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This luser is a lolcow, and should be trolled to death in the usual fashion.
You can help by posting their nude pix or spamming their talk page.

Kumichoo IRL. Look at that big Nose!
Kumichoo is out of Threats!
He's doing it right!
He has a career of destroying people on the Internet. Currently 0 people were destroyed by his skinny fists.

Kumichoo (IRL Paul Wiesner) is a self proclaimed YouTube super troll. He's been on YouTube for a while, but later found the wonders of trolling by faithfully following his great Legende master, Taekesi Kitano, who is a schizophrenic emo kid searching for his true love so he will have an asshole to jerk his cock into. Taekesi recruited Kumichoo because he desperately needs friends/supporters to help him troll a few people he cannot handle all by himself. Taekesi helped kumichoo to become a hacker fail script kiddie by reopening closed accounts or creating new ones then giving the passwords to his new bitch. Now kumichoo is an utter Legende who must be feared while Dave is a cunty furfaggot nigger who needs to kill himself, because Taekesi said so. Kumichoo was so blessed by his master troll, Taekesi, that he decided to give up real life, betrayed his real friends over a stranger on the Internet who he does not know. Kumichoo even fell in love with one of Taekesi's female personas!

This guy doxxed his own real life friends just for the lulz, /userthebroken Joseph Stein 847-945-6421 1507 Central Deerfield, IL 60015 and Anonymousmanz Peter L Janssen Jr (773)? 764-5912 6324 N Magnolia Ave, Apt 1 Chicago, IL 60660-1406 Peter L(Father) 773 338 6852 Troy(Brother) 773 907 0632 now he has no friends. In his first month of trolling, his real life friends have not spoken to him for over a week, which made him angrier than ever. No need to feel sorry for him though, he and Taekesi are great Legends of the Internetz.

HOLY FUCKIN' SHIT A BLACKMAIL! ED has HAD 24 hours to take this article off, or else the worst will happen!
Kumichoo will dox one of his own IRL friends. How effective!


Peter Peter pumpkin eater.


Not even a 4 year old would say that.

What you are doing is called invasion of privacy. I spoke with my family attorney about this and he said we absolutely have a case against you and your stupid website full of lies. It's called slander, look it up you stupid fuck.


—lolwut? slander ≠ libel



[email protected]

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Paul Enters the world of Trolling

Kumichoo has not realized that he cannot be a good troll. His idea of a good way to combat attacks on his appearance is to post a video of himself on YouTube which gives the trolls a good look at his ugly face, skinny arms and giant nose, so big that even a Jew would laugh at its enormous size. Knowing how Kumichoo looks like, he got insulted. However, kumichoo got mad and in response he threatened the trolls on YouTube that if he ever finds them he will beat the shit out of them, because he learned Tai Chi, more of a meditation tool than a martial art. It took him 3 years to reach Level 3 and earn a green belt. Taekesi discovered the talented kumichoo, and realized that kumichoo is an utter Legende like himself. After introducing himself his asian yakuza agent persona and his sockpuppets of Yakuza agents, kumichoo and him became good friends. Taekesi opened Kumichoo a new world, the world of trolling. But Kumichoo has not realized Taekesi is using him, because he could not troll a guy named Dave all by his own. Not even his sockpuppet warriors stood the chance againt Dave, so Taekesi told kumichoo that a good troll has to troll people who he says needs to be trolled. Taekesi gave the orders, Kumichoo jumped like a little bitch.

Kumichoo will break the law.

Drive To Canada, Get Deported.

Kumichoo is so dumb that he doesn't know anything about the law. It's common sense that going to another country threatening people with physical violence will get his ass kicked out. In fact he would be lucky if he doesn't get banned from ever entering that country again. It is also common sense that murder or brutally beating a person to the point where that person needs to be delivered to hospital will get Weisner's ass to jail, where fat, hairy, neckbearded rednecks will enjoy giving their wieners and generously offering some mayo.


Paul Weisner IRL

Kumichoo took a swing at his Best IRL Friend.
Kumichoo in rage admitting to have lost all his friends.

Sitting in front of his computer all day, must not be disturbed while talking to Taekesi, or putting lots of effort in trolling Dave, otherwise he'll attack you physically and would swing at you with his skinny arms. He lost all his friends, now he wants to dox his best friend who tried everything to take kumichoo off the computer. Taekesi did an excellent job making kumichoo his bitch by being all over his channel with different sockpuppets giving compliments like "Epic, win, channel, bro.", or "Yourself, truly, owned, Dave. LOL!", and giving him false info about people he wants kumichoo to troll without questions. Last time he ever hung out with friends was New Years, even then he was retarded, he even laughs like a handicap. Only one way kumichoo can gain his friends back by believing in the Magic of Friendship and go with Taekesi to fuck Marshmellow Pony Buttholes simply stop being doing shit online and apologize to everyone for being a retard.

