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K. Thor Jensen aka Kthor, is a cartoonist and moderator of the LJ community fuckyoucrew, who writes about dogs. He is also one of the editors of Portal of Evil. He has clashed a number of times both in real life and on LJ with infamous basement dwelling failure and fatty Lord Rexington Fear.

Targets of his legendary ire have included Joshua Beane aka the Dragonguyver and Matthew Moulton aka Onideus Mad Hatter. It should be noted that most of the people Kthor makes fun of are overweight. K. Thor previously had a "skinny fat" (nerd) figure but has become increasingly obese as his life spiraled downward from dotcom boom leech to guy poorly cribbing from Love and Rockets onto stolen bristol board. In 2006, K. Thor married a woman who is hella fucking fat. She designs purses and sells them on the internet. Someone, maybe even K. Thor has apparently made the fatty pregnant.

For some reason, his activities in fuckyoucrew seem to draw considerably more ire than Portal of Evil, where the site's co-owner Chet receives the lion's share of the complaints. Kthor is a considerably more public figure, however, with multiple television appearances (including a particularly embarrassing one on Blind Date) under his belt. However, despite his popularity, he was still forced to sell his manga to pay for his wedding.

Kthor is currently banned from the Comics Journal message board for implying that X-Men writer Chris Claremont is anally fisted on a regular basis by a dominatrix dressed as Storm.

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