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The Promised Land's Last Supper

Kyhell is the Moshe Dyan all-star of and internets ethics. Many argue that Kyhell is best known for being the drama loving bisexual that left YouTube after freaking out all of his subscribers [1] KyHell is also notable for being the only known member of The Promised Land to punished by LV admins. The punishment? Restricting messaging access (LOL). But don't worry Kyhell is only a "character actor".

In his quest for "truth and righteousness", Chris has attracted quite a number of haters throughout the world wide web. Their many qualms against him vary from usage of IRL rape, to possible threats of trolling. KyHell in many ways infuriated the hater community when he made a video, claiming he was having a nice life whist he gave up his heroin habit. KyHell's facial hair is said to be the secret of his power, it is rumored when he shaves no one listens to his vlogs. However, most argue that no one listens to KyHell at all - unless it has something to do with drama.

Kyhell's 2007 in summary

  • over 7 jobs
  • one fake radio job
  • one pretend return to college
  • one fake book release
  • one fake documentary release
  • one faked dui accident
  • lulz 80k
  • trolled off of youtube by danieslspengies

Kyhell's 2008 in summary

nothing happened


drama queen
honestly I fucking don't care, unless its about drama



if you are butthurt "aboot" what somebody said, suck it the fuck up its the internet



God hates the handicapped



If I step onto the grass, I am harming the blades under my feet


—kyhell on why he's no longer a wiccan


  • WTF FILMS was the organization Kyhell co-developed to help propagate his shitty attempt at witticism
  • Most of Kyhell video clips follow into bizarre zeitgeistic lunacy.

Meanwhile in KyHell's room

Ky hell.jpg

Doc Dropper

Serious Business


  • Had an e-ffair with Kb82 (amongst other women in the past). Kristen has three kids, and one mother; which whom she lives with.
  • Also borrowed $500 from Kb82, which to this day, has yet to be returned. Don't count on it, girl.
  • Claims he just spent time in jail for beating up a man that he saw raping a woman - his excuse for not paying back said $500.
  • Claims to NOT be Canadian
  • Often begs for drama.
  • KyHell portrayed himself as a tough gangster type on YouTube, while now he is a faux drama-free big daddy on LiveVideo
  • Lied about being banned from Live Video for kicking a baby in the face.
  • KyHell is requesting that no one upload, "his likeness to the internet without (his) permission". Otherwise, he won't respect you or himself.
  • Notable for having shitty taste in music.
  • Has threatened to rape Casey nunez's daughter on three separate occasions