"I forgot how was it like to have friends! what have I done?"
Laughing like a Handicap.


Doxxing my own friends makes me cool, brah!

Being a complete retard on the Internet and not knowing what not fucking to do, all his friends ditched him and the magic of friendship was no more, not even a dyke rainbow pony can fix this mess. Kumichoo lost all his friends and currently is pissed at one called Anonymousmanz, who tried to help kumichoo by giving him simple, easy advices that even a fuckin' retard knows what mustn't be done on the Internet. But instead of listening to a smart man who is a good friend in real life, Kumichoo decided to listen to Taekesi who told Kumichoo that his friend is an cancerous, epic fail, nigger cunt that needs to be utterly doxxed.

Gallery of Backstabbing Friend About missing Pics

Sex Life

Kumichoo caught lying and exposed as a virgin!
After putting Peter to the Hospital, Kumichoo declares Peter's girlfriend as his woman. She must make him a sandwich, or else she'll be doxxed and put to a hospital as well!

Kumichoo is in his 20's, still a virgin, and never once touched real bobbies! That's why he's mad. While everyone had lost their virginity way before they were 20, kumichoo is still sitting on his ass, jerking off to God knows what. Perhaps pictures of Taekesi's tiny testicles? Hell! Only God sees what he's doing in his bedroom. While everyone is having fun with their loved ones, kumichoo has become jealous, and being a retard he is, thinks that the more he tries hard to tell everyone on the Internet that he's not a virgin, the more people will assume he isn't. Hahaha. WRONG! The more you try harder, the more people will think you're trying to prove something really hard. (Result: Eventually Fail as always.) After doxxing his best IRL friend, he decided to go after his friend's girlfriend as well. He will dox her, has posted photo images of her, and most of all would tell stories of how this girl had sex with a miserable living being like himself who never touched a vagina in his entire life. No woman would ever want to go close to this ugly beast who should have been locked away up in Notre-Dame after the day of his birth, but Disney decided to kill Frollo, because he was too scary for kids, but damn, he would have been very useful now. But who needs him, and fuckin' Notre-Dame, when kumichoo volunteerly locks himself up in his own room, staying in front of the computer for hours, screaming in rage at his ED article and flirting with Taekesi's female personas every single fucking day.

How to troll Kumichoo?

There are many ways to successfully troll kumichoo. All of these examples below are effective and 100% Lulz profit.

  • Tell him that his parents hated him.
  • Tell him that his parents loved beating him up when he was a child.
  • Tell him that his parents died because of him.
  • Repeat these 3 steps

Expect kumichoo threatening you with physical harm and considering to arrive at your door to beat you up. He will never forgive you and will do everything to make you regret it.

  • Tell him that Dave totally owned his ass on YouTube, and remember to tell him that Dave is a very good friend of yours. He'll hate you for life and add you to his Ugly hit list.
  • @Above: Do this IRL and duck when he swings at your with his skinny arms.

Watch him cry and bitch about Dave for days, weeks, or months. IRL, even though he's weak and puny, keep your distances from him, because he'll attack you like a RAGE virus infected Ape from 28 days later.

  • The Nose. That Big Nose is his weakness. Call him ugly and tell him that his nose is so big that even a Jew would laugh at its enormous size. His reaction may result to begging you to leave him alone.
  • Since he's ugly and has a huge nose, Call him a virgin who's mad because he will never touch a vagina. Watch him post photo images of himself with friends (which he lost) as an attempt to prove you wrong by telling you that he had sex with all girls in those pictures. Wait for the girls' IRL boyfriends getting pissed off at Kumichoo for spreading lies of their girlfriends ever going close to him. After Kumichoo being caught in the corner, expect him making up more lies to cover his virgin ass such as "Oh, we had sex before she was in a relationship with you."

  • Use any image of Pinkie Pie from MLP FiM as a profile picture, go to his channel and say "You Should Go Outside More Often!" He'll reply that he will break your bones with his Skinny arms.

Example: Kumichoomadatponies.png

  • Call him an Internet Tough Guy! Without knowing its meaning he'll admit of being tough.
  • Call him weak, remind him of his skinny arms, and most of all make fun of him being so retarded that it took him 3 fukkin' years to reach level 3 which is a green belt rank in Tai-Chi. He'll be so pissed that he will do what the learned to the best. A Jewshitzu on your head with his giant nose!

Gallery of RAGE!

Gallery of Epic rage About missing Pics


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