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Rolling mounds of fat and transforming oceans into piss are some of the more pronounced characteristics of "Fat But Wang Kenpo"

Kung Fu is a fucking badass method of self defense invented by the azns to keep foreign countries from invading them for their rice. Kung Fu is inherited genetically and cannot be mastered by any other race, aside from the occasional black person. IRL Kung Fu has never worked. Ever. This is due to bullets having the ability to go through skin, and the contrary being impossible. Anime Kung Fu wouldn't work either if more people carried guns and weren't fucktarded enough to fight more experienced azns unarmed.

Fist of Tinfoil.

Kung Fu Styles

There are many styles of Kung Fu, most of which were ripped off from animals. Being the sick, demented fucks they are, furfags often claim that because kung fu masters practiced animal forms, they are also furries in the "spiritual" sense.

Famous Kung Fu Practitioners

Kung Fu in action.

Kung Fu is so useless that anyone who masters it only achieves fame through movies and acting, as it poses absolutely no threat in IRL combat.

Kung Fu, The Series

In "Kung Fu", people always wanted to kick Caine's ass for constantly wearing this stupid Keanu Reaves expression
"I'm fucking blind, and even I can tell you're not Chinese"

In the 70's there was a popular television show called Kung Fu. The main star was David Carradine, a white man without one asian drop of blood in his entire body. The show was originally written by Bruce Lee but the producers said he was too chinky to be on TV and decided to pull an Eric Bauman by taking his notes and cast some random drunk guy, who happens to be David Carradine, and cast him as a half-asian that knows Kung Fu, despite the fact that Carradine can't even fight for shit to save himself from 5 year olds; in his favor, he recently took a good, hard, look at himself and acted accordingly.

YouTube Kung Fu Masters

A wild YouTube Ninja appears!

These are a different breed of Martial artist altogether. They use their webcams to show off the latest moves and skillz they learned from watching other much more skilled people. Without a doubt expertly executing the moves and yelling like an idiot at the same time. ED needs moar articles on these champions so get to it faggot!

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