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Kyle Sandilands (also referred to as Colonel Sanders or the Sandman) is Ausfalia's most wanted faggot and a crazy fuck like most aussies. He has pissed off nearly everybody in the country, so that nearly everyone wants to kill him in some way. He thinks people want to listen to his voice by telling everyone everyday how he's better than them.

Anything which he's hosted has automatically become a fail, resulting in what something everyone liked to be taken off making everyone rage.

Lie detector incident

One day, Kyle and his co-host thought it'd be funny and a sign of how hip and awesome they are by questioning a teen about her hawt sex life. However, they decided to let the girl's mother ask the questions. Shit backfired though when the bogan mother asked her [equally bogan] daughter a loaded question and the teen revealed that her only sexual experience was when being raped when she was 12 years old. The mother was fully aware of this, but decided to go for the question anyways.

The full broadcast.


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