Kyhell's Breakup In His Own Words

[5:22:30 PM] Kristin says: hi
[5:24:22 PM] Kristin says: you gonna talk to me?
[5:24:50 PM] kyhell says: yeah give me a sec my wireles is fucking with me
[5:24:58 PM] Kristin says: k
[5:28:22 PM] Kristin says: before we talk I want to verify that this is actually chris....kyhell
[5:29:26 PM] kyhell says: ok go ahead verify
[5:29:46 PM] Kristin says: what does 398 mean
[5:30:00 PM] kyhell says: lol its the day you said you loved me
[5:30:37 PM] Kristin says: what coffee shop did I go to
[5:31:17 PM] kyhell says: the downtown coffee shop on norfolk ave in norfolk neb
[5:31:35 PM] kyhell says: we took pictures at tahazooka park
[5:31:42 PM] Kristin says: ok
[5:31:57 PM] kyhell says: so whats up/
[5:32:21 PM] Kristin says: where the hell ave you been
[5:32:26 PM] Kristin says: did you go to jail?
[5:32:27 PM] kyhell says: jail
[5:32:43 PM] kyhell says: i did 60 day
[5:33:22 PM] kyhell says: paid  fine $5000 and restitution
[5:33:47 PM] Kristin says: omg...did you get that money from the guy you were working for
[5:33:55 PM] kyhell says: right now im in york nebraska and will be moving to denver in 3 weeks
[5:34:17 PM] kyhell says: yeah i got some of it
[5:34:33 PM] kyhell says: mostly went to fines and lawyer fees
[5:34:50 PM] Kristin says: hold on one sec
[5:35:10 PM] kyhell says: ok ill brb
[5:38:49 PM] Kristin says: are you able to talk on teh phone?
[5:42:48 PM] kyhell says: no im at work
[5:43:33 PM] Kristin says: doing what?
[5:44:09 PM] kyhell says: working
[5:44:19 PM] Kristin says: LOL what do you do
[5:44:29 PM] kyhell says: lol i work
[5:45:09 PM] Kristin says: DOING WHAT?
[5:46:03 PM] kyhell says: dont worry about it
[5:46:12 PM] kyhell says: so wahts been going on with you
[5:46:12 PM] Kristin says: oh so it's like that eh
[5:46:51 PM] kyhell says: doesnt have to
[5:47:06 PM] Kristin says: I don't get why I never heard from you when you got never wrote me....why?  I would have thought I would have been the first person 
you'd call or write
[5:48:17 PM] kyhell says: well because when i got out i had 37 cents to my name and was more worried about where i was going to sleep and when i tried to call your 
number was changed
[5:48:52 PM] Kristin says: ya well Josh has been harrassing me really bad
[5:48:54 PM] Kristin says: I had to change it
[5:50:21 PM] kyhell says: so what else have you been up to/
[5:50:50 PM] Kristin says: got that job, finally got my food stamps going and also daycare.  I'm getting dylan ready for school now too
[5:51:12 PM] kyhell says: right on
[5:51:20 PM] kyhell says: hows the boyfriend?
[5:52:12 PM] Kristin says: who told you I had a boyfriend?
[5:52:40 PM] kyhell says: im not stupid and if you didnt you wouldnt be avoiding it so whatever
[5:52:59 PM] kyhell says: and since you have a boyfriend what is really the point in talking to me
[5:53:18 PM] Kristin says: so you're not my friend anymore?
[5:53:29 PM] kyhell says: im thinking not
[5:53:34 PM] Kristin says: why
[5:54:01 PM] kyhell says: because thats just the way it is
[5:54:15 PM] Kristin says: well that's not really fairwell then it seems that what I thought is true...I cared about you more than you did me
[5:55:36 PM] kyhell says: save the guilt trip look at the bright side atleast you have something to vlog about now
[5:55:54 PM] Kristin says: that's so mean
[5:55:58 PM] Kristin says: why are you acting like this
[5:58:47 PM] kyhell says: you kristin the thing that really changed shit for me is that when i told you i was going to jail you with out missing a beat made it about you with 
little or no regard to me so yeah kinda makes a little mean and then now you come at me wanting to play games and shit and try to hide the fact that youve moved on thats 
pretty weak
[6:00:17 PM] kyhell says: so lets cut through the bullshit and save us both the trouble and just tell me what the fuck it is you want?
[6:00:26 PM] Kristin says: I'm not hiding anything....I asked a question
[6:00:47 PM] Kristin says: WOW...well I want to be able to talk to you again...I missed you
[6:01:20 PM] Kristin says: but now that I see how you're acting I don't know...I didn't try to make it all about me...but you have no idea how much harder your actions made
 my life
[6:01:40 PM] Kristin says: I was worried about you...that's why I asked you to write me..I wanted to know how you were
[6:02:41 PM] kyhell says: oh yeah thats nice and while im in the joint keeping you up to date with how bad my life sucked your out "moving on" i think notwhat am I suppose 
to do..I came to see you...then right after that you only wrote or spoke to me a couple times....I felt used
[6:04:24 PM] Kristin says: then I find out after a month that you were going to jail
[6:04:54 PM] Kristin says: you were suppose to let me know what was going on but you didn' just left with no word..I didn't know where you were, if you were in jail....
how long you were going to be there...NOTHING
[6:05:14 PM] Kristin says: what am I suppose to do...wait forever....just to see if I ever hear or see from you again
[6:06:10 PM] kyhell says: being as you didnt have to wait forever kristin it doesnt really matter noe does it
