a higher power will do for their ridiculous, flawed beliefs.

I believe now that if Atheism ruled this country, that anyone who believed in a god would be dead or tortured into believing Atheism, or silenced.



Rational Responses

In 2007, a user at RationalResponders posted Krensada's Rewards of the Atheist on the site's forum [1]. Krensada's two cents only confirmed the notion that he is a zealous attention whore.

Some viewers had a bitter reaction to the picture, although more were offended by the piece itself rather than the concept behind it.

Empire of the Atheist

Telling it like it is.

Last Thursday, Krensada submitted a second image titled Empire of the Atheist, including a description that was even more cryptic than the last:

What is one tiny planet versus the entire universe? Even non believers must agree that we are but a tiny speck in this vast universe. And at any time everything we have ever known could come crashing down before our eyes. Unlikely as it is, this is possible. I believe because I have hope that there is indeed something to save those who wish to be saved from such a horrible fate.
Jesus will return to Earth in the form of a Galactic Space Marshmallow.

Here is the vast and noble city of those who have no belief. Large is its influence to those who bare witness to it. Mighty it is to all of this world who oppose it. Their loves, their dreams, their hopes all shattered in the blink of an eye.

Here it is. the vast and noble city of those who had no belief. Large was it's influence before the meteor hit it. Mighty it was before the plant life reclaimed it Decades later after it was forgotten in time. As was all those who built it.

It seems there is no future for those who are cursed by their own logic. As this is just one of the thousands of likely outcomes to the end of a vast and noble empire. A depressing end, who's beliefs drove them mad as all signs pointed to their demise till they only knew that it was certain their end would come; abandoning all hope, and listening only to their mind, and not their heart.


—Krensada, still blatantly ignorant.


On March 6th, 2008, Krensada lashed out with one of his most rude and H8ful comments to date[2], proving to everyone that fundamentalist Christians are that fucking insane.

[In reply to a happy atheist with loving relationships, etc.] Okay maybe you do have love. But it's not the love I know. A love that is immortal and will transcend this short life. thats the love I believe in. You can have your so-called "Love". You donate to charities huh? Work in a volunteer? Morals, and you are happy? How long will this last for you? Hopefully one day you will wake up from your delusion before its too late. Don't talk to me about your worthless material possessions and your so-called happy life. I would trade your life for the one I live any day. And the sad thing is I don't think a person like you could ever understand why.

Allow me to explain anyway even though I'm sure you will be unable to grasp this simple concept:

It's all just dirt. Lousy dirt. Money, your friends, your home, your family. All just dirt. And you will lose all that you have gained. Because none of it is real. None of it will last forever, but I don't need to explain that to you. You will find out for yourself. My picture states the rewards you will receive for all these "wonderful" community achievements you have amassed in the end. Oh I do pity you. Very much so.





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