[6:06:45 PM] kyhell says: although im really regreting stabbing all of my friends in the back because of you so yeah thaqt matters
[6:08:48 PM] Kristin says: I'll leave you alone...I'm going to leave the internet..I'm done with all this I'm so stressed I can't take it anymore
[6:09:36 PM] kyhell says: I WASNT DONE YOU WERE
[6:11:18 PM] kyhell says: so thats it then?
[6:12:38 PM] Kristin says: I don't even know what to say
[6:13:10 PM] kyhell says: ok this is your last chance to say anything you havent after today if i even think youve said my name lets just say that mac doesnt have shit on me
[6:14:39 PM] Kristin says: I'm in tears right now..I CAN NOT believe you're being like this with me...I don't understand why you're being so mean
[6:14:46 PM] Kristin says: it was really hard when you left
[6:14:54 PM] Kristin says: I don't know why you think I didn't care about you
[6:15:12 PM] kyhell says: but your doing better now right?
[6:15:20 PM] Kristin says: No I'm not
[6:15:28 PM] kyhell says: why havent you asked about my girlfriend?
[6:16:32 PM] Kristin says: I'm's not like I went looking for anything
[6:17:09 PM] kyhell says: of course you didnt everything just happens to you
[6:17:31 PM] Kristin says: just so you know...I haven't spoken to mac or anyone from LV...mac called me a couple times over the last three months but I never said 
anything to him...I've deleted all the videos I had of know embarrassing ones
[6:18:59 PM] kyhell says: im sure you did we cant have the BF seeing those now can we
[6:19:31 PM] Kristin says: chris will you stop please
[6:19:42 PM] Kristin says: I kept the ones of us in the car and stuff
[6:19:56 PM] kyhell says: i have copies if you ever want to ya know go down memory lane
[6:20:33 PM] Kristin says: do you hate me?
[6:20:36 PM] kyhell says: ;)
[6:21:42 PM] kyhell says: no  kristin i dont hate you i dont have that kind of energy to waste on this shit anymore
[6:23:13 PM] Kristin says: can you please delete the videos of me?  You told me you would.  part of me still cares a lot for you so it hurts a lot right you're acting
towards me.  I was really deeply in love with you at one point but I don't know I just felt let down....felt used so I let you go
[6:23:17 PM] kyhell says: so i just gotta know before i log off and block you how long have you two been together?
[6:23:45 PM] Kristin says: a month or so
[6:23:53 PM] Kristin says: can you just talk to me pleasesure what  are we talking about
[6:25:47 PM] Kristin says: I want to know why you are acting like use to be like this with others and be so nice with were such a protective sweet guy
[6:25:53 PM] Kristin says: I feel like you hate me
[6:26:24 PM] kyhell says: you have a boyfriend for that and im not it
[6:26:30 PM] Kristin says: I don't even know what I did to you....I'm sorry that I started dating but like I said what was I suppose to do...I got one call you said you were
going to jail and then I never heard from you again
[6:27:22 PM] kyhell says: yeah i know my fucking kids didnt even hear from me but they knew i was coming home wierd huh?
[6:27:44 PM] Kristin says: it's not fair for you to put all the blame on me
[6:28:26 PM] kyhell says: no kristin i blame you for what you did and nothing more you couldnt handle the blame i put on myself
[6:29:07 PM] Kristin says: it's not like it's been easy for me you know
[6:29:19 PM] kyhell says: obviously
[6:29:40 PM] Kristin says: I had a good two weeks..I was happy with you...then I get back and I don't hear from made me feel like you fucked me ....and were
that's all you wanted
[6:29:54 PM] Kristin says: then I get one call a month later...then nothing after you even see my side of it
[6:30:08 PM] kyhell says: would have been alot simpler if that were the case
[6:30:20 PM] Kristin says: do you believe me that I did love you
[6:30:25 PM] Kristin says: that I was in love with you
[6:31:58 PM] kyhell says: why does it matter if you LOVED me now what are you gonna dump your boyfriend and come running back to me? all that matters is you dont now
[6:33:33 PM] kyhell says: see kristin this whole conversation is about you wanting to make every thing ok and things are not ok and you cant fix ito anything else you wanna
talk about?
[6:37:51 PM] kyhell says: so are we done now? did you get all the closure you need?
[6:41:36 PM] kyhell says: ok so this is the part where i log off and blk you and where you keep my name out of your mouth or i post those videos you want me to delete but i 
never will and we never speak to eachother again RIGHT?
[6:41:39 PM] Kristin says: I had to go deal with them
[6:42:34 PM] Kristin says: I've deleted all my accounts from the won't ever see a video from me again..I won't ever speak your name
[6:42:35 PM] Kristin says: goodbye
[6:43:05 PM] kyhell says: good luck i wish you well and i really truly loved you
[6:44:27 PM] Kristin says: I did too...I'm so sorry
[6:44:39 PM] kyhell says: yeah me too
[6:44:56 PM] Kristin says: maybe I'll see you around sometime
[6:45:03 PM] kyhell says: i doubt it

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